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      Colour Of Love

      On Friday PM, September 17, 1999

    • by AnaLover :...
    • Dana's Dare
      danadare zip (13k) (MMF)
      "...Dana smiled at him and sat on the bed, waiting impatiently for us to undress. My clothes, a polo and pants, were off in seconds, Uncle Owen’s took barely longer and he was wearing a three-piece suit. When he shucked off his briefs and bared his huge, heavy cock, only a little longer and thicker than mine, with big, low-slung balls very obviously primed with a great deal of hot cream, she put her hand over her mouth and said softly, “Oh my godddd… What have I let myself in for?”
    • by Forbidden Innocence :...
    • A Naughty Fashion Show/Sleepover
      fashion zip (16k) (M/f)
      Andy says goodbye to his wife at the airport with his 11-year-old daughter Jaimee who he will entertain for the entire week. Upon arriving home they decide to invite over two of her girlfriends and have a fashion show/sleepover. He takes his daughter to the mall to pick out some clothes, but they arrive home with outfits like crotchless panties that help to bring a new dimension (and extension) to preteen fashion.
    • by Kay Andrews :...
    • Strap-On Mom, ch 9-11
      stra9_11 zip (8k) (b/F/F)
      Wendy and her son continue their kinky explorations, and Gail gets a surprise, too!
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Tawny & Her Cross Dresser Lover
      tawnyher zip (8k) (M/F Kinky/Oral/Anal)
      I was sitting in a bar, killing time and looking for someone exciting to show some interest in me. It was a bar patronized by gays, bisexuals and cross dressers. I enjoyed being a bi female as it led to some very erotic sexual adventures. Sitting at a table sipping on a glass of wine I was approached by a very tall and attractive female....
    • by Silvio Stoker :...
    • Beyond the Pale
      thepale zip (122k) (Mf, MMMMf, MFg, Mg, gg, etc.; inc (all kinds); teen; yng teen; pedo; preg; fist; gang rape; best; torture, extreme caution )
      "I got another martini from Angelica and watched her get gang-banged. At first they took turns, El Loco and Tiny and Jesus, Rocco and Randy, and then they put her on a table and used her all at once, Rocco fucking her bleeding ass while Jesus stuck his fingers in her cunt and Randy thrust into her mouth, her hands desperately stroking El Loco's and Tiny's cocks. Fortunately, the table was old and sturdy, for Tiny lay his bulk down on it and Jesus impaled the orgasmic girl on the biker's shaft, then somehow climbed onto a chair and stabbed his prick into her asshole while El Loco fucked her mouth." Adam is a fairly innocent pervert, writing stories for Mr. Double's site, until a strange young woman comes into his hangout and turns fantasy into reality. Inspired by her and bored with his usual tales, Adam publishes something completely different in the Palisades and starts to get anonymous fan mail from a girl who doesn't seem old enough to be reading smut. When the young woman offers to meet him, he can't refuse - not only does she promise to make his dreams come true, she also includes j-pegs of her little sister...
    • by Edo :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Kazu's Story, ch 1
      kazu1 zip (4k) (m/M dad/son)
      Kazu was eavesdropping from the upstairs phone. His mother was on the downstairs phone asking Bob if it would possibly be alright for Kazu to visit for a few weeks. Bob was her husband, and Kazu's step father
    • by Nadja Keller :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Die Zeit mit Herbert - Teil 1
      diezeit zip (11k) (M/f2yo)
      Das ist der Anfang meines sexuellen Lebens. Ich war 2 1/2 Jahre alt. Herbert war 25.

      Thursday PM, September 16, 1999

    • by Black Dragon :...
    • The Mansion
      mansion zip (10k) (M/ff, 1st)
      As time went by he found the need to be surrounded by young companions. After building a complex and then offering space for the Culturally Deprived, his life got much more interesting.
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Monica, A Rape Slave
      monica zip (13k) (MMMMMM/FFFFFF/bond/rape/tort/lact)
      Beautiful, blonde and successful Monica is pulled into a van parked next to her car in a parking structure. Bound and held captive she is forced to endure rape and torture for the men working in an illegal marijuana warehouse. Five other women were her companions and one was pregnant. They lived in a cage called the play pen and they were kept alive for only one reason........
    • by Kid Charlemagne :...
    • The Tutor, ch 1
      tutor1 zip (7k) (M/F bond/punishment, oral)
      Chapter One--What Happened With the Maid: A Victorian Gentleman whose specialty is "training" the wives and daughters of rich men arrives at his next position. He discovers the French Maid snooping through his trunk of equipment and gets right to work.
    • by Bud :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Pammy's Love Button
      pam zip (3k) (M/f bro/sis inc)
      Pammy and I were never very close until the weekend when we had to stay with friends and I learned how to lick that love button. We have a special relationship to this very day.
    • by Jimyh :...
    • Grampa Gets A Treat, part 2, ch 4
      grandpa4 zip (9k) (M/m/f, inc, pedo, voy, cons)
      The rest of their afternoon was spent cuddling and kissing and just being happy. Clothing finally reappeared about 6:00 when they decided to take the short ride into town to visit a pizza parlor that was very popular locally. Grey chose that particular restaurant with an ulterior motive in mind. The motive's name was Jason, a twelve year old honey of a boy whom he had seduced two years earlier. Jason regularly visited Grey to watch the old man's latest videos and photos off the net or magazine purchases and, naturally, to indulge in some hot, no-holes barred sex. He and Grey were working carefully, slowly and subtly to include Jason's sister, Beverly, in their fun and games. Grey would have done the job much more quickly on his own but he felt it necessary for the sensitive boy to be an integral part of the seduction of his eight year old sister, primarily because he was such a retiring lad and the accomplishment - even if assisted by the old guy - would do his self-confidence a world of good.
    • by AnonX :...
    • Emma
      emma zip (3k) (MF/sis daugh)
      Allt började med att min syster frågade om jag kunde passa deras dotter medans hon och hennes man åkte för att hälsa på hans föräldrar , hans far var sjuk, i Thailand (nej, han är int född där, han är helsvensk). Visst, sa jag, för jag hade ju ändå inget att göra på min semester. Så jag packade en väska och åkte ut till deras gård på landet. När jag kom dit möttes jag av två stressade föräldrar men en mycket glad liten 9 åring...Emma. Emma var som alla andra i hennes ålder och hade inte en gnutta fett på kroppen, hennes midja var som en slickepinne. Hon hade långt ljust hår och blåa ögon...
    • by Geoffroy Perrault :...
    • La Petite Malade, part 2
      malade2 zip (16k) (MM/ff, pedo, inc, medical)
      Mes histoires ne sont rien d'autre que des contes, et comme tous les contes, elles sont parfois ambigues et cruelles et font cohabiter les princes charmants avec les ogres. A la différence de mon illustre ancêtre je ne les destine pas à la petite nièce de Louis XIV, mais à des adultes normalement capables de faire la part entre conte et réalité.

      Wednesday PM, September 15, 1999

    • by Rick Roll :...
    • The Daughter's Boyfriend
      dautsbf zip (16k) (F/m/f - mother/daughter/voyeur/oral/cons/virgin)
      A single mother becomes very close with her fourteen year old daughter, and she wants her daughter to save her virginity until she gets marries. To help with her boyfriend's sexual frustrations, her mother decides to relieve him of those pent up frustrations. A wild romp ensues, and her mom becomes her boyfriend's surrogate fuck.
    • by lolitot :...
    • More Than A Mouthful, part 2
      mouthfu2 zip (5k) (g/M)
      Jenny liked it whenever her uncle Bob came over to babysit for her mother. She liked the games they'd play. Sometimes she'd dress herself up just like her doll and then every time he took off one of the doll's pieces of clothing, she'd do the same.    He'd pretend not to notice when she snuggled her naked little body up against him. She loved it when he'd let his hand wander, pretending that he didn't notice her tender little nipple stiffen as he rubbed his hand all over her bare chest.    She wpuld almost go crazy whenever he licked her bare little pussy, making her squeal and pant, and cum. She didn't know that's what was happening the first time, but she loved it so much, he showed her how to make herself cum - and she did, lots.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Orphans
      orphans zip (17k) (Mf,f,f)
      I first saw the orphanage in 1989 when I'd been part of a team put together by UNICEF to help them emerge from the rubble of what had been Russia. It was perched on a side of a small hill, hidden from the picturesque village below it, some fifty miles due north of the Black Sea. The building looked as if it had been built in the fifties with little having been done to it since, and the kids looked as if they'd been ignored.    We were there to work on the building and we repaired plumbing, electricity and plaster work in addition to doing some painting. But what shocked us most was the state of the kids. The poor mites walked around in near silence, big dark eyes watching you without expression. None of them smiled and most just lay on their narrow cots. I never saw any of them smile, or play. Some had lost their parents to the internal strife that had hit Russia, but most had just been abandoned, especially the girls who were viewed as just expensive overheads by many of the peasant farmers.     We were there scarcely a week Yet the memory stayed with me, sometimes waking me at night with a vivid dream of being back there and unable to leave. So, a year on, I asked if I could go back and do some more work.
      Story Line
      storylin zip (7k) (Father Daughter)
      I was sitting in my study staring out of the window with a pencil in my mouth as I tried to think of an original story line. I desperately needed something new, something that would cause people to write back and tell me how they'd enjoyed it.    There was a timid knock on the door and my fingers moved to automatically page down the computer screen, even though I'd not written anything. The door opened and my youngest slowly entered with a timid pout while her big sister came in behind her with a wicked grin on her own pretty face. Her smile had that triumphant look that told me she was getting one over her little sister and the prod she gave her only confirmed it to me.
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Rapist
      rapist zip (16k) (M/f forced sex/teen)
      The rapist had found his young victim, followin her home from school for a week. He had to have this young teen in her school uniform. The anticipation of his cock in that tiny, tight, virgin pussy was driving him nuts. She was going to be the first of many young girls he would rape, all over the country. He lived for a tight teen pussy on his big throbbing cock.....
      Tawny & Daddy
      tawnydad zip (6k) (M/f dad/daut/inc/dog/mast)
      Daddy comes home from work early and surprised his 14 year old daughter naked on her bed, mastubating and in the middle of a wild orgasm. Not knowing what to do and with his little girl sufferng the shame of being caught they tiptoe around while daddy tries to figure out how to get past this. They finally do and what Tawny does next is not what daddy expected.....

      Tuesday PM, September 14, 1999

    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Daddy's Sleeping Beauty
      dadsleep zip (9k) (M/f dad/daut inc)
      Brian was a single parent to his 8 year old girl. One night he discovers hot secret passion when he scratched and rubbed her back at bed time. Obsessed with having sex with her little body he finds the perfect way to make her his sex toy with out her knowing.
      His Office Slut, a Tawny Adventure
      hisslut zip (9k) (M/F boss employee/romantic)
      Tawny and her boss, Bruce, break all the rules when they have sexual encounters at work. He calls her his little office slut, his little whore and she loves it. Tawny loves to tease but she loves men with all her body. Bruce has found a dream cum true with Tawny.
    • by Nomad :...
    • Holiday Incest
      holidinc zip (8k) (Father, Daughter)
      "Want to go for a swim Daddy?" Celia asked as she stood and shook the sand from her slender thigh.     "Not me thank you. Far too cold," John told his daughter while continuing to put suntan lotion on his arms and chest. "But you go on," he told her.     Celia nodded and turned to the sea. The girl was fourteen now, yet could easily pass for sixteen in the little string bikini she'd chosen to wear. She wasn't a large girl, but had a maturity of figure that often surprised her father and made his cock twinge. Even now, as she walked away from him, he had to admire her broad shoulders tapering to a tiny waist, her hips then flaring to give weight to a bottom that was only partially hidden by her micro briefs and that wriggled sensuously as she walked towards the sea. She reached back, totally unaware of him watching her, and slid her thumbs under the thin colourful material to pull the fabric from between her cheeks.
      Look After Daddy
      lookdad zip (17k) (Father, daughter & Aunt)
      Mandy was very excited. Her Auntie Wendy was coming to stay with them, just as she had promised a year ago when she'd last come to stay. That had been a sad time though and Auntie had spent more time with her daddy than with her, which was all right, she supposed, seeing as how mummy had died and the funeral had taken all their time.    But Auntie Wendy had told her she'd be back to make sure she learnt all the secret things only women knew about, and Mandy was nearly twelve and her titties had begun growing and if you looked really carefully you could see hairs on her thingy, right at the top where her slit began.
    • by Lutwidge :...
    • Love My Boobs
      luvboobs zip (4k) (M/ff inc)
      Personally I have never refused my breasts to a man who wanted to suck on them. I always get off on it, sometimes having an orgasm without any other stimulation. I guess it started when I was quite young. My breasts developed rather early, by the time I was ten they were starting to fill out. My nipples were always ticklish, especially when I wore just a T-shirt, the material rubbing on my nipples making them stiffen. When I was almost eleven, my brother noticed them one day when we were home alone. He started wrestling with me and got his hands on them. I enjoyed the touch and did nothing to stop him. He got this serious look on his face and lifted up my top and started kissing and sucking on them. I had an orgasm almost immediately, hugging his head to my chest. After that, when I got horny, I would ask him if he wanted to do it, and we would go somewhere alone and I would lift my shirt to let him play with them and suck on my nipples.
    • by Skaidan :...
    • La sorpresa de Carlos
      carlos zip (5k) (m/F)
      Carlos caminaba despacio por la calle.Era un día de suerte para él, ya que uno de sus profesores del instituto, con el que tenía dos horas seguidas antes de la hora de gimnasia, había faltado porque estaba enfermo.Al tener esas dos horas muertas antes de la de gimnasia, el director había decidido que se podían ir a casa los alumnos, algo que él sabía los alegraría mucho."Es un tío enrollado el director, después de todo", pensó Carlos mientras cruzaba hacia la otra acera.

      Monday PM, September 13, 1999

    • by Nomad :...
    • Class of 99
      class99 zip (24k) (M F,f,m Xdress, FemDom)
      INDEX     Introduction     Chapter I Taken Shopping.     Chapter II - Robert is prepared.     Chapter III - Lesley is Prepared     Chapter IV - The Children's Introduction.     Chapter V - Threesome to Placate Daddy     Chapter VI - Slave Excited to Exhaustion     Chapter VII - The Twins Filmed     Chapter VIII - Pony Riding     Chapter IX Father Bating    
      Game Time
      gametime zip (10k) (Father Daughter)
      John Web idly glanced at the paper's banner as he ambled through to the kitchen. Martha had just left, calling up to him as she'd opened the door as was her habit. He noticed Lisa still at the breakfast table.    "Shouldn't you be off to school by now?" he asked his thirteen year old daughter. Lisa went to a Roman Catholic school across town and wore their regulation navy blue skirt and white blouse with their school tie.    "Couldn't I stay at home today Daddy?" she asked timidly.
      Going Home
      goinghom zip (17k) (M,f,f Fath/Daugh)
      Joe eased the tension in his left buttock and looked again at his reflection in the wall mirror across from where he sat, stretched out on a William Conrad sofa. His taut belly was sucked in as the girl kneeling between his stretched legs slid her mouth all the way down his slender shaft. He sucked in a fresh breath, feeling half his cock in her swallowing throat while her lips constricted around the base and her tongue tried to move along his underside.
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Red Is the Color of Rape
      redrape zip (14k) (M/F/forced sex/oral/anal/domination)
      A serial rapist takes a new victim to his red room of rape. He brings all his victims here to be used for his cock's satisfaction. His little Asian Dove is raped and used all night in a nightmare of abuse. His cock rules him..and it wanted this one to be his!

      Sunday PM, September 12, 1999

    • by Ted :...
    • The Awakening of a Young Boy, ch 8
      awaken8 zip (15k) (mmf/cons/very, very young/inc)
      Ted discovers that his friend Randy has been 'playing' with his younger sister Rebecca. As the two siblings demonstrate their 'games' in front of Ted, he is invited to join in.
    • by Captain Howdy :...
    • The Freelance Photographer, part 1
      freelan1 zip (20k) (M/f, teen, voy, mast, toys)
      This story tells how I used photography to fulfill my fantasies and get all the young teenage pussy I could handle and more.
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • The Little Girl From the Park
      lilgirl zip (10k) (M/F/f forced sex/pedo/oral)
      The little girl was playing alone in the park. Jade had seen her here many times. Today, she would take the girl for her lover, Spencer. He loved little girls and Jade would do anything for him. Together they would play all night with their new little sex toy.....
    • by Candrah :...
    • Mother, the Math Teacher
      mathteac zip (8k) (F/m/f mom/son)
      A very conservative Math teacher urges for sex with a young stud, and after returning from her classroom, decides to join in an orgiastic game with her son and his brazilian girlfriend.
    • by lolitot :...
    • Mr. Deacon's Girls - Tammy
      tammy zip (8k) (g/b/M)
      Tammy wants to be friends with Sissy and Susie, an' maybe even join the Brownies ..., but Sissy wants Mr. Deacon to make sure Tammy's ready ...! Gee, I wonder what Mr. Deacon will say?!?
    • by Pedros :...
    • Unorthodox Treatment, part 8
      treat8 zip (15k) (M/m/M/m M/M/f m/f/m/f pedo)
      Terry has been introduced to The Group at their property, 'Paradise' for his first weekend experience and his own public initiation into the group of child lovers. The weekend has started with performances on stage by men, women and children. Terry's iniation is the public deflowering of another new member into the group - Sue-Lin's little sister, Cara...and with the aid of her father.

      Saturday PM, September 11, 1999

    • by Davey Sprocket :...
    • The Association, part 1
      associa1 zip (8k) (Mf)
      Danny Powers was about to meet his new world. A world he had kept hidden from himself. You know they're out there. You can't find them but they will find you.
    • by Maggoo :...
    • Bareback
      bareback zip (6k) (M/F)
      It was the last month of school for the year and the weather was much warmer than usual. One day, after the bus dropped the two of us off, Brad asked me if I'd ever ridden a horse. I told him that I had been on the horse ride at the carnival.
    • by Typoman :...
    • New Years Night Party For Busboys
      busboys zip (6k) (m/m/f, drunk chick grope, double oral)
      Dan and I were not only best friends, we also worked together at a local restaurant. It had a smorgasbord in the front and a steak house in the back. It was a real bummer to have to work every major holiday like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years Eve.      We usually worked the steak house because we could get in a lot of hours and it wouldn't interfere with our school. This particular New Years Eve was during our freshman year.      It was just after midnight, the champagne had been served and the party was in full swing. Dan and I were in the kitchen helping ourselves to some of the champagne, when this drunk girl came staggering in through the double doors, She was pretty young, maybe she was with her family, I don't know.
      The adventures of Crissy
      crissy zip (12k) (Mf conversation and story swapping)
      Hi, My name is Crissy, I am 19 now and in college studying business and computer science. I am a small in stature but evenly proportioned for my size. At 4'10" and 90 lbs., my size has made me self-conscious and shy, until recently. I have light brown hair and a 32"-20" -28 figure. Even though I am a small person I became pubescent a trifle early. At 14, I already had a fairly decent start of a bush and breasts.
      Sunburned Sister
      sunburnt zip (15k) (m/f , inc,never-knew, mutual mast)
      My older sister and I got along pretty well for the most part. We are fairly close in age, at the time of this story, she was 18 and I had just turned 17.     I had just came home from a date with my new girlfriend, frustrated as hell from heavy petting. My balls were aching from lust unquenched. At least my date had let me get her top all the way off this time. It was our third date and although I made progress with her, I wondered if the frustration was worth the girl. She did have one hell of a body, and we got along really well.
    • by Curious Cat :...
    • Taken For A Ride, part 9
      taken9 zip (7k) (M/F, M/F/b (yng boy) rough sex including rape, anal, preg, beast, nc)
      Susanna Baldwin was bored and hot on that steamy August evening when she met Nick Danger in his own lair. As he took her away from her humdrum life, she embarked on the adventure of her life.
    • by Amber Gold :...
    • Every Man's Wet Dream Come True
      wetdream zip (5k) (F/F 1st time sex M/M/M/M masturbation)
      Two college girls find them selves alone on a couch at a frat party after a night of drinking. They begin to explore the other as a sex partner and have incredable sex. They weren't aware that 4 young men were witnessing the dream of a life time. 2 girls having sex.
    • by Griffin :...New Author.!.!.!
    • Beth, ch 1-2
      beth1_2 zip (7k) (M/F)
      As she boarded the plane for her flight back to Ca., Beth couldn't get Chris out of her mind. Beth was taken by Chris from the moment they met. They seemed so much alike. If only she knew if Chris was like her in "other" ways!
    • by Diggity Dog :...
    • Her mothers lessons
      mothers zip (15k) (m/f, F/f)
      Tish Jordan was so excited! It was hard to be a High School freshman, even harder since she was new to town. As always, she had shyly moved through the school, keeping largely to herself. She was used to being the new girl in school, being that her mom's job kept them both on the move. But the second week of school, a hunky Senior named Chad Higgens had invited her out for a movie and dinner! In HIS car! Tish was worried about what her mom would say and rolled it over and over in her head what to say. To her surprise, her mom gave her permission easily. "Better that you told me, rather than sneaking out like I did at your age."
    • by Spangles Muldoon :...
    • Vo-Tech
      votech zip (9k) (M/F)
      I'd like to be able to say that I started my own business out of a sense of entrepreneurship, drive, and self-motivation. Yes, I'd like to be able to say that, but I'd be lying if I did. I started my own business because I couldn't find a job. Plain and simple. I'd also like to say that my business took off like a rocket ship, and that I made more money than I ever had before in my life, but of course, I can't say that, either. Still, I did alright.
    • by Mkarl :...
    • R.A.P.E. Against Wonder Woman
      wonder zip (8k) (Wonder Woman/The Hulk/Rape)
      R.age A.gainst the P.aranormals of E.arth starts its campaign against the fantastic female warriors of Comicdom. The first heroine to fall is the Wonder Woman, but rest assured that there will be many more to follow.

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  • give~a~look~you~know~i~gotta~take~a~look~because~i~wanna~get~a~look

    whose to say when love is real
    that colour should change how i feel
    don't sweat me cuz i just won't hear
    let me be a man and love my woman dear
    and i don't want to know
    what colour she is if
    it makes your garden grow

    don't you know i'm a man of many flavours
    ain't no matter what the colour of her skin
    i will savour...i will savour...

    you can't come near me
    promise I'll find ya
    make ya want to get to
    the carpet of love

    colour of love...colour of love...


    ("Colour Of Love", lyrics by Thea Austin, Penny Ford, Durren Butler; music by Benito Benites; as performed by Snap


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