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    September 04th - September 10th mid-Morning Updates

      Flowers On the Wall

      On Friday PM, September 10, 1999

    • by lolitot :...
    • More Than A Mouthful
      mouthful zip (4k) (g/M)
      Just a little quickie for all you horny Daddies out there! Auntie said I should tell you guys to only use one hand! An' don't get too close to the keyboard! That stuff is real sticky and kinda hard to get off'a the keys ...!
    • by AnaLover :...
    • Daddy's Naughty Girl
      naughty zip (8k) (M/f dad/daut)
      Id like you to lie face-down over my desk, your lovely bare breasts pressed against the wood, and reach back to hold the beautiful cheeks of your bottom open. I dont intend to spank you, but I do think you should be punished for your naughtiness, dont you, Bobbi?
    • by Rick Roll :...
    • Ladies Night Out
      nightout zip (11k) (F/M/F/F/F - light bondage/oral/sex)
      When one of four roommates from college decides to get married, her remaining three friends decide to get her laid one last time. They get a hunk of a stripper with a massive cock to do the honors, and he is more than ready to share his length with all four girls.
    • by cozmo cookieman :...
    • Emily Has Seconds, part 1
      seconds1 zip (11k) (M/g, pedo, cons, pre-teen dope smokin') was yet another sweltering afternoon, soon to be made even more so, thanks to my little friend Emily. Nine-year-old Emily, along with her older, more worldly friend Lottie, had dubbed themselves the "Ice Cream Girls," meaning it to have no small amount of sexual innuendo attached to it.
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Swimming With Venus
      swimming zip (9k) (M/f teen sex/anal)
      15 going on 21 year old Cassi, always in control when she seduces men, meets her match with an older man. Swimming with him in his pool she seduces him but then learns she has to play by his rules if she swims in his pool. They have hot sex but not the way she expected.......
    • by Lisa :...New Author.!.!.!
    • First time
      1sttime zip (7k) (m/f bro/sis incest)
      When I chat a lot of people want me to tell them about my "first time". It is hard to decide sometimes what was my first sexual experience. I assume most people want to know about the first time that I had intercourse, but I always remember my "first time" as an experience that did not involve intercourse. It was however the first time a boy ever gave me an orgasm and the first time that I gave a boy an orgasm, (that I know about).
    • by TheHornyOne :...
    • Addicted to sex, ch 3
      addict3 zip (6k) (Ffff)
      When Carol hears voices coming from the hay-loft at the stables, she goes and checks it out...And finds three sexy young girls at play...

      Thursday PM, September 09, 1999

    • by Typoman :...
    • 10 Year Teresa, ch 1-3
      10yo1_3 zip (40k) (M/f ped,oral,first time)
      My wife tells me that the little girl three doors down the block had gotten into trouble. She tried to make the neighbor girls take their clothes off. I figure that her father had been abusing her. one day we invited her to eat lunch with us, she and my two boys were swimming in my back yard. Getting brave, I let my prick creep out of my shorts. I drop my fork and kick it towards her. She sees my prick when I ask her to get my fork. A small nod of my head keeps her from saying anything. Later she comes over to swim while my wife and kids are out......
      Verde Hot Springs
      verde zip (12k) (M/f/f nudist Interracial,voy,oral,First times)
      A "wild man" who lives off the land seduces two lovely black girls after he catches them watching a nude couple making love.
    • by JohnFitz :...
    • Don't Quarrel Over the Gameboy!
      gameboy zip (15k) (M/g.M/b,nc,inc(forced),anal,oral,bdsm)
      If 12-year-old Charlie and 10-year-old Lisa had not distracted their father, he would not have taken his eyes off the road, the crash would never have happened, they would not have been taken captive and the whole terrible ordeal would have been avoided.
    • by Mr. O :...
    • Monica's Interview
      monica zip (5k) (m/m/m/m/m/m/f interracial/group)
      Monica was to do an interview on racial tensions for the collage news paper. She meets Ron a black guy more than willing to help Monica with her interview.
      Grandpa's Naughty Thoughts
      naughty zip (8k) (M/F vry yng/inc)
      Alice called and said she was dropping of 6 year old Kimberly for 4 days. What transpires are the thoughts and actions of a dirty ole'man. he he he
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Sunny, part 5
      sunny5 zip (5k) (M/f/m, M/m, oral, anal, nc, rough)
      Eleven year old Marianne's crush on her fourteen year old cousin Sunny proved to be her downfall as the big, blond farm boy popped her cherry in the hayloft during the 4th of July celebration...and that's not all he taught her about her body that summer...and he learned a few things too...from the hired hand, Melvin Enjoy this last (?) chapter of that summer of fun and games and larnin.
    • by Poker :...
    • Stiffteen And Sweetlips, part 8
      sweet8 zip (7k) (Mff, pedo, 1st)
      Seeing her little girl up on the screen convinces Amanda that she wants to be involved in the website. The money was still coming in but it was time to shake things up again. Janet asks when 5 year old Judy will have "proper sex" and the subject of the next set of pictures is decided in a flash!

      Wednesday PM, September 08, 1999

    • by Amber Gold :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Daddy's Little Angel
      lilangel zip (8k) (M/f dad/daut. inc)
      On a very hot night 14 year old Tawny is awakened by a flash of lighting and clap of thunder. Running to her daddy's bedroom she squirms next to him wearing only panties. Daddy was sleeping nude. What happens next is an incredable act that changes both of them forever.
    • by Mikey :...
    • Another Day at the Beach, part 2
      beach2 zip (11k) (Mf, inc, M/b, b/b, g/b cons)
      Inge and I napped a bit, then gathered ourselves up to head back. I needed to visit David, who's son had been such a wonderful host when I'd first arrived. I wanted to see Rebecca and Billie too. Inge smiled understandingly when I explained all this to her, and kissed me lightly when we arrived back at my cabana. I watched her walk away down the beach, following the rhythm of her tight ass. It was well past noon and I was hungry. Nonetheless, I walked down the steps of my porch and proceeded down the beach in the opposite direction, toward David's cabana.
    • by Typoman :...
    • New years Eve Busboy Party
      newyears zip (6k) (m/f/f grope, oral)
      My friend and I are working at a steakhouse during the new years eve party. A girl comes into the kitchen to find more champagne...
      My New Sitter and the Battle with the Red Ants
      redants zip (7k) (f/m mutual mast semi non-cons )
      My neighbor is my usual sitter. This time her daughter had to watch me. While I'm outside playing, I resume my long time battle with the communist bastard red ants. They crawl up my legs and all bite me at once. I run to my sitter in terror, she has to take all my clothes off....
      Stranded Tina and Lisa
      stranded zip (14k) (M/F/f voy, incest story swapping, oral, ped, Unfinished)
      I'm heading back home from a long trip. I rescue a 19 year old and her little sister who's car has bit the bullet. We swap stories on the way home and become lovers, her little sister sees me looking at her sister taking a shower and gives me a show. As hard as I'm trying to not give in, i don't think I can hold out much longer from this little vixen.
    • by lolitot :...
    • Playing Special Games, ch 3
      playing3 zip (6k) (g/g/M)
      "Bateries not included", 'cept George already had a good supply, and he's gonna need'em, 'cause Jenny an' Lyn are cuming over to his house again today!
    • by Kay Andrews :...
    • Strap-On Mom, ch 5-8
      strap5_8 zip (12k) (b/F/F)
      Little Bobby has a big surprise for his mother, and her friend! Little boys get into all sorts of things, but very few are this lucky!
    • by BP :...
    • What Did Grandpa And Grandma Do To Mom?
      whatdid zip (17k) (Incest, MFFm, impreg, inject)
      Life is full of surprises and one summer I got the biggest of my life. When school let out that June, I thought it was just going to be another typical summer. For a month or so we would go and visit Grandma and Grandpa. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't mind visiting them. Their house was out in the country on a lake next to a big horse farm.     Sometimes Dad would spend a week or two with us but most of the time he stayed home and worked. That summer he was working on a big project and told us there was no way he could take any time off. Mom pleaded with him to come up but let it drop when he reminded her how much money was riding on that project.
    • by silent killer :...
    • My visit to the Netherlands
      nether zip (3k
      The first instance came during a trip to one of Amsterdam's many wonderful art museums. In each room there are benches for exhausted art lovers to sit upon, but there is also a single chair near one of the doorways where the security guards can also sit and rest. In one room I encountered a tired Dutch family sitting on one of the benches -- a mom, a dad, and a young son, maybe 10 or 11. The security guard was standing in front of them talking with them (I don't know what he was saying -- I don't speak Dutch). And, over to the left, their daughter, who was perhaps 6 or 7 years old, was sitting in the security guard's chair against the wall. Her feet were on the edge of the chair, her knees were drawn up to her chest, and her right hand was plunged into her shorts. She was very obviously masturbating. And no one in her family seemed to care. She had a lovely, devilish grin on her face and did not bother to stop diddling herself even when I stared directly at her for four or five seconds before forcing myself to look away.
    • by Sergdriver :...
    • videocatalogue -1
      video1 zip (14k) (MM/fff pedo rape extreme)
      . 1

      Tuesday PM, September 07, 1999

    • by Typoman :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Two Cherries
      2cherrys zip (10k) (m/f M/f First times, true)
      This is a true story about taking the cherries of two of my girlfriends The first was also a first for me (Bad experience) and my second girlfriend and now wife (good experience)
      Feelups at Big Surf
      feelups zip (7k) (m/f m/f grope, mutual mast)
      My friend and I are at the water park having a great time getting feels from the girls. Dan accidently gets a litle too carried away. I end up with a willing girl to explore.
      Kelly and her Little Sister
      kelly zip (30k) (M/F/f femdom,inc,drug, mild non-cons)
      She picked me up at a laundromat. I was caught looking at this dominant bi redhead. I had to show this bi -woman just what a man could do, So I turned the tables on her and gave her the ride of her life. the next day we went to her apartment where I met her little sister.....Unfinished story.
    • by Lutwidge :...
    • Dad's Girls Go Swimming
      dadgirls zip (13k) (M/ff inc)
      John and his wife had two little girls, Jan ten, and Sara, eight years old. The girls were very cute, looking much like their mother, with long blond hair and soft blue eyes. John loved his family, and they were quite happy. His wife got a call one night about her parents. Her father was sick, and her mother wanted her to come and stay for a while, helping her with her father. Rhonda and John discussed it, and they agreed that she would stay for a few weeks with her parents. She left the next morning, and John and the girls watched her drive away. It was summer, so there was no school for the girls, and John being a fourth grade teacher, was also off for the summer. He would be able to spend a lot of time with his girls.
    • by LordC :...
    • A Pass Through Dalek
      dalek zip (9k) (M/f)
      Another shortie, this time set in the era of Sword & Sorcery. No battle scenes, sorry. :)
    • by Lil N :...
    • Teasing Niece, part 1
      teasing zip (6k) (M/f, pedo)
      Jack sat down on the picnic bench and took a deep breath. She was teasing him again. Jack had no idea as to how much he could take. After all.....he was only human. He shifted his seating position on the hard wooden bench, hoping that the erection filling out the crotch of his pants would not be noticed by anyone at the company picnic.     He had brought his niece to the picnic. He figured that since she was an only child and a latch key kid she would like the company and attention. He adored his niece. Casey was a shy 12 year old, beautiful with long blonde hair and the bluest eyes he had ever seen.
    • by Wild At Heart :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Trying To Reform A Bad Girl
      badgirl zip (8k) (Mf(teen), school, light control)
      Rebecca had had a somewhat chequered educational career. She was smart but she had an astounding ability to get into trouble. Some of the things she had done were on reflection a trifle foolish, but they had been fun at the time. She had been to seventeen different schools and she had been asked to leave all of them. The liberal minded would suggest that perhaps being orphaned at the age of six and placed in boarding school had made it difficult for her to adjust. She was after all a poor little rich girl. The not so liberal minded would suggest that she was just trouble with a capital T.
      Medieval Cousins
      medieval zip (6k) (MF, inc)
      Isabella had been sent to the quiet country town when she was six years old. Before then she had lived with her mother in Venice. She was sent to the country to live with her uncle, a prosperous wool merchant and her aunt in their comfortable home. Her mother wanted her to experience family life. Her cousins were all boys. Three of them were great strapping lads - one bound for the Duke's service, one for the monastery and one learning the trade from his father. Her fourth cousin Antonio was seven and they played, squabbled and occasionally got up to mischief.
    • by Spangles Muldoon :...
    • The Psychedelic Affair
      affair zip (7k
      You might have called us a garage band, except that none of us had a garage and we weren't much of a band. We were just a group of very bored junior high guys with no talent and big aspirations that we each knew would never come true. We were all in a similar situation to one degree or another. We were all stuck in a nothing, dead end town, we were all relatively poor, we all lived on the poor side of town, and we were all misfits.
      Beach Rape
      beach zip (6k
      I was working for the Coast Guard and was based in North Carolina. While I liked my job, the location left quite a bit to be desired. On the good side, though, I was seldom there, as I had to travel between twenty two Coast Guard Air Stations, so I was on the go a great deal. Sometimes it was on commercial airliners, sometimes on Coast Guard aircraft. It was late afternoon on a Tuesday when I was told I had to go to Puerto Rico the next morning. Short notice travel was a way of life with them, and it became a way of life with me. The plan was to be gone for two days.
    • by Mkarl :...
    • Mom Helps With HomeWork II: First Times
      momhelp2 zip (9k) (F/m/f/f/M/M/lez/hetro-oral/rape fantasy/con father-daughter])
      Continuing roughly where Mom Helps With HomeWork one left off, this time the child wants to find out all about mom's little girl adventures, and the helpful mom tells all... what a slut.

      Monday PM, September 06, 1999

    • by BOBBYLOVE :...
    • Allan & Joanne
      allan zip (5k) (m/f incest)
      A true story of two young cousins that discover there feelings for each other I met Allan in Double chat and he asked me to write it for him so here goes.
      Samantha little love Goddess
      goddess zip (5k
      This is a short story and it is dedicated to, and inspired by a little Goddess I know.
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Mary Has Her Own Little Lambs, part 8
      marymar8 zip (6k) (M/f, f/b (toddler boy), oral, anal, beast, preg)
      George Watson had kidnapped a beautiful two-year-old, his darling Mary, from a shopping center in Glendale, California nearly thirteen years earlier. Now they were married and having babies together. Baby Georgie had become a wonderful treat for both of them. Mary had also developed quite an attraction to her now grown dog, Ruffy. All in all, life had turned out pretty good for the reclusive Lamb family, especially with fifteen-year-old Mary breeding once again.
      Taken For A Ride, part 8
      taken8 zip (5k) (M/F, B&D, S&M, rough sex including rape, anal, drugs, preg, nc)
      adventure of her life.
    • by sniffer :...
    • Nicole, part 8
      nicole10 zip (7k) (M/f pedo watersport cons)
      After a long shower, we drove back to her mother's place. We played innocent games until her mother arrived. Nicole was a perfect actor. She was the nice and bright child, laughing happily, hugging her mom, sitting on my lap and when I left, she innocently kissed my cheeks and waved goodbye. Janet came out to my car.     "Tom," she said. "That's magic! I've never seen her so happily before. What did you do?"     "Well we had a very good time together and with her friends. We played a lot. I think she likes it to have an adult friend."

      Sunday PM, September 05, 1999

    • by Mr. O :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Daddy Fixes All
      dadfixes zip (4k) (M/F dad/yng daut/inc/oral)
      My wife had told me that our daughter had been playing with her self alot. Well it all came to a head one night.
    • by Ted :...
    • The Awakening of a Young Boy, ch 7
      awaken7 zip (17k) (mf/very young/cons)
      Ted spends the day with Rowena who tells him how it all started with her.
    • by Silk :...
    • House Guest - Donna
      donna zip (8k) (M/f)
      I collect "house guests" - young, sexy, women who I can take advantage of. Never under fourteen, never over nineteen. I find them, gain their trust, take them home, and then make sure they "pay rent" for it. And boy do I charge high fees, most are very willing, a few take some coaxing, and one needed real pain before she was bedded. Here's how I picked one of my very best guests, Donna. Sweet, blonde, innocent Donna - she became one of my semi-permanent house guests, finally helping me coax new ones to my bed. But here's how it all started with her.
    • by Double V :...
    • It Happened On a Greyhound
      happen1 zip (7k) (M/f, pedo, oral, cons)
      I was on a greyhound bus coming back from a meeting that went sour and we had just pulled out of the last station. I was getting ready to go back to my dreams, and a nice nap. As I placed my head against the pillow I had propped up on the window I heard a little voice     "Mister can I sit here." I looked over to see this little girl that was around seven or eight it looked like, and she added. "This is the only seat left back here, and I can't stand to sit up front."
      Marianne and Michelle
      mariann1 zip (19k) (M/F/f,Incest, pedo, oral, fetish, drug use)
      My cock began to twitch in my pants as I saw her take in the lung full of perfumed smoke. She held it in for a minute before finally exhaling it out into a stream above her head. Some of the smoke drifted my way and I smelled the familiar smell of many years ago. As she was taking another drag off the joint I heard some feet shuffle behind me and then heard a little girls voice say.     Hello mommie how was work?
    • by Keyman :...
    • Lynn Gets Her Man, ch 1
      lynnget1 zip (9k) (ffF/m Inc)
      Lynn had returned home from her Uncle's house a changed young lady. Her sexual awakening at her own and Uncle's hands was fresh in her mind. Lynn could be described as the typical 12-year-old; boyish shaped body just starting to turn into a young woman. Her face was cute and her short haircut just heightened the special sex appeal those preteens possess. Her newly emerged tits were orange sized bumps with large cone shaped nipples adorning them. Her ass was changing from a boyish shape to a more rounded female type ass. Her legs were still coltish but they too were beginning to develop. But best of all was her cunt. It still possessed the puffy lips of little girl, but now a little tuft of brownish curls resided at the top of her pussy; her lips were still devoid of hair. The crowning glory was one of the biggest clits anyone had ever seen, at least two inches long, it was like a little penis placed at the top of her cunt crack.
    • by lolitot :...
    • Playing Special Games, ch 2
      playing2 zip (7k) (g/g/M)
      Get ready, 'cause Jenny and Lyn get a new toy to play with! Oh! Aren't these two just sooo much fun?!
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Taken For A Ride, part 7
      taken7 zip (4k) (M/F, B&D, S&M, rough sex including rape, anal, drugs, preg, nc)
      adventure of her life
    • by Jimyh :...
    • Ms. Farmer's Private Lessons
      msfarm1 zip (22k) (FF/M - with more to cum!)
      Kristen Farmer was a lusciously built young woman; not beautiful in the "classic" sense, yet she was a knock-out. Lustrous brown hair and blue eyes set her apart immediately. It was a stunning combination. Her body caused admirers to dribble: High, firm, 34-C (C for "Christ!") on a slender - jealous detractors said skinny - 5'7" frame made her look far bustier than she really was. (One of her college friends called her Sigourny Weaver with REAL tits.) In addition, she had an ass that could stop a train! "Impudent" would be a good way to describe those taut globes. When she was wearing heels, which she frequently did, her brother said watching her butt move was like watching two tomcats fighting in a burlap bag!

      Saturday PM, September 04, 1999

    • by Duncan McCloud :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Eden Bay, ch 1-2
      eden1_2 zip (32k) (F/F,F/f,M/f,M/F,inc,Mast,Preg,Pedo)
      Hunter Grant was seated, naked, at the computer trying figure out how to start the history of Eden bay when he is interupted by his daughter and his grand-daughter. "Are you going to initiate me this Saturday, Megan askes getting her grandfather's lap. "Only if your mother wants me too," he answers. "Of course I do," beth answers. "Wait till I tell my girlfriends," the naked 11-year says and runs out of the room.
    • by Mkarl :...
    • Dark Desires III: White Woman's HornyMoon
      hornymoo zip (13k) (F/m+/honeymoon/rape/preg/interacial)
      The Dark Desires label should be enough to warn all but the most sophisticated of perverts to tread with caution when choosing to view this work; but for those with the courage and desire to risk the dark-side expored with-in, I bid you all to read White Woman's Horny-Moon From Hell.
    • by Allene Blake :...
    • Loving Him
      lovinhim zip (3k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
      Mike had taken me out to a lobster dinner then we hurried home so he could watch one of his dumb basketball games. I sat in my favorite position between his legs with my cheek resting on his nice warm thigh. I began thinking of our adventures and how wonderful he was and began looking up at his handsome craggy face adoringly.    He must have felt my eyes because he looked down at me and said    "What?"    "I was just thinking how much I love you."
      The Stepchild
      stepchil zip (33k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
      I must have been born under an unlucky star. I was an only child because I had torn up Mom so bad in childbirth she couldn't have another. If the guilt from that wasn't bad enough she died of ovarian cancer when I was ten. Naturally I thought that was my fault too and was heartbroken.      Daddy tried to console me and that made me transfer all my love to him. I really tried to replace Mom. I kept the house clean and washed his clothes but unfortunately I couldn't cook worth a damn. I went on the simple philosophy that "If you can't fry it. Fuck it."
      uncle zip (5k) (M/f/F spanking, humiliation)
      I was staying with my uncle for the summer while my folks were in europe. They had made it plain that I should be a good girl and that Uncle was the old fashioned type who may spank me if wasn't. I had already received a spanking from him but it wasn't that bad. Unlike being grounded the spanking was over quickly and I had the satisfaction of his hug afterwards to know I had been forgiven.
    • by Maggoo :...
    • Massive Fuck, ch 1
      massive1 zip (5k) (teen m/f young)
      All I wanted to do was fuck her. She was so damn gorgeous. Just 14 too. She wanted it bad. I knew it. She didn't have a boyfriend so I knew she wasn't getting laid on a regular basis. I wondered if she had ever been fucked before.
      The Party People
      party zip (12k) (teen f/f m/f)
      Cindi was on the bottom, with her head towards me. As I watched in an ever-growing state of arousal, she tugged and massaged on Holly's pussy lips as she wiggled her tongue over that tiny, tart love-button. Cindi's slipped a few fingers into Holly's snatch and began to slide them in and out. I heard faint squelching noises as Holly's hot box opened and closed around Cindi's hand, coating it with her sweet cream.
      Young Pussy Club, ch 1-5
      young1_5 zip (23k) (m/f teen 1st)
      Dana laid down on the cushions we had brought up from some oldcouch and spread her legs. Gazing down at her pussy my heart was beating a mile a minute. I sank down between her legs.
    • by Keyman :...
    • Paula Preteen Model, ch 2
      paula2 zip (10k) (M/f/F Beast)
      When we last left Paula she had just watched her mother and her dog engage is a little Human/Canine Love. Watching from her hiding place she had seen her beloved doggie licking her mother in all the right places. Then after her mother had climaxed, she had watched as her mom had jerked Bozo off in a wanton display of lust, after which our little canine hero had let loose with a huge quantity canine cum. Paula watched as her mother had licked doggie cum off her hand. This had caused Paula, who had been rubbing her little hairless pussy to come for the first time in her life. Afterwards a satisfied mother, inquisitive Daughter and very happy doggie had gone to sleep to dream of more orgasms. Now we return to our story as Paula awakens the next morning and gets ready to go to Lenny's house for her first video lesson.
    • by Kay Andrews :...
    • Strap-On Mom, ch 1-4
      strap1_4 zip (11k) (b/F (mom/son +))
      Bobby's mother discovers the special pleasures that a mom can give to a very young boy, and what he'll do in return. When her girlfriend catches them, well ..., see for yourself!
      Lessons, ch 6 & 7
      lesso6_7 zip (8k) (previous post in error)
      The transformation of little Sally - and her mother - continues as they turn into a couple of irrestible little sluts, right before her eyes ...
    • by Poker :...
    • Stiffteen And Sweetlips, part 7
      sweet7 zip (8k) (ff, Mff, pedo, oral)
      After admitting to herself that she enjoys having sex with little girls, Amanda takes her 5 year old daughter, Judy, up to London to stay with Debbie, David and Janet. The first thing she wants to see is the website. Judy sees the pictures too and wants the chance to do what Janet was doing up on the screen. It doesn't take long before the camera is rolling once more!
    • by ftimm1 :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Ein wahres Erlebniss
      erlebnis zip (12k) (M/F dad/mom/inc)
      Warum bringst Du nicht Deinem Sohn was bei...der ist doch auch jung und sicher auch geil... Britta wrde gerne auch mal mit Ihm ficken......!! Wir beide wussten gar nichts zu antworten und schnappten nach Luft...doch die beiden redeten immer weiter und liessen gar keine Widerrede zu....Pltzlich sagte meine...: Das wre so als wenn Hans Eure Tochter Jessi ficken wrde, oder.

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  • Countin'~flowers~on~the~wall~~~That~don't~bother~me~at~all

    It's good to see you, I must go, I know I look a fright
    Anyway my eyes are not accustomed to this light
    And my shoes are not accustomed to this hard concrete
    So I must go back to my room and make my day complete


    ("Flowers On the Wall", words and music by Lewis DeWitt, performed by The Statler Brothers )

  • Wake up Call.... where will you wake up in the morning...?.?.?

      ...another question about "Waking up" (not to replace a lawyer's advice)

        Question: I am an adult and I enjoy viewing legal images of other adults in the nude or having sex with other adults. I download these images from the Newsgroups. What happens *if* I inadvertantly download an illegal image? I never know until I open and view the image if it is legal or not. What to do...?.?.?

        Answer: Become familiar with the regular posters of legal images, skip the rest. When viewing the post of a new poster to the NGs, first "launch" the attachment, this will keep the image from being copied to yet another location on your harddrive. Save to disk after you can determine it is legal. Stay away from newsgroups labeled "pre-teen", "children", etc. These groups most likely contain illegal images.

        Question: What to do if I accidentally view or download a mis-labeled image that I thought was legal, and the image turned out to be illegal...?.?.?

        Answer: Delete the undesireable image from your disk immediately. This includes the following areas: Your newsreader's header and file "saved" location on disk; your swap file; and any place you may have saved the attachment. To double-check, search all your drives for image extensions with "jpg", "gif", "bmp", "avi" & "mpg". Remember, your ISP (your news feed provider) maintains records of *all* downloads from newsgroups they provide. They are legally obligated to notify law enforcement of any illegal activity. Once a law enforcement agency is notified of possible illegal activity, they then have *probable cause* to obtain a search warrant to seize your PC...

        Question: I am fairly computer illiterate, I don't know how to delete all these areas of my disk. I downloaded an image I thought was legal and it turned out to be illegal. What to do...?.?.?

        Answer: Best to learn....but, if you make a conscience effort (the best you can, as viewed by a jury) to delete all areas you are aware of, then you stand a better chance of defending yourself. The more areas on your disk that happen to contain undesireable images you thought were deleted will make it harder for your lawyer to defend. Use programs like "bcwipe" (at to clean ALL areas of deleted files.

        Question: Aren't non-sexual nude images of minors legal...?.?.?

        Answer: Technically yes....but, this will not help your lawyer defend you if a legal situation arises.

        Question: How can it be that my ISP/news feed provider can post illegal images to newsgroups, yet I can be arrested for downloading the illegal images, even if by accident...?.?.? Isn't this entrapment...?.?.?

        Answer: ISPs/news feed providers are *exempt* from responsibility for the content they provide.

        Hint: Best to *not* download every attachment in newsgroups...some people have fast DSL connections and configure their newsreader to not only download every header, but to also download *all* attachments (not a good idea).

        Hint: Best to purge (delete) your newsreader's headers and attachments on a regular basis.

        Hint: Best to keep *all* images on a cdrom or other disconnected media....keep all images off your hard drive. That way, when your PC crashes, you won't have to worry about taking it to a repair shop. Newsreaders can be configured to use a ZipDrive (or other disconnected media accessable as a drive letter) as the default "save" directory for all attachments. For that matter, run your newsreaders entirely from the ZipDrive...

        Hint: Become familiar with *all* locations on your disks where attachments are saved by your newsreader or other programs used to receive images.

    • Wake up Call.... where will you wake up in the morning...?.?.?

        ....this brought about a little confusion

          To be safe in chat, always-

            -make sure you are chatting with an adult

            -speak in "fantasy form", never make an indication or desire to actually perform anything illegal with a specific minor. An example is, never tell someone you plan to rob the local bank or do someone harm. It is ok to make up a person to fantasize can say, "I like to fantasize about 8yo girls, I think about eating their pussy", just don't specify which girl, or which group of girls, etc.

    • S  L  O  W     D  A  N  C  E

      Have you ever watched kids
      On a merry-go-round
      Or listened to the rain
      lapping on the ground?
      Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight
      Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?
      You better slow down
      Don't dance so fast
      Time is short
      The music won't last.

      Do you run through each day on the fly?
      When you ask "How are you?"
      Do you hear the reply?
      When the day is done,
      Do you lie in your bed
      With the next hundred chores
      Running through your head?
      You'd better slow down
      Don't dance so fast
      Time is short
      The music won't last.

      Ever told your child,
      We'll do it tomorrow
      And in your haste, not see his sorrow?
      Ever lost touch,
      Let a good friendship die
      'Cause you never had time
      To call and say "Hi"?
      You'd better slow down
      Don't dance so fast
      Time is short

      When you run so fast to get somewhere
      You miss half the fun of getting there.
      When you worry and hurry through your day,
      It is like an unopened gift....
      Thrown away...
      Life is not a race.
      Do take it slower
      Hear the music
      Before the song is over.

      (origin unknown)

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