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      May 22nd - May 28th mid-Morning Updates

      Bold As Love

      On Friday AM, May 28, 1999

    • by Virgin Sarah :...New Author.!.!.!
    • My Uncle's Cult Needed a Virgin, parts 1 & 2
      cult1_2 zip (13k) (M/f incest)
      “Honey, we need to talk about something.” Mom said, as we stood on our tiny porch looking in disgust at the car up on blocks by the trailer next to ours. At first I thought I was in trouble again, but couldn’t remember any recent bad deeds.      “What is it, Mom?” I asked and shook my red hair. It was shoulder length and I always shook it when I was nervous about something.      “Honey, we might have a chance to move up to a double wide; and maybe get cable TV. We could be a lot better off soon, but you will have to make a sacrifice.”      “It sounds good to me, Mom. Our trailer is like... Don’t take this the wrong way, but some kids think this area of the trailer court is kind of trashy.”      “You have such pretty blue eyes, Amy. It’s hard to believe you’re almost fourteen already. I’m proud of you, Honey. We need to have a woman to woman talk.”
    • by Neverlove :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Portrait of the Lover as a Young Man, part 1
      portrait zip (11k) (m/fF)
      Jeff acquired a close circle of friends rather quickly, his progress facilitated by his participation on the football and basketball teams. While chumming around the locker room, there was plenty of curiosity about various physical developments, which often shifted into derision and teasing. Some of the boys were just hitting puberty, while others had been living in the adolescent world for some time. Comparisons were made, and Jeff learned something else about himself: nobody ever teased him for his lack of development.
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • Seventh grade love affair
      7thgrade zip (10k) (m/f/m/f - sex/first time/young)
      When a group of friends reaches the seventh grade, they begin to look at each other in a different light. It took awhile and a lot of nerves, but a small first kiss paves the way to an exploratory night of babysitting.
    • by AnaLover :...
    • Daddy Helps Out
      dadhelps zip (9k) (M/F/f)
      Remember Marcy from 'True Love'? Here's how she discovered the delights of anal sex
      A Dutiful Daughter
      dutydaut zip (4k) (M/f dad/daut)
      Victoria helps her scandal-hit father forget his troubles for a while...
    • by JS3729 :...
    • The Fourth Floor, part 2
      fourth2 zip (9k) (mc mf MF FF inc rom)
      A man gets a surprise gift from an old school chum. He has to learn how to use it.
    • by Poker :...
    • Old MacDonald's Daughter, part 2
      macdaut2 zip (12k) (Ff, best, group, incest)
      Precocious 8 year old Sally had broken down any inhibitions that may have been around in the MacDonald family. Now her mother, Mary, was beginning to wonder what sex with a dog would be like. Later, Auntie Janet arrives with her 6 year old twins...     Precocious 8 year old Sally had broken down any inhibitions that may have been around in the MacDonald family. Now her mother, Mary, was beginning to wonder what sex with a dog would be like. Later, Auntie Janet arrives with her 6 year old twins...
    • by Nomad :...
    • Religion
      religion zip (11k) (M/fff)
      There was a knock on the door and her Daddy came in, smiling lovingly down at her as his eyes swept over the pretty Sunday dress. "You look absolutely lovely!" he told her, closing the door and softly turning the lock before going to kneel at her side. "Such a pretty dress," he sighed, his fingers stroking the material over her little belly.
    • by Elizabeth Abercrombie :...
    • The Villa
      thevilla zip (5k) (M/f incest)
      It was my wife, Mattie who alerted me to the nightly antics of my eldest daughter. We were staying in a rented villa on the French Riviera, a lovely moorish architecture building with a recessed pool and columns round about.     Mattie had arisen during the night. It was warm and balmy, and she couldn’t sleep. Some noises outside had attracted her. From the bedroom window she could see the pool glistening in the moonlight. A full moon rode the heavens majestically, turning night into golden day. As she watched the magic scene, she saw a movement – a person emerging from the deep shadow at the edge of the courtyard. Mattie gasped… it was our daughter Carlie, naked as the day she was born. She was bathed in moonlight, like a golden statue. Her young breasts rose proudly from her chest, firm and high. Her belly was slightly rounded as befitted a lovely 14 year old girl. Her legs were long and slim. Her sexwas hidden in deep shadow.
    • by Boz :...
    • In the Park, ch 6 & 7
      park6_7 zip (21k) (f/M+/best)
      . . . They wanted it so much, and I couldn't say no.     "That's your problem, Susie. You can't say no."
    • by Elric :...
    • Der Hausmeister, tiel 2 & 3
      haus2_3 zip (17k) (M/f fff)
      Thomas returns to his school, installs a few cameras and starts observing...

      Thursday AM, May 27, 1999

      Vacat relax

      Wednesday AM, May 26, 1999

    • by Sugar :...
    • Innocent Jen, part 2
      innojen2 zip (7k) (dad/daut/teen friend)
      13 year old Jenny never imagined that her best friend and her dad would ask her to join them in a wild sex session
    • by DarkSatyr :...
    • The Coach, part 3
      coach3 zip (7k) (F/m+, M/ff, teen, niece, oral, inter)
      Andy and Becky stood dumbfounded in the coach's office. When Becky asked, "isn't that your wife"?, all Andy could do was stare blankly and nod. Not only was he shocked to see Linda in the boys locker room, he was amazed to hear her say that she had regularly participated in gang bangs during her high school years.
    • by JS3729 :...
    • The Fourth Floor, part 1
      fourth1 zip (7k) (mc mf MF FF inc rom)
      A man gets a surprise gift from an old school chum. He has to learn how to use it.
      Vignette #1: For the love of a Cousin
      vignett1 zip (11k) (m/f cousins)
      I can't really remember when I fell in love with Regina, but I know its been a very long time. I know I will never have her as my life partner, and I won't force myself on her.      She's my first cousin - a mistake my mom's youngest sister made. My aunt is the black sheep of the family, getting hooked on drugs and booze while she was still a teenager. She was a slut fucking almost anybody that asked her. Men or women made little difference to her.      She fucked for pot or booze. She never was home and quit school altogether by her junior year. She wandered the streets as a cheap whore. I'm ashamed to admit I fucked her once. She was totally strung out on something and never recognized me. She fucked badly - her cunt being almost sloppy and I fell out a few times while stroking into her.
    • by Xanya :...
    • My Girlfriend's Daughter, ch 1
      girlfri1 zip (9k) (M/F/f)
      My girlfriend, Debbie, was afraid that her teenage daughter was trying to get pregnant. She came with the perfect plan to prevent that -- by asking ME to fuck her daughter.
    • by Young Fox :...
    • Shipwreck
      shipwrec zip (17k) (M/fff, teen/pre-teen)
      The Captain wrote his final entry in the ship's log. His hair was dripping water from the gale. "'12 Aug '47, off Points Unk. 8pm squall unequaled force, the men swept off board, I lashed to the wheel. My surgeon Stark may god save, he was taken overboard, but bless his foresight he had stored his medical supplies in a large coffin headed home to London and tied himself to it just in the nick. I cried to him to hold on and pray. Ship now at 20 degrees aft up, I indite this as the end, and seal my journal. s/Captain E. James."
    • by Netwanderer :...
    • Snowed In
      snowedin zip (33k) (M/f)
      As a CEO of a successful Internet startup, while my face was unknown to the world at large, it was certainly known to my employees, and it was tough to get a moment's peace.     I had been planning this trip for months. Just me, for 1 week, in a small chalet in the Colorado Alps. I had made the reservations under an assumed name, and left all my ID at home. The only ties to my real identity I had taken with me were an emergency contact card listing my assistant's name, and a credit card in the assumed name, but tied to my real account. My assistant was the only person who knew where I was, and the credit card was for emergency use only, everything else would be paid for in cash.    Perhaps I was being a bit overzealous, and I certainly never planned to get involved in what I did, but sometimes, when you can, you have to take a chance.
    • by Nomad :...
    • The Job
      thejob zip (12k) (Mf, Fath/daugh Uncle/niece anal)
      Sometimes, the only way to uncover illegal activity is to pretend to join in. So police should not think it unreasonable to have to pose as paedophiles. And if you're chosen but have no children, then recruit a special one, one that will fit in to the job.
    • by Mandil :...
    • The White Tribe of Africa, part 3
      tribe3 zip (11k) (M/FF...,preg,.lact)
      John replaces Samouno the medicine man when the old man dies. He is then in an ideal position to encounter most of the women of the tribe to whom he begins to teach the ways of the white man as to how to make love.
    • by Inetamanto :...
    • Lilas, part 2
      lilas2 zip (16k) (f/f nudité, caresses, cons)
      Lilas vient du Cambodge, et Nesrine du Maroc. Elles se sont rencontrées et aimées tout de suite... Toujours une histoire avec des vrais morceaux de yiddish dedans

      Tuesday AM, May 25, 1999

    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Carla
      carla-d zip (99k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
      Even when I became a teenager my folks treated me like a little kid. Mom picked out my clothes even helping me dress in the morning to be sure I was color coordinated. I think that was why I was able to accept Bob's domination of me so easily.     I didn't have any friends in school because everyone thought I was strange since Mom dressed me so modestly. I was always very obedient and deferential to the teachers since I knew if they complained about me I would be punished at home but I overheard one of the kids call me a "Brown-noser."     My punishments started very young. Maybe four or five they began spanking me for any offence. It wasn't that they were cruel They just used an old ping-pong paddle on top of my cotton panties that just stung without bruising me.
      lena-d zip (56k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
      I was born just before Mom went into menopause. That seemed to be everybody's excuse for my being a klutz. I knew I was an accident. My youngest brother was four years older than me and my older brother had gone into business before I was born into this family of yuppies. My mom and dad were successful lawyers and my brother maintained a four point average so he could get a scholarship to college and law school. I don't know if I had a missing gene or what but it just didn't seem important to me to stay perfectly clean or to keep my room neat.      As a result at about eight Mom gave me a big lecture about how busy she was and that I should stay neat to ease her work and gave me a spanking. It was not that I was a victim of child abuse or anything since she only hit me hard enough to sting and burn my bottom and make it red for an hour or two.
      mona-d zip (38k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
      My life was pretty routine till Dad lost his job and had to take a lower paying one forcing us to move to a poorer neighborhood just as I entered junior high.     The school was a little scary, and depressing. I was used to a pretty brick school with lawns and landscaping. This school looked like a big grey factory with bars on the windows surrounded by an asphalt parking lot. Rather than our tennis courts there were just pipes coming out of the asphalt with raggedy basketball hoops and even the football field was just dirt. Most of the boys and girls dressed as punk rockers with the girls wearing cut off T-shirts and short shorts or micro skirts to bare their stomachs below their navels and show their legs almost to their crotches. I was used to a dress code and was totally out of place in my white blouse and skirt to my knees. They were also rowdy running down the halls and yelling obscenities to each other. I was embarrassed to see girls being kissed and fondled in the halls. The girls didn't seem to mind when the boys lifted their skirts to squeeze butt cheeks when they were hugged and kissed. I was shy and did not know what to do when a boy said, "Hey. You must be a new girl." and casually patted my butt then said, "Nice ass!" except to blush and whimper.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Educating Caroline
      educate zip (11k) (Father/daut/daut)
      Caroline had been surprised at the sternness of her father as he'd ordered the young native girl to bend across the back of the nearby wicker chair. Wide eyed she'd watched her mother help the girl bend before she'd held the girls shoulders down and, with a smile, had lifted the maid's short black skirt to reveal her nude beneath it.      Her father had to call Caroline's name twice before it registered.
    • by Dalton :...
    • Just One of Those Things, part 2
      justone2 zip (21k) (M/f cons)
      Taggart slept in, which was unlike him. They'd driven back to his house when it was clear, from watching several news reports on the shootings that there was no viable clues connecting him to the killings. It was a random crossing of his path with theirs, both the police and the Mafia had to be doing some serious thinking about who could have done it. That was the thing about a shooting like that, the motive had to be serious for a man (or woman, they were just as vicious in certain situations). But what motive did Taggart have other than curiosity and then sheer will to survive in the hail of fire that they'd thrown at him. By now he'd run the vivid memory of the shooting through his head hundreds of times, and was certain it'd taken only a few minutes maybe only one from start to finish, but at the time he'd felt like it was never going to end.
      Trailer Trash, part 11
      trail11 zip (13k) (M/F/fffff cons, bond, spank)
      How can you describe the purest form of lust, desire, passion, and spiritual union? Where sex becomes a kundalini, a yoga of body and breath, taking you out of your solitary existence, mixing and joining your soul with that of another. The moon bathed her skin, washed it in pale blue, marble, a walking, striding goddess out on the lawn, a statue come to life, Pygmalion aroused, horny, feminine, feline, feral, and ferocious. The claw marks would take three weeks to heal completely. A mature woman can do that to you, savage your body, heart, and mind, all at the same time.
    • by Pedros :...
    • Unorthodox Treatment - Part 6
      treat6 zip (17k) (M/f M/m m/f pedo)
      "Terry and Sue-Lin attend Ralph's dinner party where they meet Ralph's 'son', Armand. Sue-Lin and Armand provide a highly erotic floorshow before dinner that sets the mood for the evening. Terry has his first experience of boy-love and an introduction to the doctor's 'magic potion'. He soon finds out it really works!"
    • by Tiberius :...New Author.!.!.!
    • The MC's Preggy Party
      preggy zip (31k) (f/preg/rape)
      The MC, or Master of Ceremonies, runs an organization on a private island providing any kind of “sex pleasure configuration” for wealthy paying guests. In this story, an group of 5 men enjoy the pleasure of several beautiful pregnant young women forcing them to provide sexual pleasures and to compete for the right to keep their babies.
    • by Elric :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Der Hausmeister, ch 1
      hausmeis zip (9k) (M/F/f)
      A caretaker, working on a little school in Munich discovers his interest for young girls. After he gets a catalog of cameras for observation purposes he starts observing the girls on his school

      Monday AM, May 24, 1999

    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Camp Spanking
      camp_spk zip (5k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
      I was at coed camp for my thirteenth birthday and was feeling bad because I would not have my customary birthday party and the playful birthday spanking I had received as long as I could remember from Mom and Dad.    They had sent me presents though and I was looking mournfully at the large box they had sent when Jill and Dan walked in. They noticed my sad look and Jill said, "What is wrong? You look like you may cry."    I let out a little sob and said, "It is my birthday and it is the first time in my life I won't have a party and my traditional birthday spanking."
      Slave's Revenge
      slvrevng zip (24k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
      My Great Grandpa was so smart! When the America's outlawed the import of slaves in 1808 he realized this would create a demand and converted his cotton plantation to slave breeding. The plantation was self supporting as we raised animals and vegetables to feed the slaves plus a surplus for a cash crop.      Gandpa raised two kinds of slaves big black ones for field work and to be used in prize fighting or other athletic contests and light skinned ones for house duties and to be used a whores in New orleans and other big towns.
    • by David Fields :...
    • Diane's Debt, part 1
      debtpaid zip (6k) (F/m M/F/m Incest, Pedo)
      Hello, my name is Tony. I am 26 years old and a closet pedophile. I guess I am different then most since it is not really kids that turn me on, it is incest. I don't get excited by a naked kid, but do get very hot is the same kid is having sex with a family member, especially a parent. Here is how my story went from fantasy to reality. Cum and join me on my saga.
    • by JeffB :...
    • Deer in the Headlights
      deerdad zip (6k) (M/f dad/daut)
      We lived in a rural part of Arkansas, away from any cities or towns. Me, my three brothers, mama, and my dear daddy. Daddy had worked at many jobs in his lifetime,but at this particular time one of the biggest jobs he had was providing food for his family. Besides the garden and chickens we kept, daddy hunted for meat to put on the table. He was not one of those who hunted only for sport, and the pursuit of a trophy to hang on the wall; rather he hunted out of necessaty to feed his family. He was a proud man, and this particular distinction meant a lot to him.
    • by Tanya Sissipus :...
    • Goddess, part 3: Perverted Priestess
      goddess3 zip (26k) (F/m, M/M, TG, femdom, malesub, bondage, punishment, cum, forced fem, nc)
      "Become my disciple, my perverted priestess, and help me spread the word. Be my miracle, the manifestation of my power, and aid me in my wrath." Fire in her eyes and ice in her veins, the Goddess hissed, "Embrace, fully, your divinely-inspired nature and aid me in punishing that bastard for his sins." Baring her teeth in a cruel smile, christine nodded eagerly. "We will crush him, Goddess. We will break him in every way possible and force him to renounce his heresy." Angry, she dug her nails into her palms and growled. "He has forsaken his vows to his Goddess, and for that he shall pay."
    • by Nomad :...
    • Social Services
      socials zip (8k) (F sis/sis/bro anal)
      Hello. I'm an inspector for the Child Unit of The Departemnt of Social Services. I need to check your children haven't been abused in any way. I have a warrant to search the premises, question and examine all minors on the premises. It's in their best interests, I'm sure you'll agree.

      Sunday AM, May 23, 1999

    • by Little Lover :...
    • Little Kids Day Care, part 8
      care8 zip (10k) (M/fffF first pedo)
      As I slipped away into the darkness I glanced up and noticed 5 yr old Amanda peeking through her curtains, smiling and noticeably excited as she watched Tom and her mommy holding and kissing. I grinned as I noticed another window, dark, except for the form of 11 yr old Amber silhouetting the dark rectangle In the moonlight. I could tell from her stance, that she was really upset. For a moment I wondered if she was staring at me instead of them but quickly dismissed the notion as I slipped away under the black cloak of darkness to help plot the future of this ideal family and the honorable Tom Bates.
    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Jane, Jim, Paula
      jane zip (76k) (M/f/F dad/daut/mom spanking, humiliation)
      Dear Diary,     This is my first diary. I know this is the sort of thing young girls keep but until today there was nothing special to write about. I was raised strictly and God fearing. My Father believed women were irresponsible so he always chose my Mothers and my clothes which were very conservative. Actually he made all the decisions including educating me at home. My mother and I always tried to be good and obediant because if he was displeased he would spank us with a big wooden paddle that would leave us with bruises for days as a reminder of our sin. Even though we would be fully clothed for the spanking it still hurt terribly and he would do it until we were crying and promising we would not do whatever made him mad again.
      The Stepdad
      stepdad zip (30k) (M/f/F dad/daut/mom spanking, humiliation)
      My life was fairly normal until Mom remarried when I was thirteen.     I loved my Dad. He was real easygoing and was never upset by anything I had done but Mom was not as tolerant nagging on and on at any little thing and sending me to my room to think about what I had done.     She nagged my Dad constantly about the small amount of money he was earning but I thought that was unfair. He had married her before graduating from high-school since she was pregnant with me so there was no way he could get a good job without a high school diploma.
      walmart zip (4k) (M/F spanking, humiliation)
      Hi gang,    Hubbie went on another of his damn three day business trips for one of his corporate clients. We have really become quite handy as a necessity since in this conservative town we couldn't hire a contractor to build our Dungeon.    We did hire a contractor to build the basic building but we finished ourselves. We used fake rock to finish the interior walls then got some gas torches. It is really scary with the flickering light showing the chains hanging from ceiling and walls and the stretching rack, Wheel and spanking benches.
    • by Max Free :...
    • Twin Capers, final parts
      twins5a zip (16k) (group orgy ped inc 1st)
      Mary on the telephone, a few weeks before Jack and his family moved into their new house:      "Janet, you will never guess whom I met today."      "???"      "Sam!"      "???"      Yes, you remember, Sam Schnidder, one of the two guys we met at the hotel, the black one with the very long cock, who was such a tremendous fuck!      "Jeez, yes! Where did you meet him?"     "I met him at the desk of the hotel here in town where he was staying. And guess what, it was like meeting an old friend and he invited me for a drink in his room and we fucked again and it was again incredible!"

      Saturday AM, May 22, 1999

    • by Allene Blake :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Betty
      bettyd zip (41k) (M/f/F dad/daut/mom spanking, humiliation)
      I had a pretty miserable childhood. My dad had abandoned Mom who reminded me almost daily was my fault for not being good. We were poor and on welfare. When I was twelve me and some other kids got caught smoking pot. That was the last straw for Mom. She told the juvenile people that I was worthless and gave me to them.     I just felt totally worthless and probably would have killed myself if I had the chance because I felt so guilty for driving away both my parents. It turned out pretty well. I was put in a foster home with two other girls my age. I was scared at first because Mona and Tim my new foster parents told me that since I had a drug problem I would be watched closely and they expected strict obedience or I would be punished.
      bobbied zip (50k) (M/f/F dad/daut/mom spanking, humiliation)
      My folks did not have a lot of self-esteem obviously from my oldest brothers birthday and from their wedding date my Dad had gotten my mom pregnant in high school and she dropped out without a diploma. My Dad had his but regretted not going to college and used to give my older brothers and sisters and myself big lectures on studying hard so we could be successful.
      Allene's Spanking
      spanking zip (6k) (M/f/F dad/daut/mom spanking, humiliation)
      Damn! It just wasn't fair. I was now fifteen and blossomed fully to my 35D boobies my little 22 inch waist and my round firm 34 inch bottom. I had bought myself my first bikini although i knew Mom wouldn't approve she always bought those dumb one piece suits with frilly little skirts that are as sexy as dirt. I planned to get a headstart on my tan so when the water warmed I would look good for the boys.     Our nosy neighbor lady saw me out in the back yard and went to tell Mom. Mom came boiling out to me and yelled, "I thought our neighbor might be exaggerating when she said you were out here lying around alnmost naked and exciting her boys but I see it is true. Get in the house you little slut. When your Dad gets home he will teach you!"     That really scared me because Dad used a nasty wide leather strap that stung awful. First I argued that my suit was decent and all the girl's wore them but that just seemed to make her madder and she yelled, "You mean all the other sluts. Now get that off and put on some clothes."
    • by Cestahhh :...
    • Daddy Director, ch 2
      directo2 zip (4k) (M/F M/M dad/dau/son incest +pedo)
      The continuing adventures of Kiddie Porn Producer Otto, his daughter Carrie, friend Rashid and Rashid's daughter Tanisha.
    • by Little Lover :...
    • Little Kids Day Care, part 7
      care7 zip (5k) (M/ggg/Mg first pedo)
      The playing was over. Tom reached up and ripped the bulb from her hand and shook it. "Just what I thought. It never was burned out was it?" he snorted. 11 yr old Amber,sister of 5 yr old Amanda was still pinned tightly beneath him, lay silent, wondering what he would do with his new found discovery.     "Your just a little prick teaser aren't you Amber? A sweet little prick teaser, huh Honey?" He smiled in between his heavy breathing, now from lust more than exertion. Amber struggled now, not from play but increasing fear.      "OH GOD!" she thought as she realized his mouth was slowly lowering to her erect, open nipple.
    • by ravemaster :...
    • Hot Summer, part 2
      hotsum2 zip (4k) (M/f non-consensual)
      He woke up late that following day, his head was spinning as if he has been on some drugs or booze!      He looked at the girl handcuffed to the bed, oh ya he thought, thats right, this little bitch brought me to heaven last night..i wonder if she wanna do it again today. He laughed inside himself, of course she will, she has no choice, she is my little fucktoy ,i can do what the fuck i want with her. He laughed at his own joke and woke Michelle up from her very deep sleep.
    • by Xanya :...
    • Talking About My Girl
      mygirl zip (8k) (MM, Transvestite)
      David had no idea that his friend Jim liked to dress as a girl. He was about to discover just how sexy and feminine a guy in a dress could be.
    • by Mandil :...
    • My Sister Made the Rules
      mysis zip (9k) (m/f, inc., first)
      Peggy, a girl of twelve, wants to buy a ticket to attend a rock concert. She is very desperate to get the money for her ticket and after talking about it with her brother, he agrees to give her the money in return for a blowjob. During the following months, she keeps on giving him blowjobs until he run out of money. This is when things get interesting.
    • by sniffer :...
    • Nicole, part 7
      nicole9 zip (11k) (M/f pedo watersport cons)
      When I woke up in the morning I saw this wonderful naked creature near me. She was still in a deep slumber, smiling in a nice dream. She was so trustful to let me be near her, not fearing my sexual needs. Her little body was warm and spread open. Softly I caressed her flat chest until it reacted in crinkling the nipples. Her breath became irregular and she opened her eyes a bit.     "Good morning, my love!" I whispered. She smiled and sighed: "Oh Tom! It's so wonderful!"
    • by Roman A'Clef :...
    • Prom Weekend, part 2
      prom3 zip (10k) (M/F, Fam Inc)
      David relaxes while the rest of the family gets into the swing of things.
    • by Takatak :...
    • Seema's Breast & Ass Development, part 1
      develop1 zip (7k) (fff, m/f breast play)
      My family had gone on a trip to Ahmedabad as my sister's exams were up. But I was the unluckiest person, stranded with my engineering exams approaching. I was on study leave for about a month. I was excited at the same time. As I was alone, I can also watch porn films easily. But I always had a nagging feeling that I was wasting my study time by watching them. But the day I stepped out of my house I went to the video stores and rented a XXX movie. I came home and in the night I started it. The movie showed a girl first giving a head and then the hero straight away humping her ass very hard. The girl seemed to enjoy it. I was excited. I had always heard that anal sex was enjoyable but I had seen this in a movie for the first time. All the scenes in the movie had anal sex. In India only problem is that the movie name cannot be selected as it is never attached to the cassette.
      The Village Adventure, part 2
      village2 zip (9k) (M/f Rape, M/F anal)
      Our hero Rakesh takes the opportunity and rapes the innocent & virgin girl Jigna who is just 15 years old. After this rape he again meets his friend's wife. She introduces him to the unsatisfied second wife of the sarpanch (Head of the village). Rakesh bangs her royally and plans a future meeting of orgy.
    • by Skaidan :...
    • The new apartment
      newapt zip (7k) (m/ff, incest)
      When I was still in my early teens I was forced to sleep in my sisters' bedroom as the economic situation wasn't at its best moment.My father had lost his job and was having great difficulty in finding a new one and my mother had to work as a nurse on a night shift.I remember she left at about nine thirty and came back early in the morning, when we had just woken up.

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  • But I'm~~~yeah~~~I'm bold as love~~~ya well~~~I'm bold~~~bold as love

    My Red is so confident
    He flashes trophies of war and ribbons of euphoria

    Orange is young, full of daring
    but very unsteady for the first go round

    My Yellow, in this case, is not so mellow
    In fact, I'm trying to say it's frightened like me

    And all these emotions of mine keeps
    holding me from giving my life to a rainbow like you

    hear me talkin girl~~~I'm bold as love~~~Just ask the Axis~~~he knows everything

    ("Bold As Love", as written and performed by Jimi Hendrix)


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