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    October 02 - October 08th mid-Morning Updates

      Waiting For The Sun

      On Friday PM, October 08, 1999

    • by Maithuna :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Mother & Son in India
      momson zip (7k) (M/f,mom/son,inc,preg)
      A Son's seduction works with his mother leading to hot sex and eventual pregnancy
    • by Madhatter113 :...
    • Daddies Boy, ch 7
      daddy7 zip (10k) (F/b,M/s,inc,bb)
      "Oh fuck me hard little man!" She moaned dropping to all fours, forcing me to follow her or slip out. I knelt behind her pistoning my throbbing cock in and out of her cunt, the pucker of her arse staring me in the face. I'd went this far I had to go the whole way.
    • by BP :...
    • Debbie's Wild Family
      debbie zip (20k) (Incest, impreg. Preg., inject., ws, M/F, M/f, f/f, F/f)
      From the moment I saw Debbie I knew I wanted her for my wife. She was so captivating and had a body that would make a statue get a hard-on. I didn't know anything about her and didn't care. I begged her to go out with me and she told me she would love to but I would have to get approval from her mother.      That evening I called and talked to her mother and was told to stop by her office tomorrow at 5:30. All day I kept checking the time, not wanting to be late. Finally I was standing in the lobby of this fancy building at 5:30 as a receptionist called to verify my appointment. The receptionist hung up and smiled as she instructed me where to go.
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Jenny's Rape
      jenrape zip (7k) (m/f/anal/n/c/rough)
      Ten year old Jenny enjoys flashing her little pussy and teasing her older sister's boyfriend, while they watch a porno movie together. But when Matthew wants more, the little temptress discovers to her cost that it's too late to start saying no. What started out as a little fun becomes a horrifying ordeal of rape and abuse.
    • by lolitot :...
    • Mr. Deacon's Girls - Lotte, part 2
      lotte2 zip (6k) (g/g/M)
      So, how is Sissy gonna pull this one off? Lotte really wants to suck her daddy's cock. 'Cause when she saw Sissy suck him, and make him cum, she really, really wanted to ...!
    • by Hymen Sez :...
    • Mama and Johnny
      mamajohn zip (18k) (F/m, mother/son, incest, anal, pedo)
      This is the story of Johnathan T. Jenkins, who had a mother that loved him very much. Too much! Sandra Jenkins suffered from an acute medical condition that drove her hormone levels to unheard of heights. Her constantly lactating, enormous breasts, were her son's favorite play toys. And her desire for sex was practically insatiable! And, uh-oh, it looks like little Johnny has inherited the same problem, as his penis is quite big for his age. What's a mother to do? "Give it to me! Give all your sperm to Momma! (Suck, suck.) Flood Mommy's mouth with your hot, tasty, creamy, lip-smacking load of cum!"
    • by Keyman :...
    • Paula Preteen Model, ch 3
      preteen3 zip (17k) (M/fffff/F Dad/Mom/Dau Inc)
      Frank Werner sat in his workroom and contemplated the past twenty-four hours. His mind chronologically remembered the events as they had happened. It all started the night before when his daughter had pulled up her nightdress and displayed her bare pussy to him for an instant, because her mother her scolded her for not wearing a panty. Then on the way to bed he had checked on his daughter and found her sleeping with her legs spread wide open, pussy uncovered. Unable to contain himself he had rubbed her clit while she slept causing her to moan in her sleep. The cream issuing from her pussy coated his fingers as he continued to rub her clit. He then had pulled out his rock hard penis and jerked off while he continued to rub her clit. Then he had come over her clit and his own fingers, he placed a mixture of his come and her pussy cream on the sleeping girls lips. The next day watching via a hidden spy cam he had watched entranced as his wife Lois had practically raped their young twelve year old daughter. He then realized that the reason his wife had denied him sex over the last ten years was not her dislike of the sexual act, but the fact she liked young girls. Judging by her performance she was far from frigid if she was presented with a young bare pussy. He also now knew that his daughter had no qualms about having sex with her mother, matter of fact she seemed happy and content after the act. Now he had five preteen girls running around upstairs who were going to spend the night. His spy cams were in place; the hidden videos were waiting to be found, and he was going to take his wife to the movies to allow the girls to get to know each other. Frank found himself thinking that maybe the next few days would make up for the ten years of enforced celibacy. Frank rose from his chair checked the video tape recorder and went upstairs to start the next part of his life.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Child Protection 2010
      protect zip (7k) (Pedo mast Fath/daut)
      "You made formal request under the Rights Of Minors act of 2010 to conduct a sexual relationship with your daughter, Lisa. Is that correct Mr Brown?" I asked, a copy of it in front of me.    "Well, yes," he coughed and looked towards his daughter's flushed face. She sucked her thumb and glanced down at the papers I held.    "And according to your submission, your daughter has welcomed sexual caresses from your hand on her privates and has, on at least three occasions, requested a repetition of such activity. Is this also correct Mr Brown?" I asked.
      Sister's Fault
      sisfault zip (8k) (Incest, spanking)
      I entered the house and stopped, my eyes fixed to the umbrella stand, my heart stopping for a few moments. The old cane father used to use no longer stood tall beside the walking stick and the umbrella and the space yelled deep within my mind. Only one other would have touched that cane.      "Sharon?" I called, knowing my sister would be here and now noticing her coat beside that of her daughter's.
    • by Griffin :...
    • The Dream
      thedream zip (4k) (M/f incest)
      What in the hell is she pissed about I wondered as Shirley, my wife, stomped out of the bedroom after waking me up this morning. Usually she is playful when she gets me up. What had I done to deserve this. Well, only one way to find out. I went down stairs, walked up to her to give her a hug and she pushed me aside. Now THAT had never happened before! When I asked her what was wrong she said she didn't want to discuss it in front of our 12yo daughter Mallory.
    • by Rex Wilder :...
    • Evas sexdebut med pappa
      evas zip (9k) (M/f/oral,anal,incest)
      Lasse hade då han kommit hem klätt av sig naken för att gå ut i badrummet och duscha. I handen hade han kalsonger och strumpor han skulle lägga i tvättkorgen vilket han gjorde då han steg in. Därefter höjde han blicken och fick se sin 12-åriga dotter Eva stående framåtböjd över badkarskanten klippande sina tånaglar.
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Después de jugar a las cartas
      lascarta zip (4k) (m/F, incest)
      Mi madre y yo habíamos vivido solos desde siempre.Mi padre había abandonado a mi madre después de enterarse de que la había dejado embarazada de mí y ella nunca quiso rehacer su vida por miedo a que la fueran a dejar otra vez.De este modo, los dos siempre habíamos estado solos, compartiendo todo, incluso la cama.Sí, muchos chicos duermen de vez en cuando con sus madres hasta los diez u once años, pero en mi caso esto se había prolongado hasta los dieciséis años y no parecía ir a parar nunca.

      Thursday PM, October 07, 1999

    • by Double V :...
    • Weekend After Bootcamp
      bootcamp zip (11k) (M/F/g hint of besti., oral, incest, cons)
      Then she looked up at me and said in her broken English. "I like GI Joe's big cocks, mama says they are best."     She took my head in her mouth then and god it felt good to feel the wetness of her mouth as her lips wrapped around my shaft under the head. The last time I had anything close to it was the night before I left for basic training for the air force. But the wetness of hr mouth and the bobbing of her head made that seem like a year or more without. Then just as sudden the girl stopped, and I felt her tuck my cock back in my pants and I was beginning to ask why when I felt her hand take mine and she said.     "Come on GI Joe, I take you to my mama. She'll take care of you, she like's you."
    • by The Nefarious Henchman :...
    • Fever, ch 2
      fever2 zip (8k) (M/f, inc, yng ped, cons, anal, enema)
      Doug soaped her little butt, rubbing her small hole and tiny slit with care, enjoying the feeling almost as much as Lily did. Lily felt her small pussy start to tingle as her daddy's fingers slid over it.
    • by Bravo69 :...
    • The Football Team
      football zip (6k) (F/MMM)
      My name is Jeremy Lynch. When I was 13 years old, I played football for the Westridge Junior High Team in Buffalo, New York. I was the youngest member of the team, as the other boys were all 14. I had tried out for the team several times, and had done really well, but each time, I was turned down.     I asked several of my friends that had made the team why, and they said because the coach wasn't sure he could trust me. When I asked them what they meant by that, they just looked at each other and smiled, saying nothing.
    • by Young Fox :...
    • Judy's Gift
      judygift zip (17k) (M/Ff, inc, con, masochism--Caution)
      Judy Reese was an attractive woman of 40, married to a dentist, and lived in a suburb of DC. Her husband was insanely jealous and accused her of illicit affairs which she hotly denied, only to be rewarded for her protestations with a punch in the gut. To add insult to his hectoring accusations, he rarely made love to her, once a week at best, and it lasted only 3 or 4 minutes.    Darin Ramsey knew her type the instant she walked into his office. She was made up tastefully and wore several rings, diamond, sapphire, emerald, all quite large. Very fleshy, he thought to himself, imagining her naked. Pulchritudinous was the term for her kind. She had come to do volunteer work for his candidate. She was bored, she didn't have to say that, he could read it in her eyes. She was hungry.
    • by Professor :...
    • The Professional, ch 2
      matilda2 zip (5k) (M/f cons sex, rom)
      Finally, the second installment of The Professional.
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Young Lesbian Passions
      ynglezbo zip (8k) (lesbian/p/t/incest/romantic)
      11 year old Brenda and her best friend discover the joys of lesbian love together. But when Judy decides she prefers boys, Brenda needs to find a new playmate. Then she meets 15 year old Teresa and her equally beautiful lesbian mom, who really know how to arouse the passions in a young girl.

      Wednesday PM, October 06, 1999

    • by The Nefarious Henchman :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Fever, ch 1
      fever1 zip (6k) (M/f, inc, yng pedo, anal)
      When the three minutes had passed, he slid the thermometer out and looked at it.     'Hmmm,' Doug said. 'It doesn't look like you have a fever. Maybe the thermometer is broken,' he mused. 'Maybe daddy should feel with his finger instead?'
    • by Snowy Owl :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Joyce, ch 1
      joyce1 zip (4k) (f, F/f, solo, mom/daut)
      Joyce was 11 when se found her daddy's porn movies. They were hidden in the attick and never touched after he died 4 years ago. She didn't know it were porn movies at first but discovered that soon enough. And then she got real interested.    So when her mother got a new boyfriend when she was barely 12 she knew what the sounds from the bedroom ment. She got even more interested and made sure she peeked a lot.
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Stepdad From Hell: The Mansion
      fromhell zip (18k) (MMMM,FF/ff dad,daut,mom,inc,pedo,anal,dog,lact,bond)
      A dark car with tinted windows drove up into the remote hills surronding a state Forest Preserve. Deep in these hills was a big estate surronded by electric fences and guarded at all times by cameras and sensors in the ground. It was impossible to get in or out without an escort. In the back seat of the car was an older man with a hood over his head. This was the only way that a client could be taken to "The Mansion" for a night of delight with a woman, girl or child of his choice....
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Teacher's Pet
      teacher zip (7k) (m/f/pedo/cons)
      Nine year old Jackie is not the most beautiful girl in her class, but she is Mr Taylor's favorite. When her beloved teacher decides it's time she lost her virginity, Jackie is glad to come along for the ride.
    • by ACTJC :...
    • Nudist Camp Twins
      camptwin zip (6k) (M/ff pedo)
      Eight year old twins Jacinta and Laura walked through the grounds of the Hideaway Nudist Camp. It was early in the holiday season and there were not many people about. Most of the people the girls saw were naked, although some were clothed, as this wasn't strictly a nudist camp, just a "clothing optional" camp. Indeed the girls themselves were wearing similar, but not identical, short summer skirts and T-shirts.

      Tuesday PM, October 05, 1999

    • by David Fields :...
    • Her Kid
      herkid1 zip (5k) (Mf / MFf / Incest)
      "I'm a dead man," he thought. However, he then noticed that Rachel too was naked! What is up with that? Then it occurred to him that someone must have been making that movie starring Jane. But her own mother?
    • by Poker :...
    • A Bluer Lagoon, part 2: Exploring
      lagoon2 zip (13k) (Mf, Mfm, pedo, oral)
      The three castaways wake up after their first night on the island and continue the task of building their new life. They find a stream and begin to bathe. Zeb takes the plunge and strips off completely in front of the two 5 year olds. Victoria soon follows suit and is romping in the water with Zeb while little Albert watches in amazement...
    • by lolitot :...
    • Mr. Deacon's Girls - Nu Sung
      nusung zip (5k) (g/g/M/M)
      Gee, I wonder what Sissy eats when Mr. Deacon takes her and her mom out to eat at a Chinese place? You know what egg drop soup looks like? Kinda looks like, I mean? (giglegiggle!!)
    • by Roman A'Clef :...
    • Prom Weekend II, ch 10
      prom10 zip (13k) (Family incest, FF)
      After sleeping with David the night before, Sue turns her eyes to his Mother.
    • by TinaS1t :...
    • Unbelievable
      unbeliev zip (19k) (M/F, M/F, MMMMM/f , Inc, w/s,pain cons)
      I can not belive I am sitting her watching my husband and five of his friends gang bang my ten-year-old Daughter. This all while my eight year old kneels and licks my pussy.
    • by Young Fox :...
    • Vinnie and Me
      vinnie zip (11k) (bbg, inc, con)
      The very first girl I fucked was ten years old and I was 13. I liked her so much I married her. Now we have a daughter who's nine. Seems that Stacy has the same precocious tastes her mother did.
    • by Pedestrian :...
    • Concession
      concess zip (12k) (M/f)
      This is Tim's account of how he had to reassess his opinion of 'perverts' after he sees first hand the behavior of Jenny, the 11 year old daughter of an old friend.
    • by Lincoln Lee :...
    • Erica
      erica zip (6k) (M/f incest)
      Erica was seated in the very back of her parents' minivan. Eventhough her parents were in the process of breaking up, they, along with her three brothers were on their way to her grandparents' house to celebrate Thanksgiving. It seemed that it was not long ago when Erica anticipated such a trip with great excitement. Last year she and her young brother sang "over the river and through the woods..." about ten billion times on the way. This year things had changed. Erica was more grown up now. Children's songs didn't work for her any longer. She was 15 and more introspective. She was very quiet and absorbed in the last pages of a cheap romance novel she had bought a few days before. It was a bit more adult in nature than she expected, but she liked it none the less.
    • by Typoman :...
    • Stranded Tina and Lisa, ch 3
      strande3 zip (20k) (M/F,F/f, M/f inc, mast, oral, sex, cons, voy, seduc)
      The next morning I awoke to the smell of bacon and coffee. Lisa had just finished up the last of the dirty dishes. While Tina was setting up the bar with plates, I was amazed to see not only orange juice and bacon, but also pancakes and coffee. The tiny studio apartment was looking a lot cleaner, except for my bedroom.
    • by AnonX :...
    • The Pool
      thepool zip (3k) (bro/sis)
      Following our bath incident my sister and I became bolder with our nudity around each other and more interested than ever in exploring each other's bodies.

      Monday PM, October 04, 1999

    • by Nomad :...
    • Alice
      alice zip (12k) (M/F anal Master/Slave)
      Alice is a young woman trying to overcome her incestuous past caused by a domineering father.      Marc is a thief who has her doctor's private papers and knows of a better way for Alice to progress.
      After School Club
      aschool zip (10k) (M/f f/f MF/f m/f bro/sis)
      "You ready to be tested?" Becky asked Sue as the tall teenager lowered the lid on the toilet and sat on it.     Standing facing the seated girl, her back to the locked door, Sue nodded and licked her lips excitedly.      "For the Club?" she asked eagerly.      "To start with, you've got to peel your knickers down and lift your skirt so I can finger your pussy," Becky told her with a giggle.
      Bound for Pleasure
      boundfor zip (21k) (MFF/f father daugh light bondage)
      Alice breaks the rules when she visits her estranged father and stepmother. Having been found out, her father submits her to a new form of punishment, only to find she enjoys it as much as he.    A further surprise awaits her when she gets home to mother.
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • The Hairdresser, part 2
      hairdre2 zip (8k) (m/F/M - oral/voyeur/mast/sex)
      After weeks of fucking her friend's 13 year old son, Lisa finally manages to arrange a weekend when her husband can be home to watch. Her husband Bob hides in their bedroom closet to watch her fuck the young boy, the sight of which makes him erupt over and over in the closet. He quickly joins his wife afterwards to savor the taste of the love juices.
    • by Young Fox :...
    • Sibling Singers
      siblings zip (24k) (mf, teen, inc, humor)
      After that Tawny and the Hardons were so big they couldn't be overlooked. Russia, Sweden, even Albania were at their feet. They gave a command performance for the Pope, in his summer palace, singing three songs including Jason's lilting rendition of the Vatican National Anthem, a period song done in falsetto with his sister miming him called "Can't Get Enough Post Sugar Crisp" and, lastly, "Ram My Butt with Your Monster Dick (Ding Dong Dilly, Dinga Dinga Dooby)" The old Pontifex Maximus tapped his gnarled fingers on his knees as the band performed. He complimented Tawny afterward on her "really hard tippies" and she let the Holy Father stroke them some before he gestured to a Cardinal even older than himself to take him back to his chambers.
    • by Griffin :...
    • Amber
      amber1 zip (3k) (M/f incest)
      Fear. I can get the heart pumping unlike any exercise. This goes through my mind as I feel my heart race looking into the bedroom of a sleeping 12yo. Her parents are asleep in the room across the hall. Her door is open as it always is and I can see her wrapped in her blanket.     I have spent many nights here, sleeping on the couch. These are friends of mine and I have been spying on their daughter for a number of years now. I know her to be a deep sleeper.
      The Trip
      thetrip zip (6k) (M/f incest)
      Her name is Alexandria, Alex for short. She was my new stepdaughter and she was 10yo.     We had left on a trip from Kansas to Texas and back. It was her mother (my new wife), Alex and I. We were going down to pick up a car and go right back. On the way back Alex wanted to ride with me instead of her mom. It all started with a $1 bet that I couldn't tickle her and make her laugh. It was the best dollar I ever spent.
    • by Angel Starr :...
    • Acey's Hunky Unkie
      hunkyunk zip (11k
      It had been a very hot day on the Australian coast, and Michael was not happy about the heat. Both outside and inside. For you see, his ten yr old niece Acey had come for a weekend visit. It was a holiday and her parents wanted to have some time for themselves.     Acey was a bubbly, inquisitive girl and she always seemed to get get what she wanted. She wasn't a brat mind you, just...well...with men Acey had a way of wrapping her little finger around them. Her Uncle Michael was definitely no acceptation and she knew why.
    • by TheHornyOne :...
    • Schoolplay, part 4
      school4 zip (7k) (fffffff lesbian young)
      Six second-graders were at Elisa's birthday party, and a sleepover. What started as a "truth and dare", soon developed to:    "A total dare!" she said triumphant.    They all sucked in their breath. This meant she dared them all. If any of them refused the dare, Tina got to spank all their butts!     "I totally dare you... to ..." she waited, enjoying the tension in the air.      "To take of all your clothes, except your panties!" she announced.     "OOHHH!!" it sounded from all sides.    They all looked at each other. Take of all their clothes, just not their panties! On the other hand, some time tonight they would have to change into their nighties anyway, so...    Elisa, allways the naughtiest of the bunch, was the first to start taking her clothes of. One after the other, the girls all followed her lead.     T-shirts flew through the air, shorts and skirts were pulled down,...    In the end, all girls wore nothing more then their innocent looking panties; white ones, or with a cartoon on it, with flowers, butterflies,...
    • by AnonX :...
    • The Bath
      thebath zip (3k) (bro/sis)
      Our parents were out for the night, our baby brother was finally asleep and my sister and had 20 minutes to take our baths before our favorite show started.

      Sunday PM, October 03, 1999

    • by lolitot :...
    • Mr. Deacon's Girls - Beccy, part 2
      beccy2 zip (6k) (g/g/M)
      I bet you just gotta know what happened in the tent, after Beccy learned how to suck Mr. Deacon's cock, huh? And what happened when Sissy went over to Beccy's house yesterday? (giggle!!)
    • by Madhatter113 :...
    • Daddies Boy, ch 6
      daddy6 zip (7k) (gg,bg,br/sis,inc)
      Her cunt was so tight she could have cracked nuts with it. I felt the tight ring of her vagina slowly squeeze the blood from the glans of my cock softening it a little, before swallowing it a little deeper. I resisted the urge to tense and make it expand again, I wanted to allow her to absorb as much as she could before I began stretching her sideways.
    • by David Fields :...
    • The Family Four
      famfour1 zip (13k) (Mom / Dad / Son / Dau)
      I started thinking about Dave, as a father and a husband. He has always been good and loving, never gave the sign to me that he was this kinky or wild. Something extreme must have happened; something unleashed idea and once loose ran through me like the bulls in Pamplona. It was not one thing specifically, maybe it was the stories, maybe that damn Mr Double for having such a hot and sexy web site providing me this catalyst that released this lust from my mind causing Dave and I to break this normally taboo barrier to be so bad and wicked and fulfill our wildest sexual desires. We are actually considering having sex with our own young children.
    • by Kitten :...
    • "Mommy, I was thinking can Aunt Frannie babysit us tonight?"
      mommy zip (4k) (F/m/m/m/Mother/Son/His Friends)
      I looked at my young son knowing what he was thinking. He had just been introduced to Frannie, introduced into the world of shemales. Frannie had picked me up in a bar, she had a secret under her skirt that was about 9 inches long.
    • by Pedros :...
    • Mrs Brent's Milk
      mrsmilk zip (15k) (F/m/m pedo inc lact)
      "Tommy and his best friend, Sergio, set a plan so they can get to watch Tommy's mum breast feed the new baby. Things get out of hand, by their design, and they end up doing much more than having a drink of milk! Little did they know that Mrs Brent had a secret or two of her own!"
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • A Real Family Affair
      realfam zip (15k) (M/f/m/F dad,daut,bro,sis inc)
      The room was dark except for the flickering of the TV. Connie was watching a porno movie she had found in her parents bedroom. She was on the bed naked and playing with her self as she watched. Her dark hair was spread over the pillow and the hairs around her pussy were just as dark. She loved to do this. Rubbing her fingers on her hard little clit always made her whole body feel good.
    • by Maxamm :...
    • Taking Care Of Tami
      takecare zip (7k) (m/f/bro/sis/pedo)
      Marty's idea of babysitting his six year old sister is to invite two of his friends over to have sex with the little girl. But Tami isn't the only one in for a surprise tonight.
    • by Skaidan :...
    • Sentimientos mutuos
      sentimie zip (6k) (m/F, incest)
      Carmen estaba sentada como de costumbre en el salón de su casa.Eran más de las diez de la noche de un sábado lluvioso de otoño y le apetecía ver la televisión, aunque no pusieran nada interesante.Desde su separación, Carmen se había convertido en una mujer bastante solitaria y con poco contacto con el exterior, salvo aquél al que su trabajo en una tienda la obligaba.En realidad, siempre había sido una mujer algo tímida e independiente, pero ahora apenas iba a ningún sitio y prefería quedarse en casa entregada a sus aficiones, la mayor parte de las cuales no requerían ningún desplazamiento.

      Saturday PM, October 02, 1999

    • by Ted :...
    • The Awakening of a Young Boy, ch 11
      awaken11 zip (16k) (mf/mm/very young/incest/cons)
      The family reunion continues with a trip to the barn and a surprising sleepover with his male cousin.
    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Becky
      beckyd zip (67k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
      I finally graduated from high school just in time for the 90's recession. I was really anxious to get a job because my mother had remarried a cowboy from eastern Montana and had only left me enough money to last a couple of months. If I didn't get a job to support myself in that time I would have to leave Seattle to live with them. I hated the idea! He had a ranch way out in the boonies and I knew I would be terrifically bored. I was a city girl and had no intention of walking in cow shit. I was really getting discouraged I had found that I was only qualified for part-time jobs in fast food restaurants with just my education and no experience.
      betha zip (40k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
      People can't control their lives. Their lifestyle, desires. and success or lack of it are the whim of fate. My story is a case in point.      I was born and raised on a small farm in Eastern Washington as an only child of my parents Herb and Louise. My parents and I lived comfortably on my Father's income from the ranch and my Mother's income as a school teacher in Ellensburg. I was very proud of my parents and planned to become a schoolteacher in the footsteps of my Mom.
      bethd zip (61k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
      My school finally decided we were old enough for a course in Sex Education. I enrolled in the hopes I could find out why I was so horny all the time. I swear that if I was a boy I would have a hard-on constantly. In spite of nightly masturbation I could only come about once or twice a week which created a lot of frustration. I began to get a reputation for being bitchy.      Sex Ed. turned out to be just a morals lecture with no real information. The nun harped on about the dangers of sex before marriage and the lie that sex was just a necessary evil to have children. I took the whole thing with a grain of salt and managed to keep from laughing at the girls who took the lectures seriously.
    • by Keyman :...
    • Jennifer's Voyeur Dad, ch 2
      jennife2 zip (7k) (M/f/F Dad/Mom/Dau Inc)
      The following morning at the breakfast table Frank gazed at his daughter who was quietly eating her cereal. He her watched the spoon enter her mouth, he remember depositing a mixture of sperm and pussy juice on her lips while she slept last night. His dick hardened at the thought and he paradoxically asked his daughter if she had slept well. Jennifer remembering the strange dream and the strange flavor on her lips answered, "Daddy I slept well but I had a weird dream." Frank his curiosity stirred inquired, "What was the dream about?" Jennifer eyes widening answered, "Oh Daddy it was a personal dream." Frank laughed "I guess it was about boys." He said smiling. Jennifer was not about to tell her father that in the dream she was playing with herself and had cum, it seemed so real, she thought to herself. Frank watched as his daughter put her bowl and spoon in the dishwasher. Bending over he was again treated to the sight of her young pre-teen ass; she still had not put on panties. Frank joked, "Hey Jenny I can see your butt." Jenny blushing exclaimed, "Daddy! You're embarrassing me."
    • by Professor :...
    • Katie's Continuing Sex Education, ch 3
      katie3 zip (5k) (M/g pedo)
      The next day Katie stayed home from school and spent the morning and early afternoon watching videos. By Friday, Katie had watched a half-dozen more videos. Many of them were similar to the one she had watched that first afternoon. The biggest difference was the participants. Stacy and Rick were just two of a dozen other participants that she had watched fuck on the videos.     She wished she knew some of the other participants. Unfortunately, Stacy and Rick were the only ones Katie recognized. But then, she wasn't sure when the videos were made.
    • by Timmy :...
    • Elizabeth, ch 1
      lizbeth1 zip (5k) (bbg/g cousins, incest)
      Twelve-year-old Elizabeth has "grown up" over the winter. She'll grow up even more this summer, whether she wants to or not.

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  • waiting~~~waiting~~~waiting~~~waiting~~~waiting~~~waiting~~~waiting~~~waiting

    waiting for you to...
    come along
    waiting for you to...
    hear my song
    waiting for you to...
    come along
    waiting for you to tell me
    what went wrong

    this is the strangest life I've ever known

    can't you feel it
    now that spring has come
    that it's time to live
    in the scattered sun...


    "Waiting For The Sun", as written by Jim Morrison & performed by The Doors

    (this album, Morrison Hotel, available at

  • Can't allocate available TCP listen port for incoming (or outgoing) event. ...

      Question is:

        I've had ICQ for three years without any problems. I downloaded the new 99b and now I can't send File Transfers or ICQ e-mail. When I tried to send a file (and receive, both same) I get this message: Can't allocate available TCP listen port for incoming (or outgoing) event.

      Answer is:

        IF you are using Windows95 AND IE4 or less OR Netscape.

          The File Transfer problem is related to two dll files not self registering when you install 99b. You need the latest version of DCOM to register them successfully.* Here is the procedure:

          1.) Download and install DCOM 1.3 for Windows95

          2.) Reboot

          3.) Re-install ICQ. Re-installation will re-create the ICQ files AND re-register ALL the dll's.

      *Thx to Roberto Pinna

      more about ICQ & the doubleChat room...

  • additional ICQ components: ...

      ICQ Toolkit -- CNET ....a list of fifteen free or inexpensive helpers to make ICQ even more useful

  • The manufacturers of KY Jelly have announced that their product is now fully Year 2000 compliant.

    In the light of this they have now renamed it as: 'Y2KY Jelly'.

    Said a spokesman: "The main benefit of this revision to our product is that you can now insert four digits into your date instead of two"

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