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      Be My Baby

      On Friday AM, May 21, 1999

    • by eunuch :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Sister's Daughters
      sisdauts zip (9k) (M/f Uncle/niece pedo)
      It all started about twenty years ago. I was about 18 and had just moved in with my sister and her husband and her three daughters. This was due to me getting ready to go to college in their state.     Carla was the oldest at age 12. She had the typical California look. Blonde hair blue eyes that tanned skin that almost looks like honey. She was a bratty little kid that thought she knew everything. She had the prissiest attitude of any girl I have ever known. She would actually say EWWW GROSS if someone sneezed. She also had The cutest little beginnings of a chest just barely an A cup. With Great Nipples
    • by AnaLover :...
    • Birthday Present
      birthday zip (5k) (MfM)
      It's Mike's birthday and you wouldn't believe the gift he gets...
      The Right Man
      rightman zip (13k) (M/f Bro/sis M/f)
      Laura learns sex can be wonderful - with the right man
    • by Nomad :...
    • Bound to Please
      bound zip (8k) (Dad/Daut, bondage)
      It had been eight years since I'd been up in the attic. Eight years since my wife Lucy had died leaving our daughter and I on our own. Now Jane and I were up there clearing things out ready for the workmen to convert it into a spacious room for her.      We wore our oldest clothes, in Jane's case a pair of tatty old jeans that were now too small for her recently developing slender hips and that had a worn rip just under the swell of her teenage bottom. She was growing rapidly now, I thought, even if she did think of herself as a tomboy.
    • by BP :...
    • Mom Is A Slut
      slutmom zip (12k) (F/fm Mom/kids)
      I don't remember how old I was when I figured out that Mom is a real fox. I do remember that when I became aware of sex I became aware that Mom was Dad's sex toy. Seeing Mom nude or just wearing a robe was so common none of us gave it a second thought.      I can easily remember Mom letting me nurse on her milky nipples after she put my younger brother and sister to bed. It was our special time. Dad would sometimes watch us instead of the tv and other times he would leave us. Mind you I was already in school at the time but what was even stranger was that, she would whisper for me to use my teeth to get all the milk out. A few minutes after I would start to use my teeth, Mom would shudder and make a funny noise. Sometimes she would hold me to her boobs and have me chew on them until they looked like cherries. One night I asked her if that hurt and to my shock Mom said. "Yes but that's the way your father likes them." I didn't understand and was concerned that Dad might be abusing her.
    • by Vishal :...
    • The Visit
      thevisit zip (10k) (F/f, MOM Daughter)
      When Maggie was seated on the sofa with her blouse draped loosely over her shoulders her mother returned to the kitchen to mop up the mess they had made. Rosy was glad to have these few moments to herself to think about what had just happened.    Rosy had been taken completely by surprise by the turn of events. At the moment she was feeling a mixture of guilt and arousal at the thought that she had inadvertantly managed to not only turn her daughter on sexually, but had also aided her in bringing her to orgasm. The fact that she was equally at home sexually with both men and women had no bearing on the situation. Maggie was her daughter! And that made it incest, what they had just done. Nonetherless, Rosy was still aroused by the incident.
    • by Shakespeare_I._ Aint :...
    • Teacher Passes the Test, part 9: Walk this Way
      teacher9 zip (41k) (m/MF, everything)
      Wherein our young anti-hero takes his educators for a walk in the park. It's time for the Final Exam!
    • by Inetamanto :...
    • Lilas, part 1
      lilas1 zip (11k) (f/f nudité, caresses, cons...)
      Lilas vient du Camboge et Nesrine vient du Maroc. Une histoire qui commence tout doucement, avec des vrais morceaux de yiddish dedans!

      Thursday AM, May 20, 1999

    • by sPacific Dream :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Living with SEXED UP SISTER
      sexsis zip (14k) (M/f bro/sis inc/cons pedo?)
      Little Sis wants to see what her big brothers penis looks like and keeps putting them both in situations where the tension grows and grows. Literally! She gets her wish and so much more!
    • by Sydney :...
    • Becky, part 1
      becky1 zip (7k) (M/f dad/daut)
      Hi. My name's Becky. I want to tell you'll all about the sexiest time of my young life. I'm fourteen and just got the best fantasy of all of 'em for filled. Dad just left the room and I finally found enough strength to climb over here to the computer to write this. He . . . well let me tell you the story and then you'll understand      You see, my Dad's a hunk. There ain't any other way to put it. He stands about five eleven by drives truck all day and has the biggest shoulders and arm. Then, he narrows out into a tiny butt. God, sometimes he'd wear those ass-hugging shorts my Mom likes to buy him. I'd actually get wet between the legs just watching him push the lawn mower around the back yard. The sweat runs down off his body until his whole upper body shimmers in the afternoon sun.      Then there's the way he makes Mom scream out in the night. Huff and Puff and blow the man down. And another thing I know about their private life. He can't get enough. Sometimes it pisses me off to no end just watching the way she leads him around by his pecker.      And finally, there's the way the boy's get off so quick. God, most of the time both us girls have to rub our pussies ourselves just to get off after they've dumped their white gold up inside us.
    • by FredFrog :...
    • Girlz Skule 1.01
      skule2 zip (10k) (Teen, mast, incest)
      It being free time, he went into his room to get out of his suit and into casual gear. He was standing in his underwear after hanging up the three piece and his tie and contemplating on shorts or jeans when he made a decision.    "Why the hell not!" he said to himself as he stripped off completely. After all, sports attire was allowed here in free time.    He strode out into the main room just as a knock came on the door once more. It was the two seniors who would be sharing the end room.    "Good afternoon, Mr Smith. I'm Melissa Forbes, and this here is Janice Long. We are the occupants of room 3, and it looks like we are in luck this year, if you plan on letting your willy dangle about the place, or have we just barged in and caught you unawares?". Neither of the two girls made any move to close the door and both were obviously delighted by the view, their sightlines aimed directly at his crotch.
    • by Spit’n’Image :...
    • Lisa and Jordon: The Final Chapter
      sumvac2 zip (12k) (M/f, ped)
      Time passes quickly when you’re young, almost too quickly when you look back and realize that everything about you has changed. This is how it was for little Lisa Collins now 11 years old and very much on the verge of womanhood. She is sitting on the steps in front of her house thinking back to that day in 1965 when she first made love to Jordon Hampton. As she reminisced about that special Halloween night with him she realized that even then she was much more sexually mature than her lover was. That seamed a little odd since he is 7 years her elder. But then she knew that Megan, her older sister thought her how to make love long before she met Jordon so it all came pretty natural to the little girl.
    • by Nomad :...
    • The Pill
      thepill zip (12k) (father/dau X 2 + anal/spank)
      Jody looked at her best friend and neighbour with wide eyed surprise.     "He did you? Your own Father!" she gasped.     Caroline grinned and nodded, glancing up the garden to where their two fathers sat talking.     "It was great too! You should let yours do it. I bet he wants to."
    • by Mandil :...
    • The White Tribe of Africa, part 2
      tribe2 zip (17k) (m/F, cheat, voy, preg)
      After the death of his father and mother, John moves to a new location with the rest of the tribe. After the village's chief has ordered him to live with another couple, he soon begins to enjoy the body of the woman while her husband is away. But as he lie with her on her mat in the middle of the night, he has to teach her the ways of the white man since there are too many sexual taboos among the people of her tribe.
    • by Double L :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Affair with Sue
      affair zip (3k) (Cousins)
      This incident began a month ago and ended just as quick. I have been out of my cousin Susan's life for years and I finally got back in touch with her a couple of months ago. Sadly, I was told she'd be moving away before summer, so I had to act fast if I wanted to see her. I made plans to do so and I am glad I did.

      Wednesday AM, May 19, 1999

    • by little girl Watcher :...
    • Babysitter's Night Off, ch 1
      babysit1 zip (9k) (Mf~m Inc: Rape (Reluct)/ dom/anal/ped)
      Meet Casey Collins. A cute little 14 yr old slut who knows she needs to be put in her place. And what a place it is!
    • by Poker :...
    • On The Couch, part 3 (final)
      couch3 zip (22k) (Mf rape, incest, Ff, ws, Mf romance, oral, pedo)
      As Patty prepares for her next session with Mary she reads more about how Mick abused the tiny 5 year old. Once she has Mary on the couch, Patty finds it impossible to resist her tender charms.
    • by 60minuteman :...
    • The Dirty Pictures On The Seat
      dirtypic zip (18k) (M/m m/f)
      While hitching a ride to visit his girlfriend a teenage boy notices dirty pictures on the car seat of the man who is giving him a lift. They aren't the usual type. These are pictures of men with men. What happens next almost makes him forget all about his girlfriend - and remember, he still has to hitch a ride back home after his date.
    • by AnaLover :...
    • Home for the Weekend
      homeweek zip (21k) (m/m M/m M/f)
      Daniel spends a very enjoyable weekend with his friend Rick, Rick's Daddy and sister
      The Surprise Wedding Gift
      surprise zip (6k) (M/F dad/daut)
      Francesca's father turns up unexpectedly on her wedding day. Is the old magnetism still there?
    • by Nomad :...
    • Secrets
      secrets zip (15k) (f/MMM Moth/daugh/son anal)
      "I'm off to church now Mummy," I called up the stairway as I picked up my little bible from the hall table. I heard her faint response and hurried out. She'd never once asked why I left so early. And why should she? Who would think bad things of a 16 year old who still referred to her mother as "Mummy"?
    • by Chili Peeler :...
    • Heaven Sent, ch 2
      heaven2 zip (12k) (M/f/f/F inc)
      It was near midnight and Jim Farento sat on the downstair's sofa and drank his fourth beer of the last hour. He had been abstaining from drinking over the summer to keep in shape but now he did not see a reason to continue denying himself the simple pleasures. The beers were beginning to take effect; his body was becoming flushed with an euphoric warmth and he welcomed it.      'You can forget wrestling, buddy boy,' he thought, crushing his beer can and tossing it on the coffee table. 'You can forget about everything.'      He knew he should be doing something instead of just sitting around drinking. But he didn't know what.
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Jim and his mom
      jimmom zip (5k) (m/F, incest, impregnation)
      Jim heard his mother slam the door shut.She was finally back from work.     "Mom, did you buy the rubbers?" Jim asked.    "Yes, honey, I've bought two packs" Ginia answered.    "Good, I've had a raging hard-on all day and I want some relief"     "Mommy will take care of you right now, son.Let me just go upstairs and wash up for bed"    "Ok"    "I'll be right back"

      Tuesday AM, May 18, 1999

    • by Sol Etude :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Dee's Pix, ch 1
      deepix1 zip (6k) (M/F inc)
      Two young redheads, one of them my niece. We're having sex *and* getting paid to do it! So how did I get to be here, fucking my niece on tape for money? It's a long story, but one I think you'll enjoy.
    • by Young Fox :...
    • Cock Cure
      cockcure zip (26k) (M/fff)
      Dr. X and his colleagues use their penises to cure troubled girls. The Institute Director, Dr. Angela Coyne, after a lifetime of woman-boy treatments, experiences a painful failure. (Warning: Intense sexual scenes in violation of the Hippocratic Oath. Freudian theses of patient "identification" with psychiatrist are illustrated. Not for the squeamish.)
    • by Silk :...
    • Double Trouble, ch 3
      double3 zip (7k) (M/f unc/nec inc, oral, anal)
      After realising his fantasy and taking his niece Beccy to bed, Mark makes the double with her sister Pippa, while Beccy sleeps unaware next to him.
    • by HIGH STORRS :...
    • Adult Fairy Tales 6: Snow White
      fairy6 zip (9k) (M/F F/F oral first)
      We all know the story of Snow White. We know the names of the Seven Dwarves. But in this version of the story, there are two dwarves Walt Disney never imagined in his worst nightmare.
    • by AnaLover :...
    • Going for the Eight
      goingfor zip (6k) (M/f Uncle/Niece)
      Wendy helps her uncle try to outdo a personal best
      A Holiday Romance
      holiday zip (5k) (M/f F/F)
      Jane's mother tells her of a delightful chance encounter
    • by Nomad :...
    • Guesthouse
      guest zip (9k) (M/ff)
      Ted called the girls to take my bags, Barbara quietly telling them to then wait for me in my room until I told them to leave. I watched the girls blush and glance in my direction before hurriedly taking my cases. I nodded my approval of their slender forms and short skirts while their parents watched me looking at them, a smile on their faces.     "They've grown," I said.     "Yes. In fact I'd say young Betty is just about ready for some new lessons," Ted told me.
    • by Vishal :...
    • Mother and Son relationship
      momson zip (8k) (m/F Mom/Son)
      Manju shifted restlessly in her bed. Sleep had been evading her for the past 2 hours. It was almost 2'o clock in the night. Her husband was snoring as usual. But that was not the reason why she was not able to sleep. She was used to her husband's snoring. Afterall she had been hearing it for almost 10 years now. What had made her restless this night was the movie she had seen on Star Movies earlier that night. It was one of those Friday night adult movies. Images from that movie kept coming back to her mind. Whats more her life was so similar to the actress's life in that movie. She could not follow everything in the movie as it was in Engish and she hardly knew a few words in that language.
    • by caserole22 :...
    • Big Sister
      bigsis zip (5k) (m/f inc oral anal)
      At fourteen years old, I was already addicted to sex. I had gone out with several girls from my neighborhood, and fucked most of them. Sure, I had my fun, but there was something missing.. something I wanted so bad but seemed so far out of my reach..
    • by Admiral Cartwright :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Neighbor
      neighbor zip (19k) (M/f, pre-teen, cons)
      I may never figure it out.    While I certainly have had my share - or more - of adult lovers over the years, I never have shared the fascination pre-teen girls always seem to have had with me.    It makes no sense that such a young girl would understand the way I approach lovemaking (I believe "sex" to be self-gratification, while "making love" is to please your partner - many of my lovers did not seem to recognize that fact until after we'd shared each other).    After all, how could they? Is this attitude somehow recognizeable to a "child" (at least in the eyes of society)? Or is it a simple matter of responding to someone who treats them with kindness and respect?    Years ago, at least two young girls (that I remember, anyway) openly tried to seduce me: a nine-year-old who loved to hang all over me, often with her legs around my neck, once quite intentionally moved her shorts aside and shoved her admittedly beautiful little pussy directly into my face... as her mother stood nearby!

      Monday AM, May 17, 1999

    • by AnaLover :...New Author.!.!.!
    • A Family Affair
      family zip (3k) (M/F dad/daut)
      A little after-dinner treat for Daddy
      True Love
      truelove zip (6k) (M/F)
      Marcy is beautiful and desirable - but how can she make Brad forget Rhonda, his first love?
    • by HIGH STORRS :...
    • Adult Fairy Tales 5: Little Red Riding Hood
      fairy5 zip (7k) (M/F M/f oral incest (father/daughter) rape fantasy)
      We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood, don't we? But all is not as we imagined. Read how Grandma takes her revenge on the Wolf, and how Little Red Riding Hood's father, the woodcutter, 'looks after' his daughter.
    • by Tanya Sissipus :...
    • Goddess, part 2
      goddess2 zip (25k) (F/m, femdom, malesub, bondage, punishment, cum, forced fem)
      "I have decided to transform you. Following in the great religious traditions of the world, I have decided to remake you in my own image." It took a moment for the implications to sink in, but when he finally realized what she was talking about, paul gasped aloud. "B-B-B-ut, Goddess," he protested, "I am not worthy. I am but a lowly man, unfit even to act as your novice." The Goddess nodded softy. "I am pleased by your humility. However, it is my will that you rise from novice to sister, and I shall not be denied."
    • by David Fields :...
    • Kid Tricks, part 1
      kidtrix1 zip (5k) (M - m - F - f (incest, pedo, bisex))
      Jerry was very popular boy especially for his older brother Mark and his older sister Amy. Mark was 11 years old (5 years older then Jerry) and Amy was a precocious 9-year-old (just 3 years older then Jerry) who was cute as a button. Jerry had a younger sister Diane, but she was only 3 years old and was too young to use Jerry like his older siblings. Mark especially would take advantage of Jerry by night after night going into Jerry's room and sliding his hard cock in and out of Jerry's mouth until he spilled his young seed into his baby brother. Sometimes as a reward, Mark would suck Jerry's cock. However these times were too far and between for Jerry.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Runaways
      runaways zip (13k) (M/f Dad/Daut)
      The financials weren't that difficult to work out. We could disappear in North Africa and live easily on the income from our home made pronography. What better way to introduce my daughter to sex I wondered.
      The Club
      theclub zip (11k) (M/fff Dad/Daut)
      He'd thought it a joke at fisrt; a club that introduced adults to willing minors. Then they offered membership. All he had to do was pass the entrance test. But how difficult could that be?
    • by Borge :...
    • Linas misstag
      lina zip (9k) (MFf dau spank nc/c)
      Janne Karlsson var förbannad. Hans dotter Linas klassföreståndare hade ringt och undrat varför Lina inte var i skolan, var hon sjuk?     Janne visste inte vad han skulle svara, ungen hade ju gått iväg till skolan som vanligt, det hade han själv sett till, eftersom han precis hade kommit hem från skiftet på bruket, och han hade ju för tusan väckt henne! Till råga på allt så hade han blivit väckt av telefonsamtalet. Ja, man kunde nog säga att han var förbannad alright!

      Sunday AM, May 16, 1999

    • by Pedros :...
    • Beyond the Dunes, ch 2
      dunes2 zip (20k) (M/m/m/F/m/m pedo)
      "And what's going on here, then?"     Max and Timmy cried out in surprise and jerked back from each other trying to pull their bathers up to cover themselves at the sound of a woman's voice from close behind them. Both blushing crimson and unsuccessfully trying to cover their sperm leaking penises, the two boys scrambled up and turned towards the voice.     "" they stammered, rising to their feet, terrified at what might happen next. They'd been caught playing with each other, without their clothes on and perving on the man and boys in the clearing! Their hearts hammered and their mouths were dry. Max had managed to get his bathers up over his genitals, but his buttocks were still bare. Timmy's bikini had tangled and he finally just let it go, covering himself in front with his hands. He knew Max's semen was still glistening on his pale skin and he could feel it trickling down his naked buttocks. Both youngsters felt extremely vulnerable as they looked at the woman standing in front of them.
    • by HIGH STORRS :...
    • Adult Fairy Tales #4: Alladin
      fairy4 zip (21k) (M/F oral incest (mother/son) first fantasy)
      Once upon a time, in a little town in China, lived a poor widow and her son, Aladdin. Aladdin and his mother worked very hard indeed, but the economics of the time were against them, and they never managed to become rich. One day, there was a knock at the door. Aladdin opened it, to find a man about his mother's age standing there. He was dressed in a robe which had seen better days, but which had been very expensive when new.    "Yes?" said Aladdin, expecting a sales pitch.
    • by Sam Hammer :...
    • Junior Beavers on the Loose
      jrbeaver zip (163k
      "Omigawd, you have 'em too."     The girl was mixed. Probably half black and half white, she was taller then me, her hair braided tightly against her tanned brown skin. Looked at me for a second and her eyes grew wide as she caught my form.     Instant friends, she smiled at me. "How old are you?"     "Ten. How old are you?"     "Ten. I'm Jaime."
    • by WABE :...
    • Als Mona kam...
      alsmona zip (19k) (translated by WABE)
      An einem trüben, regnerischen Herbsttag kam Mona in das Haus der Bradocks, um die Pflichten eines Dienstmädchens, einer Hausgehilfin zu übernehmen.    Mona war fünfundzwanzig, von kleiner, doch üppiger Gestalt, mit einem prallen Busen und stram-men Schenkeln und einem wohlgerundeten, fleischigen Po.     Dan Bradock, der Hausherr, ein weißhaariger, seriös aussehender Mann schluckte, als er Mona zum ersten Mal sah. Seine Sicherheit verließ ihn für Sekunden, als er die Hand zur Begrüßung ; ausstreckte, als er sagte:     »Meine Frau wird Sie in Ihre anfallenden Aufgaben einführen! Ich hoffe, Sie fühlen sich wohl bei uns!«

      Saturday AM, May 15, 1999

    • by Xanya :...
    • Help Desk Diary, ch 3
      helpdes3 zip (7k) (MF)
      Christina needed some help with her home PC, and Gary never could say "No" to a beautiful woman.
    • by Dalton :...
    • Just One of Those Things, part 1
      justone1 zip (21k) (M/f kidnap nc)
      It was dark and stormy, like a bad novel, wet leaves clinging to everything, the messy end of Fall was about to get colder and nasty, Winter was coming. Taggart needed to get something going, his own life was a bit frazzled, his girlfriend had become distant lately, for no particular reason, his bank account was getting smaller, but he'd always got by. It was the weather that bugged him the most, how it forced him to heat his house, made him wear more clothes, the wet cold that cut into his slowly aging body. His feet were numb now, he'd been sitting in the car for three hours, standard stakeout procedure, his fussy character demanded he not run his engine except when he absolutely could not stand it any more. It was fast approaching that time.
    • by Badttbone :...
    • School Nurse, ch 4
      skool4 zip (4k) (M/fff nc drugged)
      Mark continues his duties at the girls academy and takes charge of two seventh graders who don't have a clue about what the've got themselves into.
    • by Dunthat :...
    • Tammy comes home late
      tammy zip (7k) (M/F father/daughter)
      Tammy was usually very level headed. I was sure her hormones had taken control and she was letting her boyfriend Mike fuck her. The idea caused my cock to stiffen. I hadn't had any pussy in a couple of weeks and I was getting real horny. At 11:45 I heard a car pull up outside.
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Virginity
      virgin zip (42k) (Mf, Mfff+, best, anal, fist, extreme caution)
      "He was one of the regulars, and had become very regular indeed over the past several weeks, devoted to fucking an eleven-year-old pregnant child in the ass." This is the story of little Sarah and how she came to be part of a kiddie-harem. In this part of the "Lives of the Great Waifs" series, Ariadne, the 14 y.o. whore, describes Sarah's work as a kiddie whore in New York, where the star girl was a pregnant 11 y.o., and herself gets accustomed to life in a warehouse full of lolitas for sale. Leopold, a dashing African in the white slave trade, sells girls to hungry pedophiles, but keeps the best ones as wives, dismissing them when they wear out. Ariadne, our heroine, has learned to submit to everyone and everything while she develops her brain and studies the men and girls around her. Trying to find out the nature of her own sexuality, Ariadne discovers that her favorite activity is deflowering virgins. The story includes a couple of purebred borzoi, a slew of girls with different degrees of virginity, and even a few boys.
    • by Joe Slackie :...
    • One Night
      onenight zip (6k) (m/f m/f double date preg)
      Two young couples on a double date end up parked at a lovers lane lookout. Each boy impregnates his girlfriend while the others watch
    • by Boz :...
    • In The Park, ch 5
      park5 zip (11k) (f/M+F best)
      Still tingling from her recent experiences, Susie set out once more towards the lake, carefully concealing herself in the bushes away from the path. But she had to admit to herself that if she saw a man coming along the path she might well jump out in front of him and ask him to put his cock into her anywhere he wanted. As this thought was passing deliciously through her mind she was suddenly startled to hear her name. She stopped, looked around and listened carefully. Yes, there it was again, sounding slightly different this time but coming from the same spot behind a large clump of bushes.

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  • Be~my~be~my~baby~~~oh~~~My~one~and~only~baby

    I'll make you happy, baby, just wait and see
    For every kiss you give me I'll give you three
    Oh, since the day I saw you
    I have been waiting for you
    You know I will adore you 'til eternity

    So won't you, please    Be My Be My Baby
    be my little baby    My One And Only Baby
    Say you'll be my darlin'    Be My Be My Baby
    be my baby now    My One And Only Baby
    So come on and, please    Be My Be My Baby
    be my little baby    My One And Only Baby
    Say you'll be my darlin'    Be My Be My Baby
    be my baby now    My One And Only Baby


    ("Be My Baby", as written by Phil Spector, Ellie Greenwich & Jeff Barry; and performed by The Ronetes)


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