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    Write down anything and I'll publish it for the
    world to see....get elected, selected, respected, cum connected.

      from Monday, January 07, 2013....

      • .....Our Neighbor's Son, part 1, by basic-bitch

        I never let out the secret that I had a crush on our neighbor's son who was of the same age as me. His parents were doctors and his elder sister was a physiology graduate. He however chose to study CA. Fair and handsome but not taller than me, he was a very lovable kid. I so much wanted to acquaint myself with him but something stopped me every time I attempted. One conscious cause was that I had fancied many men in the past, so that I wasn't sure if I truly wanted him. But I certainly wished to have sex with him, only once.

        Months passed and eventually my obsession eventually faded as I got along with my life and friends. Then it happened one day that I caught my mom with him in our house, as I returned from an outing. They were fondly conversing and seemed somewhat nervous with my intrusion. I realized something fishy going on between the two and I decided to discover if my suspicion was real.

        So another day, knowing that he was in his home, I took leave from my mom on some false pretext and entered the house from another way furtively and hid myself in a corner. My plan failed that day as after a long wait, I heard my mom leaving the house. I did not pursue her and went out with some work.

        I repeated this venture again one day when I overheard my mom secretly talking to someone. Since she had already the knowledge that I would be absent from home that day, I conjectured that I might make a discovery that day. Excitedly, I cancelled my schedule that day and played that stealthy trick for the second time.

        It was not quite a success although they proved me right, because I got pretty disturbed with what I saw. I never thought my mom was such a bitch that she would fuck a boy of her daughter's age, that she would let him dominate her and ram her ass, feed him her cunt and suck his dick dry. That instant, I understood where I have inherited my traits from, the traits that showed up when I masturbated in wilderness or helped me when I banged someone in extreme heat.

        Anyways, after their hour-long lovemaking, they settled down and he prepared to leave. But before he left, it struck my notice, he gave some medicine to her which she readily accepted. He left after a farewell kiss. She kept the medicine away (which I did not follow) and went to the bath. I too left a little later with discrete visuals in my mind.

        That whole day, I suffered from frustration and finally resorted to my then boyfriend and did not get back home in the night. He was happy to find me depending on him and spending time with him. We had our first sex that night, it was my sixth or seventh. I went to the disco, drank and danced to my energy and returned in the dawn with my boyfriend to the open streets of the city.

        I was in daze the entire time along with his support but I didn't spill a word of that. He thanked me for devoting my time for him as I took leave off him.

        I faced my dad when I got back home, fuming with rage as if he were going to rape me. I asked him to excuse me and went into my room with a stern attitude to evade the situation.

        I eased myself and stroked my pussy for a while. I relaxed on bed and kept contact with my clit, rubbing it hard, fingering my cunt to find signs of boyfriend's semen, tasting it avidly. Later I fell asleep with a vacuum head. .......(end)

        Our Neighbor's Son, part basic-bitch (adultery, milf, teen) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Friday, January 04, 2013....

      • .....Cumbersome Cucumber by eggless

        Comments_for_readers: True Story - Real Experience

        The Cucumber I Fell in Love With was 12 cm (4.275 in) long and 4 cm (1.575 in) thick in the middle with ends of unequal girth. I found this firm cucumber in my fridge after I woke up with a 15 cm (5.9 in) erection one morning. I went up to the fridge with the purpose of taking out an egg for boiling it to stone-hardness that I'd have tried to insert into my anus. But when I saw this sexy cucumber, I was blown up by its size and shape. I had searched so many times in the fridge for such a perfect fit-for-fuck cucumber, and now I had accidentally discovered one. I picked it up and rushed to the toilet. After I had taken a healthy dump, I started to test my idea of plugging a cucumber into ass. I was super-horny and was excited to see if I could do it.

        At first I attempted it without any lube. I brought the egg under my bottom as I squat on the tiled toilet-floor. I made all kinds of endeavours: gentle, forceful, twisted ... but none worked. Failing in the first try, the idea of oiling occurred to me. I found hair-oil bottle on the sink. I poured some oil into hand and applied on the cucumber. My cock was already hard, and it got harder and hotter as I rubbed oil on its copy, the phallic vegetable, to the narrower end. I resumed my efforts. This time I managed to insert its head inside the hole. I was getting desperate; at the same time I was careful not to injure my anus. I still had not achieved what I desired. The makeshift dildo was coming out of my ass every time as the anal muscles relaxed. I applied oil in excess but it did not helped much.

        I was bit exhausted. My penis was about to throw up. I was shaking with excitement. The tool was just thicker than necessary. For once, the thought of biting off the extra thickness crossed my mind but I did not give in to it. I considered a tactic and manoeuvred carefully the cumbersome cucumber while controlling the anal muscles, pushing the vegetable constantly, pushing against the vegetable my rear, and finally succeeded! The organic dildo penetrated my asshole perfectly with its entire upper section entered into the pit of my butt. It was tight. My ass was choked.

        I was sensing strong vibrations in my pubic zone. I began driving the plug in-out by a little amount. The vibes grew stronger and I experienced a powerful orgasm. The fluid flew out of my phallus. I did not bother with it as I lost myself in the thrill of violent sensations.

        I was continuously ejaculating. It was involuntary. My pulse was racing as I urged to accomplish more. The repercussions were out of my control. I took out the organic dick from my interior, beheld it in admiration for some time, and laid it beside my dong which I wished were as healthy as that. I jerked off the rest of the material remaining inside me, washed my posterior, my genital and 'my' vegetable. After spending almost an hour in the toilet, I came out.

        I restored the cucumber to its original place - the vegetable tray of the fridge. My cock was still alert. My ass was ailing. But I was overwhelmed with the sense of my cherished achievement.

        Of that cucumber, I was curious to see what would become. It so happened that it was not served to me, rather my father ate it the next day. It was against my wish since I wanted my mother to have it.

        The consequence of this incident was that I started to crave for some real steamy anal sex which I knew was difficult to get. This is because I'm predominantly straight, preferring girls over boys unless I find a boy of my liking which is exceedingly rare. But I have sighted 3-4 boys who are true to my taste, from whom I can readily accept an anal treatment if they will for it.

        Otherwise, I fancy for a smart pegging; a sexy girl piercing into my butt with a strap-on dildo, or if it may, a handsome cucumber.

        .......(the end)

        Cumbersome eggless (fetish, solo, anal) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Friday, November 09, 2012....

      • .....Hot Mommy In The Shower by pedo mommy

        Comments_for_readers: im new to this so i hope you like my story id love feedback i put alot into my stories and if you want more let me know i have many a 7yr old boy walks in the bathroom and sees his mommy in the shower she says what does mommy say about knocking he says im supposed to knock when your in the bathroom she says thats right your a dirty boy watching mommy get herself all nice and clean i think since your a dirty boy you should join mommy in the shower and she will get you clean get undressed so he does and then climbs in she looks at his pee pee and says when was the last time you cleaned this he says i dont know she says mommy will do it she start rubbing it up and down with her fingers she says is my little boy getting hard he is ashamed and doesnt say anything she says its ok i think you need to make sure mommy is all clean and she sticks her boob in his mouth how does it taste he says mmm sweet mommy and then she does the other one she says see mommys button sticking out thats mommys clit suck on it and make sure its clean he does and she says oh son that feels good ok see that hole between mommys legs he says yes thats where mommy keeps her sweet honey stick your tongue in and tell mommy if it taste sweet thats a good boy lick all the sweet honey out she screams keep licking mommy is cumming he stops and says mommy its all wet in here she says i know honey you made mommy feel fantastic that her pussy gets soaking wet inside one more place we need to check she bends over stick your tongue in mommys ass he says wont it taste dirty she says no i just cleaned it do it before mommy gets mad and has to spank you he says no mommy dont spank me ill do it start licking mommy ass she says mommy loves that ok its time to make sure my dirty boy got clean mommy is going to suck on your pee pee and see if its dirty she says my little boy is hard she sticks her finger inside her pussy oh no im dirty again guess ill have to use my little boys pee pee to get clean again she says mommy needs you to put it inside her dirty hole and move it in and out so she can get clean mommy leans back against the shower opens her legs and he puts it in thats it honey she says in and out back and forth he says this feels great mommy she says i know honey dont stop until mommy tells you ok and he says ok he keeps fucking her until she cums really hard all over his cock she says ok take it out oh mommy got her sweet honey all over her little boys pee pee let mommy lick it off she licks his pee pee with her tongue ok your all clean but i think mommy ass is dirty too he says do i need to put my pee pee in there too she says well you dont want mommy to be dirty do you and he says no i guess not she says alright then this is the way to clean her she says put it in slow mommy ass is tighter than her honey hole he starts moving it in and out as she cums again ok mommys ass is clean you need to finish licking the honey out of mommys honey hole and off her legs now were all clean we can get out and go to bed dries off gives her boy a hug telling him what a good little boy he was for getting mommy nice and clean kisses him goodnight and then he goes to bed and so does she

        The End or is it

        .......(the end)

        Hot Mommy In The pedo mommy (mommy son shower pedo) (02k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Thursday, July 30, 2009....

      • .....My Arabian Days, part 1, by Anonymous Author

        I am an Indian working in gulf. I fantasies having sex with small girls. But in my country, especially in my village it is very difficult to have sex with under age. But my fantasy is fulfilled while I am in gulf. I am going to share that story with readers...

        I am working a contracting company in UAE. We are engaged to build a factory in a desert where the access to the main road is nothing but an off road. Our accommodation camp is also in same compound. One Friday while I was sitting in front of my room I saw an elderly black women with a small girl aged 6 years coming through the off road. She is from an African country. In gulf you can see lot of Africans especially from Somalia, Eritrea etc... Migrated and living Gulf by doing lot of illegal activities. Pick pocketing, drug selling, prostitution etc...

        Friday is holiday in most of the GCC countries. My fellow workers are Muslims and all are out of accommodation for Friday praying. I am alone in the whole compound. Only the breeze sound of desert air. This women and the kid is came in front of my accommodation and checking in the garbage. I am sorry for them because they are street beggars and very poor.

        I am watching them and the mother is not that much pretty but big sized women. She is wearing a black "Abaya" (Muslim women garments) and her eyes are yellowish. The kid also black but with cute eyes. They checked the garbage bin but find nothing. I have some bread with me I offered it to them. The mother put the bread in to a plastic bag. She asked me some water. I invited them to my cabin (Porto Cabin). They came in and I switched on the Air condition. I gave a bottle of water and some fruits which I have. . She sat on the floor with the kid and removed her black abaya. Under the Abaya she wears a maxi. Her boobs are big and bulged through the Maxi. I gazed her boobs and my throat is become waterless. She knew that I am looking her boobs... She gave me a wicked smile, and asked me where are you looking? .......(cont)

        My Arabian Days, part Anonymous Author (India incest, M/f oral g) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Thursday, August 09, 2007....

      • .....Down at the Beach: Alice and Robbin Make Nice, part 1, by Anonymous Author

        The last year of my life had been wonderful. I had met her. She was a beautiful single mother without a clue of how to deal with the world. She had gone from her parents control at the tender age of 17 straight into the controlling arms of her husband. The husband who had recently committed suicide when it came out that he had embezzled millions of dollars and was about to go to prison. After two interviews with her I realized what her Daddy and husband had done. What I could have. She had a 12 year old daughter in private school (the school was keeping her in on scholarship, but I'd fix that) and 8 year old daughter and a 6 year old son.

        I guess I should tell you who I am. I was the state's attorney getting ready to send her asshole husband up the river for 40 years or so. So I was real familiar with him, kinda with her, some with her parents because that's who he'd embezzled and once I saw those kids---wow. I'm a pretty charming, smooth good-looking guy. And damned successful. Well respected in the community. Hell, just like her husband was before I got hold of him, ha, ha, ha. I laid it on thick. I terrified her. I convinced her that it was legal procedure to prosecute the suicide's spouse. Can you believe that shit? .......(cont)

        Down at the Beach: Alice and Robbin Make Nice, part Anonymous Author (trans) (04k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Wednesday, January 24, 2007....

      • .....Ain't Life Grand, ch 1, by phillfree

        The last year of my life had been wonderful. I had met her. She was a beautiful single mother without a clue of how to deal with the world. She had gone from her parents control at the tender age of 17 straight into the controlling arms of her husband. The husband who had recently committed suicide when it came out that he had embezzled millions of dollars and was about to go to prison. After two interviews with her I realized what her Daddy and husband had done. What I could have. She had a 12 year old daughter in private school (the school was keeping her in on scholarship, but I'd fix that) and 8 year old daughter and a 6 year old son.

        I guess I should tell you who I am. I was the state's attorney getting ready to send her asshole husband up the river for 40 years or so. So I was real familiar with him, kinda with her, some with her parents because that's who he'd embezzled and once I saw those kids---wow. I'm a pretty charming, smooth good-looking guy. And damned successful. Well respected in the community. Hell, just like her husband was before I got hold of him, ha, ha, ha. I laid it on thick. I terrified her. I convinced her that it was legal procedure to prosecute the suicide's spouse. Can you believe that shit? .......(cont)

        Ain't Life Grand, ch phillfree (M/f F/m inc dad/daut) (04k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Sunday, December 03, 2006....

      • .....Young Tease, by Raynese

        I met a rally nice looking lady a few years back. We hit it off right away. The only problem was that she had three children. I wasn't sure if I was ready for that; however, she was beautiful as well as a great fuck. All three of her children were girls. The oldest, Raynese, was 7. Nayla was 5, and alice was only 1. We ended up getting along well, and over time, all of her kids looked at me as a father to them. Well, my woman, Cindy, worked two jobs. One she worked full time, and that was at night. The other she worked on the weekends. One night, while Cindy was at work, I went into Raynese's room to turn off her TV. Well, she was wearing one of my shirts, which had ridden up over her ass while she sleep. She always kicked the covers off at night. I found myself looking much longer than I should have. My dick started getting hard, and I thought wow, how could this girl be turning me on. I walked over to her bed and realized that she had her hand in her panties. I was so turned on at that sight, that I did something that I never imagined me doing to a child, I started rubbing her finger, through her panties, and making it rub her little pussy. After a while, she started moving, so, I quickly left her room. The next day I was at work, but I couldn't get the image of that little girls ass out of my mind. It was Friday, and I knew that the girls would be up late. I was thinking of how I could get a little further with her tonight. After Cindy left for work, I fixed the kids dinner. They ate and went outside to play. Nayla and Alice both went to sleep early, so that left me and Raynese up watching TV together. Raynese then went to take a shower. When she came back down stairs, she was wearing her usual sleeping gear, a long t-shirt. She came back over on the couch next to me, and started wrestling with me again. Now I started picking her up and getting a little more physical with her. I let my hand go under the shirt several times, each time touching her ass and pussy lips through her panties. One time I let my finger slip inside of her panty line and touch her pussy. When my finger touched her, she had a puzzled look on her face. I just continued playing as if nothing was wrong. Later, I gave her some nite time cough syrup. I told her that she might get sick since she was outside playing without a sweater on. Of course, I just wanted to make sure that she would sleep through the night. .......(cont)

        Young Raynese (Mf) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Saturday, October 07, 2006....

      • .....Kathy's Home Cumming, by kat's dad

        My 23 year old daughter Kathy (everyone calls her Kat)returned home after 4 years in the Army. She moved into the bedroom above the garage and started looking for a job in the local area. From the time Kat was 11 till she was 19 and left for the Army we had maintained a oral sex relationship, no intercourse just me eating her and Kat giving me some terrific blow jobs.

        I had often recorded our almost daily bouts of oral sex using both a tripod and sometimes hand held recorder.

        My wife (Janet) passed away when Kat was almost 12 after a being struck by a truck while riding her bike to work.

        Janet was a real big fan of oral sex and recording it whenever possible. She watched our tapes when I was away from home on travel for work.

        Kat found one of our tapes in the recorder in our family room when Janet forgot to take it out after one of her solo sessions while I was away on business. .......(cont)

        Kathy's Home kat's dad (M/f dad/daut inc) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Sunday, July 16, 2006....

      • .....Innocent Mother Abused, part 1, by longsong

        Hello folks I'm vijay from india and I'm 15 years of age. First Iet me tell you about my family. I am the only son and I have two sisters. Both are younger to me. My father is in the Merchant Navy and he usually goes out for months. My mother named IS ZEENAT SHE IS 38 and has a very good figure A little on the THICK side with size 42d breasts and wide child bearING HIPS THIGHS. We live in delhi and in our area there is a GROCERY Store which is owned by a muslim javed khan he was AROUND 50 years of age and we used to buy our ration from his store on credit. And after a few months we payed him his dues. But once my father's pay was delayed. So daily I went to the bank but came back empty handed

        I went to MR khan and told him the whole story. He said 'OK! but after three days you have to clear the dues'. I said 'Right mr khan'. On the fourth day, mr khan came our to our house extremely angry and started abusing my mother 'motherfucker, i want my dues'. When I heard this I came out of the room and stood behind the curtain of the living room.

        My sisters were in school only my mother and i were at home. Mother wanted to settle the issue but mr khan slapped my mother and as she fell down he started to kick her big ass. My mother wanted to get up but as she tried to straighten herself mr khan pulled her shalwar down to her knees. And shouted 'motherfucker! today i plan to get back my dues one way or the other whore'. Mother started begging him ' mr khan! please give me another day i promise to get the money tommorow'. .......(cont)

        Innocent Mother Abused, part longsong (m/f voy nc) (05k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Sunday, July 16, 2006....

      • .....Meena, by Raja

        The aching in her breasts alerted her that it was almost time for Him to arrive home. Her face, had anyone been there to see that sweet, lovely countenance, lit up, the blue eyes brilliant and soft as she contemplated His imminent arrival.

        She had been busy all day, scrubbing and cleaning and cooking up a storm, a delectable feast for His palate. Hurrying now, she gave a quick glance around, nodding unconsciously at the spotless house. The odor of beeswax from polished furniture wafted across the still, cool air of the house, twining with a hint of sweet vanilla in the background from the pure wax candles she loved.

        Hurrying to their room, 19 year old vixen Meena shed her workaday clothes as she headed for the luxuriously appointed bathroom. Every time she looked around, she was reminded of His generous heart, His thoughtfulness, and love. Pulling her tee shirt over the silken blond tresses, she shook her head out, a shower of golden sunlight settling around her shoulders and spilling down her back. The fine boned narrow shoulders almost seemed too delicate for the heavy, pale breasts, which stood so proudly on her narrow torso. Translucent skin, networked by a delicate blue tracery of veins, the large areoles, and the swollen engorged rosy nipples were breathtaking. The heavy under hang of her large breasts begged to be cupped and licked, something He did frequently and with great pleasure to both. Meena's waist was narrow and slender, sweeping out to rich hips, a beautiful belly and long, gorgeous legs. Her buttocks, full and heart shaped bore the marks of His love, fading stripes, delicately pink yet obvious on the pale Nordic skin.

        Bending, her heavy breasts swinging, Meena started the shower. A twinge in her breasts concerned her for a moment, and cupping one large orb, she squeezed its heavy flesh tentatively. God, she was so ready! Looking down, Meena could see the tiny raised bumps encircling the jutting nipple, each swollen duct full of sweet rich creamy milk. As she squeezed carefully, a droplet of translucent creamy milk squeezed out of one tiny little duct, hanging enticingly at the edge of the crimson bud.

        Stepping in, Meena was careful to keep the shower fairly cool and to keep those warm, full breasts away from the direct spray. He would be expecting His little girl to feed her Daddy when He arrived home tired and stressed from a long day's work and the last thing she needed was hot water teasing her swollen breasts into letting down their bounty to useless porcelain.

        Efficient, a fluttering in her stomach presaging His arrival, Meena washed with the rich emollient soap He bought her, carefully cupping and rubbing a cloth softly over her heavy breasts and between the long legs. Spreading her thighs, she ran a quick razor over the long, pink slit with its pale pretty lips and deep red gash, ensuring that her entire cunt was smooth and slippery, just as He liked it.

        In the adjoining bedroom, the clock radio clicked on, classical music wafting through the steam of the bathroom.

        As she stepped out of the glass-enclosed shower staff, Meena paused. Picking up the heavy Egyptian cloth towels He insisted on ("my baby only gets the best next to her pretty skin"), Meena's heart felt as if it would overflow. A soft heart and a naive soul had led her to trust her daddy, full of love and joy only for her daddy.

        Then He came.

        A big, handsome man, with blue eyes that could soften and make her heart melt, whose big soul knew how to soothe and whose love and sweet concern soothed cracks in her soul she hadn't know existed. Like herself, His earlier years had been hard ones, a bleak existence whose only bright spot was his beloved child.

        And as her dearest Raja, her very own Daddy-Dom, enveloped her in his big arms, despite being a grown woman, Meena had felt for the first time, enveloped, protected and adored. Her heart and soul expanded as together they soothed each other's scars and learned to love again. Sometimes, lying wrapped in His arms at night, His quiet breathing in her ear, Meena wondered how two adults who had already lived a lifetime, could have been so lucky as to find their other half. It was as if they had had to suffer the indignities and the agony of their earlier years in order to embrace and appreciate the magnitude of what they now had.

        Shaking herself, she stepped into the bedroom, padding to the closet, breasts Bouncing, and the smooth apple cheeked buttocks flexing. He had emailed her earlier, telling her that tonight He wished her naked, shoes and stockings only but her breasts and cunt, His property, free and accessible to His gaze and touch. .......(cont) Raja (Mf) (09k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Thursday, July 13, 2006....

      • .....Sister, by OkieTX

        I have often wondered what it would be like to have had sexual relations with my sibling sisters. The following novella is perhaps how it would have occurred. I would like to read your responses.

        I have to think back several years to recount this true story. I have read so many other articles here that are clearly imagined without a bit of truth in them. I finally decided to write this true story as best I can remember it.

        My sister Jean was five years older than me. When she was 13 she had a slim and very trim body. We used to wrestle, playing of course, in the back yard out near the garden and couldn't help but press against her every chance I could get. It felt good to do that. One of our chores was to hoe the garden of weeds during the summer months. We would manage to work our way to the rows of tall corn where we couldn't be seen from the house. In there is where I first learned the differences in the makeup of a girl's body and of a boy's body. She always wore a very loose play dress in those days and I only wore shorts. We went barefoot when we played outside or worked in the garden.

        When we would find ourselves in the corn patch we would put aside our hoes and sit down in a shady spot. She would let me look down the top of her loose dress at her breasts and I always loved to see them. I wanted to touch them but she said that they were best sucked so she showed me how suck her breasts. It was real pleasant to suck on her breasts and feel her nipples rise a little in my mouth. She would hold me tight against her while I sucked contentedly.

        I told her that I always liked to wrestle with her because I could feel her body against mine. She would only grin and ask me what I liked most. I told her I liked her belly because I could feel her breathing hard while we played. She would tell me to put my belly close to hers while we lay on the ground and breathe together. It was so nice to do that in unison and she would sometimes open her legs to let me lay closer.

        One time during the time we were in the corn patch she let me touch her down there. I had asked several times to do so and she refused saying that I was too little. That always irritated me and I told her I was big enough to do it and she should let me. I can remember the first time she let me touch her between her legs. I had put my hand up her play dress and found that her panties were wet. I thought it must have been sweat because it was hot in the summer and there wasn't much breeze in the corn rows. She told me to feel inside her panties and I found she was very wet there.

        She asked me to put my finger inside her but I didn't know exactly where. She guided my hand until my finger was in her pussy. She told me that was its name but never to say it around the folks or anyone else. She told me my thing was called a peter and that we should never say those words around anyone. I promised and we would lie side by side and play with each other. Sometimes she would move her body a little bit in time with my finger going in and out of her pussy. .......(cont) OkieTX (mff bro/sis) (09k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Tuesday, July 04, 2006....

      • .....My Little Amy, ch 1, by Lavrenti

        Amy is looking up at me, her arms raised, waiting to be picked up. She is a pretty little thing, six years old, in a cute pink tank-top and shorts. I smile, and hoist her up, hugging her close and sneaking in a special kiss-a little tongue, but too quick for anyone but us to notice it. She giggles, and lays her head down on my shoulder, molding her body close and shifting her puss against my side. I have to whisper and tell her to stop. There are people around, and we have to wait a bit.

        For now I am content to hold her, and revel in the weight and warmth of my little niece, her bottom resting on my arm, her bare legs available for the occasional caress. I kiss the top of her head, and her thick dark hair is still warm from the sun though we have been inside the grocery store for a while now. Her eyes are closed, and the breath from her little nose tickles my neck as I try to maneuver a recalcitrant grocery cart one-handed. She starts rubbing against my side again, and I just smile and let her. If some shrill soccer mom notices, so be it. My insatiable little tyke can't help herself, and right now neither can I.

        But no one notices. No one ever does. The chilled air in the store makes my Amy shiver a bit, and she snuggles, trying to get even closer, and, for reasons known only to little girls, she starts kissing my neck, even licking it a little. I make her stop-I have to. I am about to pass out, about to rip the front of my jeans, about to fuck the hell out of her right there in the middle of Aisle 5. Cleanup on Aisle 5! Damn crazy little minx. I cannot remember what the hell groceries I was supposed to get, and can't possibly care less. Time to go.

        I regretfully put her down as we get to the checkout line, and she pouts and leans on my leg as the checkout moron tries to figure out how to ring up groceries. How am I doing today? Oh, I am just fan-fucking-tastic, and I'd be even better if you'd manage to make that box of frozen pizza go "bleep" so I can get out to the van and fuck the living hell out of my baby niece. But no, no, I say I am fine, and answer the eternal question of paper or plastic, and finally we are out in the sun again.

        I pick her up again, this time in the interest of sheer speed, and head to the van. Toss in the groceries, toss in the kid, get in, shut the door, and she is smiling at me. I can't decide whether to spank the little devil or fuck her senseless. No, wait, I can decide. .......(cont)

        My Little Amy, ch Lavrenti (M/g ped inc cons rough) (04k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Sunday, July 02, 2006....

      • .....Katie Is Silent, ch 1, by Lavrenti

        Katie is silent. Under her flowered blanket there is a unsteady hum, and some night noises can be heard through the open window, but Katie is silent and rigidly still. Her arms are flat to her sides, held there by thick soft leather straps—enough to hold an enraged rhino, let alone a pretty five-year-old girl. Her heavy little legs are lewdly splayed beneath the blanket, allowing an elaborate and relentless device full access to her plump baby puss. Her head is strictly held down, and her pretty little mouth is filled with a large and horrifying gag. She is blindfolded, and lost in a world of endless stimulation and exhaustion. It is nearly 3:30 in the morning. Bedtime was at seven.

        The heavy device under the blanket provides her with an unending variety of stimulation. A wheelbrush whirrs over her tiny clit; a dildo inflates to impossible sizes; a needle jabs her labia. Sometimes the dildo vibrates, spins, pumps in and out at random speeds, changes shape. Electric shocks flow at random into her little nipples, her puss, her clit, the big plug in her bottom. The device cannot be ignored. Katie doesn't want to have any more orgasms, but she starts snuffing air desperately into her little freckled nose, and suction devices attaching to her nipples send her over the edge, her little body straining and trying to buck against the eternal straps. Slowly, the wrenching orgasm fades, her tiny heart pounding, her muffled screaming done. A pump activates, and water begins to fill her little bottom. She dreads this. It is cold, and it makes her little tummy stretch tight. .......(cont)

        Katie Is Silent, ch Lavrenti (Mg bd sm tort nc ped toys ws inc) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Thursday, May 11, 2006....

      • .....A City Slickers Dream, by Mr. Fixit

        I suppose that all city born and raised guys all have at one time or another had this dream. The one where you happen onto the farmer's daughter down at the old stream way back in the woods. The one where she is skinny dipping. Well my dream came true in triplicate.

        It was one of those hot humid days of late August. The kind of day you can fry an egg on the sidewalk. I just could not stand the heat any more so went out for a drive. I must have driven about 2 hours with the hot air blowing in my face just trying to escape the humidity. I was by this time both hungry and getting tired, but it had at least cooled off a little. I stopped at a small mom and pop shop for some food. Not much of a selection but I found some hot dogs, some tomatoes and fruit. I decided to have myself a little cook out. I got back into the car and drove up the road where I saw a stream cross under it. On the left side was a one lane dirt road that seemed to follow the stream so I took it. I found a small clearing about a mile down the road that was perfect for my little cook out. The clearing was about 25 or 30 feet in from the dirt road and was like your dream clearing in the country. There was the mandatory tree hanging over the stream with a rope swing attached to it. It had a landing zone out about 15 feet in the middle of a swimming hole. The swimming hole itself was about 30 feet across and as I discovered latter about 8 or 10 feet deep in the center. It had a small soft sandy patch that made a perfect dream beach. I thought I had found a piece of heaven. .......(cont)

        A City Slickers Mr. Fixit (M/f/g/g) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Monday, February 06, 2006....

      • .....Beach Play, ch 2, by Wanderer

        The men took the boys back to the little tent they had up on the grass part of the beach, and told Ned and Pete to start clean up the little boy, who he laid down on a towel. It was nice and hot in the tent, and they were partially hidden from the outside crowd of children and adults. Ned could see the dad and his friend sitting down outside the tent, having a beer and keeping an eye on the proceedings in the tent.

        Pete whipped off his speedoes, displaying a cute three-inch seven year old boner, then leaned over and started licking the gobs of cum off his two year old baby brother. He looked at Ned, and said: -You should let him clean your cock, he's real good at it!

        Ned's thirteen years old half-hard cock stiffened a little as he took off his swim trunks. Little Johnny squealed in glee as his seven year old brother slurped Ned's cum off his baby chest. Ned lowered his crotch over the two-year old's face, and the boy took his cock with his sticky hands and put the cockhead in his mouth, slurping off the strands of cum that was left there. The feeling was wonderful, the boy's baby lips caressing the dirty teen cockhead.

        -Me thirsty, the boy said. -Drink pee!

        -What?!? Ned said and looked at Pete. The seven year old was now licking his baby brother's asshole.

        - Yeah, just piss in him, he loves it, he grinned and started sucking his baby brother's peanut. .......(cont)

        Beach Play, ch Wanderer (M/b b/b (M13, b7, b4, b4, b2) inf inc ws scat anal oral) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Saturday, February 04, 2006....

      • .....Beach Play, ch 1, by Wanderer

        Thirteen year old Ned was at the beach. He was a horny teenager, and especially liked dirty stuff like playing with poo, pissing himself, jerking off outside... and he knew he liked boys and men, not girls. He was small for his age, and looked more like ten than thirteen with an blue-eyed, innocent face that belied the dirty thoughts inside. His short, sun-bleached hair showed he spent a lot of time outside.

        Now he was in the shallows, locomoting himself forward with his arms, enjoying the closeness and the occasional bumps from the toddlers and small kids, some of whom were naked. Some kids were running, splashing and laughing in the water, while others just sat there and played with seashells and small rocks in the tepid shallows.

        He watched a two year old boy playing distractedly with his baby penis. Ned got really close, his hand drifting just inches from the baby's half-hard little peanut, watching with his teen cock hardening in his bathing trunks. The baby's daddy was standing with his back to them, talking to another guy. The little tyke looked at Ned's questing hand, then at his face and smiled. Ned checked again that the big man next to them was occupied in his chat. When he looked back, the boy was looking down at his swelling baby peepee.

        - Got pee, the toddler piped.

        He then giggled as pee streamed out and over his baby fingers. Ned looked around quickly, then sneaked a feel, holding the pissing baby dick as yellow baby pee warmed his hand. The baby giggled louder.

        - I see you have found a friend, Johnny. What's your name, son?

        The baby's father now looked down at them and smiled. Ned thought his heart would stop.

        - Uh... Ned.. .......(cont)

        Beach Play, ch Wanderer (m/b b/b m(13) b(7,2) inf, ws, cons, implied inc) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Saturday, February 04, 2006....

      • .....Letter To A Perv Dad, by Zack

        Dear Dad,   I got your letter yesterday, Dad, and it was so incredibly great and wonderful and fuckin sexy.  I'm so glad you trusted me enough to send it Dad.  It made my dick rock hard and I haven't been able to think of anything else, so thought I'd send you a letter right away.  I hope you have time to read it between all the killing and raping you're doing!  If we had more men like you our country would be so much stronger.

        I really miss you, Dad.  Now I'm stuck here with my bitch mom.  I want to keep living with her because I can take advantage of the fact that she'll do anything for me -- cook and clean and give me money.  As I know you'd agree, bitches are good for that.  Even though I mouth off to her and call her a stupid cunt, she just takes it.  You've taught her well, Dad.  I've always known you hated the stupid whore, Dad.  From the time I can remember (around age 3?) I've listed to you yelling at her and beating her.  And it always made my dick hard, Dad!  Even a few times I snuck down and opened your bedroom door enough to see in.  I saw you beat her with your fists, kick her, spit on her, and fuck her really hard in all three holes.  Damn, it boned me up big time, for years!  i shot many loads of cum watching you.  Funny, I never felt like rescuing Mom or stopping you.  I always felt the stupid bitch deserved it and I admired you for your strength and for being a man.  Besides, it turned me on!

        Well, Dad, I think I'm taking after you.  You know that cunt Molly I started dating just before you left for the war?  Pretty, blond, big tits.  I saw you checking out her udders a couple of times.  Anyway, she's a shy, kind of naive whore, daughter of a religious family.  I really managed to get my way with her.  Told her the Lord wanted me to fuck her, and she believes anything (the stupid bitch).  So I busted her cherry really hard, made her bleed like a stuck pig.  I continued to tell her the Lord spoke to me and that his plan for women was to obey their men.  So I managed to have her gang-raped by my buddies, and I piss and shit on her regularly.  I've punched her a few times in the stomach when she gave me a hard time.  She cries but comes back for more.  I beat her up the worst when I caught her talking to a dumb nigger one day.  You'd be proud, Dad. .......(cont)

        Letter To A Perv Zack (M/f, dad/dau, violent, extreme, rape, racist) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Sunday, December 25, 2005....

      • .....Kim Gets Help Tutoring, by Mandable

        The little blonde ten year old was fortunatly very cute because she certainly wasn't very smart. He looked at her as she struggled with the simple math problem. Her slim legs shifted back and forth as she fidgeted in her seat. Each twist exposing a little more of her smooth white thigh until finally I could make out the white lace frill of her bright pink panties. He watched as her full pink lips began to form a pout of frustation. Now her white linen skirt had slid well up her thighs and he could make out the crease in her tight nylon panties formed by her bulging pussy lips. The panties were a thin material and let him make out the outline of her naked cunt.

        He shifted his gaze to her forming breasts in the hope of calming himself but to no avail as he realized she wore no training bra under the thin tshirt. He was able to make out her nipples pushing against the too small top and the jiggle of her firm young breasts as she continued to twist in her chair. The little cutie looked at him and gave him a big smile. He knew the single parent family was quite poor and the child wore hand me downs.

        "I'm sorry sir I just can't do these hard problems."

        Just then I looked up to see Kim's mother waiting at the door. We were to have an interview after school to see about getting her extra help. As the bell rang and the class left Kim stayed at her desk struggling with the problems.

        "I don't know what to do sir, I know Kim needs help but I can't afford a tutor."

        "Don't worry I would be happy to help her and of course there will be no charge"

        "Oh thank you so much. When could you come?" .......(cont)

        Kim Gets Help Mandable (M/f) (04k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Monday, October 31, 2005....

      • .....The House Party, by CARPORT1

        Don't know if my posts have any interest to folks or not. However, they do help me sort out my thoughts and look at the past series of events that have taken place. I guess the posting bit is part of an ego thing otherwise I whould just write it in my daily journal I have kept for some 30+ years now.

        Anyway the ego won out today so here goes a partial recap of the last three weeks.

        My wife runs a small physical therapy (PT) center for sports injury and minor surgical procedures. It is not part of a hospital system and really came about when several of her friends complained about the travel time involved in going to the hospital PT centers.

        She has always been a "health nut" and we had all kinds of equipment in our home. She used it and I watched.

        We ended up remodeling the back of our place and put all the "health gear" shit in two rooms. One geared toward the PT side and the other room for general health maintenance.

        Back around the first of the month I came home from a short trip to Norflok Va for a small reunion of sailor types (lots of beer and sea stories). I got back on Sunday and the road in front of our place was packed with cars.

        My wife was celebrating our youngest grankids 3rd birthday and also was doing a kind of "open house " for the addition. Several friends and neighbors were over and it was a lot of noise and confusion.I gave the wife a kiss and she grabbed my ass and said something like "and the sailor has returned from the sea, hopefully wanting a good fuck,cause his wife does". She has always been up front about what she likes. .......(cont)

        The House CARPORT1 (Lite on sex ,anal) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Thursday, October 27, 2005....

      • .....Sis Blows, by AnonX

        Ricky pulled himself up out of the water and onto the deck by the swimming pool. It wasn't really all that tiresome in the water but his mind had kept wandering and he figured it was a good time to maybe get a little bit more sun.

        The 15-year-old boy stood up on the deck and allowed the water to drip on off of him. Then he grabbed a towel and dried himself off as best he could. His bathing suit, the "jams" type, was still wet and it clung to his legs, crotch and ass tightly but that didn't bother him. Actually, it felt kind of good.

        His mind kept racing back to last night with his girlfriend, Teresa. She was very pretty and, to Ricky, quite sexy. Last night they had been alone at her house and had gone further than ever before. While they had been making out, Ricky's tongue deep in is girlfriend's mouth, she had not only let him slide his hand up her blouse but she had not been wearing a bra. He had felt her bare, firm young tits for nearly 10 minutes! His cock had been so hard it had been about to break.

        They went no further than that, though Ricky had sneaked enough views at his father's porno tapes to know he would have loved for Karen to have sucked his cock and to know he wanted to stick his rock hard young cock into her hot, wet pussy. Karen had kept insisting that her parents would be home at any second, however, though he was sure it was simply because she was scared. So far, she had not even touched his cock, not even through his pants.

        So Ricky had come home and, in bed that night, reached down to caress his own cock. He stroked it until it blew a giant load of hot cum all over his stomach and hand. Still not satisfied, he had kept playing with himself, rubbing his cum into his cock and balls before getting hard again and jerking off one more time. At least it calmed him down enough so he could get to sleep.

        Surely the time would come soon when Karen would give him everything he wanted. God, he wanted to feel her mouth on his cock! He wanted to feel how tight her cunt was while he fucked her! Yet, at this point, all he had was his own hand.

        He was a good-looking boy. His dark brown hair, big brown eyes and nice tan got the attention of a lot of girls. He was 5'6" and slender, yet with just a touch of muscle beginning to break through, making him look very enticing anytime his shirt was off. Some girls said his facial features were "cute," while others admitted he was downright "handsome."

        Since he had been going with Karen, he had wondered several times over the past three months if he hadn't cost himself sex with several girls. So far, he had been faithful to her. He didn't know how much longer that could last unless she started giving him the sex he craved.

        He put the seat back of the lounge chair about midway up before sinking onto it, his feet up. His cock was stirring again as he thought about the night before. Damn, her tits had felt so good and had felt so firm! The more he thought, the more his cock reacted and, finally, the handsome teenager reached down and squeeze his cock through his bathing suit. His own touch made him groan involuntarily.

        Damn! He was so fucking horny!

        He looked around at the house and then around the large privacy fence which encircled the pool area. The thoughts began racing through his mind. Mom and Dad were at work; they wouldn't be back for hours. His 12-year-old sister, Selena, was off to god-knows-where and, most likely, wouldn't return until shortly before their parents did. He was alone and could do what he wanted. .......(cont)

        Sis AnonX (m/f inc oral) (11k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Monday, October 24, 2005....

      • .....My Baby Sister, by zbow

        My dear little boy, dear son could be just about the nicest boy i ever known. loves to take care of his younger sister sue who is only 9 months old still in her little diapers.keven at the age of 6 years old brown hair dark eyes,sue has puffy little baby legs light blonde short hair mommy is 39 years old brown hair big milk filled tits.

        Well to get to the story, keven loves to watch his sister this story will explain why.while mommy steps out of the house to hang her clothes on the line keven stays in and has his way with little sue. mommy who is ann she asks keven to watch baby sue one morning while mommy is catching a few winks outside the perfect time for keven to have his way with sue.

        Hum i think i will check to see if baby sues diapers needs changeing. keven in his little shorts and just is shorts. walks up to sue who is lying on the couch sleeping. he quietly pulls her little nighty up revealing her pink little nipples kevens still softs hands runs along sues tinny soft nipples and wonders why they are not big like mommies big boobs.he then moves up to kiss one nipple the soft smooth taste of baby flesh reaches kevens lips.

        Then little keven moves his little hand down to the lining of baby sues diapers and then rubs his hand closer to sues little puffy soft mound it was soft as a baby could be her little pussy lips were puffy.keven then went further he pulled sues diapers down below her puffy knees and now sues puffy baby mound was in full view. .......(cont)

        My Baby zbow (incest/brother/sister) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Saturday, October 22, 2005....

      • .....Neighberhood Cookout Gets Very Interesting, by Carport1

        My wife informed me the annual neighberhood cookout was going to be held at our place this year. It was 6 years since we last hosted the event so I didn't mind.

        Brian and Sara our next door neighbors just missed last years when they moved in a week after the event.

        After geting a rough idea what everyone was going to bring I was also told that Sara's older sister Sandra was going to attend since my wife had invited her last year.

        Last Saturday was the cookout and I am only now starting to get back on track (I think).

        My time with Sara has been a sort of hit or miss kind of thing due too her family life and my not wanting to get to obvious about the occasional blowjob or ass fuck she was getting from me.

        As I said in my previous post I had felt very strongly that both Sara and Sandra had been abused (or pleasured) by there father while he was alive.

        Over the last few weeks Sara started calling me " Bad Daddy" as a joke to her nickname of "Party Girl" her husband and my wife didn't mind and now it is getting to be a kind of normal thing to hear other neighbors use the term (Mostly the wives).

        Anyway, I asked Brian to help set up for the cookout and he said Friday was going to be better for him since he wasa going to be working 2nd shift thru that Sunday.

        Brian and Sara showed up right after the school bus picked up all the kids in the neighberhood. We started setting up everything and was pretty close to finishing up when Brian got a call asking him to come in a few hours early.He and Sara decided the overtime pay whould come in handy so off they went back to there place and I finished up for the day. .......(cont)

        Neighberhood Cookout Gets Very Carport1 (M/f oral,anal sisters) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Saturday, September 03, 2005....

      • .....Continuing My Community Service, by carport1

        Well it was almost two weeks after our community carport when my neighbor came back over. Her kids have been back in school for almost the whole time and I thought she may have developed some guilt feelings about my treatment of her during her last visit to my place.

        I found out diferently when she and her older sister stopped by yesterday morning. My neighbor is somewhere in her late 20's maybe real early 30's and her sister is 34.

        The reason I know the sisters age is becuase she goes to my wife's physical therapy clinic twice a week for treatments and I casually asked my wife if she knew our neighbor and her patient were related.

        Anyway, here they were on my front porch having some coffee and breakfast rolls talking away about mindless mommy shit when my neighbor up and says "Lindsy is my sisters next door neighbor and a patient of your wife's also". Now i have been butt fucking Lindsy since the mid 90's and while my wife thinks she is a bit of a tease i can say she is also a great fuck and suck lady. My neighbor's sister kicked in with the comment " I see you over at Linsdy's every once in awhile and she always seems real happy to see you". .......(cont)

        Continuing My Community carport1 (m/f/sisters/anal/oral) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Friday, September 23, 2005....

      • .....Bad Neighbor/ Good Neighbor, Damned If I Know Which I Am, by carport1

        I pulled into my driveway on Monday afternoon and Brian my next door neighbor was out working in his front yard. I waved and he started walking over to talk. I stopped and he started asking about a rough running car he had. I took a look and found a half way melted plug wire touching the manifold. We replaced the wire with one from my garage inventory and the car started running just fine.

        Brian said the car was his wife's primary car and I said "You know you have been my neighbor for almost a year now and I stll don't know your wife's first name". He said her name was "Sara" and that she got the name " Party Girl" from High School some 13 years before.

        About 5 minutes after finishing the car Sara came over and stood next to Brian and started thanking me for fixing her car. She started telling Brian what a good neighbor I was and how we needed to get togather once in a while. I took it all in with a "this will never happen" when Sara asked if I had time to look at the washer in the utility room. I found a bad seal on the bottom of the tube and told Brian I whould order the part and install it with a new belt the next day.

        I called the parts store and found out they had a warrenty replacement kit for that washer and I could pick it up that afternoon. .......(cont)

        Bad Neighbor/ Good Neighbor, Damned If I Know Which I carport1 (M/F Anal, Oral) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Friday, August 19, 2005....

      • .....A Community Carport Sale Gets Very Sexy, by carport1

        Three weeks ago we had a community car port sale . Each home had all kinds of junk and usefull items in the driveway and lawn. My wife and I sat up the stuff we had, then she left for work for a few hours. She had Sat. office hours the next day so I had the whole thing to run on that Sat.

        Friday was not very busy so my wife didn't stay outside very much, she came out if someone was interested in one of her items.

        The neighbor came over shortly after my wife left for work and started looking at several items, one time she bent over to look in a box under a table and gave me a great shot up her very short tight skirt. No panties! She caught me looking (hell I was transfixed) and sort of smiled and gave a short laugh. "Hi neighbor" she said and then bent back over another box of things and spread her legs as far as her skirt whould allow.

        She and her family had moved in about 5 months before and we had waved to each other and her husband had borrowed some tools when they first moved in,nothing else beyond that.

        She stood up finally and said "I see your son is getting ready to head back to school soon" I told her he was my 19 year old grandson and was starting his 3rd year at the local college.

        She looked at me kind of strangely then said "I didn't realize you were that old" I told her I was retired from the military and had married very young and my wife had our daughter when she was 19.

        I have been in a lot of situations were the way you respond to a womans questions will get you laid or not. .......(cont)

        A Community Carport Sale Gets Very carport1 (MF) (03k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Thursday, August 04, 2005....

      • .....Daddy and Bella, by DreamsinColor

        My wife had just died. Here I was: 24 and a widower. My wife, Michelle died in a car crash a month ago. I couldn't believe it. I was in tears for days. We had a young daughter, Isabelle, but we all called her Bella. She was an amazing black-haired 3-year old beauty. Amazing skin, just like her mom and she had the cutest voice. I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Michael Warner. As I previously said, I am 24-years old and my late wife's name was Michelle. We married at 18, right out of high school. I'm in the movie business, at least, I want to be. I'm an aspiring film director but for the past few years I've just directed community theater in our town of Brokehallow, Kansas. It's a small town with roughly only 100 people but we love it here. Anyway, Bella had been sleeping in my bed with me since her mother's untimely death. She is so beautiful and amazing. I never considered myself a pedophile, I still don't, but I have to admit, Bella and I have been getting alot closer as of late. It started with us just cuddling and kissing a little, not abnormal for a father and a daughter to do but it eventually became oral sex. She seemed to enjoy it alot, which surprised me for a 4-year old girl but she is very mature for her age. .......(cont)

        Daddy and DreamsinColor (M/f (3yo girl), dad/daut inc, penetration, character-driven, light on the sex) (02k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Tuesday, April 05, 2005....

      • .....Slut Grandaughter Valerie, ch 2, by Vegasman

        After teaching little Val to suck his cock and swallow his man juice,he then proceeds to bust her 3yr old cherry.. Letting Val sleep for three hours,after she gave him 4 blow jobs and on the last one she deep troughts him now!! Wake up my little cocksucker, he say's..Valerie wakes up and cringes in a fetel position, scared of her papa... Papa is going to make you a woman..Are you papa's baby slut? Val doesn't answer, just starts crying.. Bob reaches out and pinches Valerie's baby nipples and asks her again.. Screaming, she say's, YES! YES!... That's my little girl.. Laying down, he starts kissing Val hard on the mouth, and works his way too her plum size tits and eraser size nipples, sucking them hard!! Biting them a little making Val try to pull his head away.. But the 200 pound grandfather has his way with her.. Now down her belly to her thighs and finnally too the PRIZE!!! Spreading her legs apart, starts tounging his pussy lips...NO! Papa, NO!... Shut up slut, smacking her on her thigh!!! So young, so hot, so juicy, Bob say's.. Reaching over to the night stand for some KY gel, put a good gob in Val's little hot pussy, fingering her good and deep hitting her hymen... Taking some more Ky and smears his now throbbing hard 9inch cock real good...Grabing Val behind her knees pulls her into him till the head of his cock is at the entrance of her pussy lips!!! This is going to hurt a lot sweetty, but Papa has to do this, there's no turning back now!!!Pushing his head in easily with all that Ky,inward with three inches in, Bob works his cock back and forth hitting her hymen, making Val scream, Take it out!!! It's to BIG!!! .......(cont)

        Slut Grandaughter Valerie, ch Vegasman (M/g multi/M rape oral) (05k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Sunday, March 27, 2005....

      • .....Slut Grandaughter Valerie, ch 1, by Vegasman

        Bob's daughter comes over his house and ask him too take charge of her little 3yr old daughter Valerie. She met a man who wants to marry her and take her to europe to live, but doesn't want kids yet. Bob say's yes. She doesn't know her dad has become a pervert. She thanks him and tells Valerie goodbye, be good to grandpa. Valerie is a pretty blond, blue eyed 3yr old. Taking her hand, leads her into the family room. Looking her over he notices right away she takes after his wife and daughter in the breast department. They both had 40DDs. Bob's wife died 2yrs ago, since he met 8 friends that got him into young girls. They have found many 12 to 14yearolds to fuck. This was a blessing from heaven, now they will have a 3yr old to make a slut out of. Sitting on the couch her dress comes up her knees, he notices that Val is wearing panties. You potty trianed sweetheart? Yes, Papa, Val say's. Ummmmmmm, sweet young pussy he thinks to himself. You hungry, Val? Yes, Papa. Papa will get you some icecream okay? Yes, i love icecream.. Bob goes into the kitchen and dishes out a scoop of vanilla and smiling to himself, takes a bottle out of the frige, which has his and his pedo friends cum in it, that they use to feed the young girls they fuck. Poures out 2ounces of cum over the top of it and one strawberry swirled in come as a topper. Meanwhile little 3yr old Valerie sees the TV clicker, she knows how to turn it on and off and change channles. Turning it on, she didn't know her Papa had a pedo DVD he was watching before his daughter brought Val over. A tape he and his friends made. She looked schocked as the movie was playing, 9 naked men and a young naked girl about 14 yrs old. .......(cont)

        Slut Grandaughter Valerie, ch Vegasman (M/f grandad/grand daut) (04k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Saturday, March 12, 2005....

      • .....Catched While Sleeping, by anonWolff

        I got her pregnant and she don't know. She don't know that she's pregnant either. And that while she's only ten. But let me tell from the beginning.

        Me and my sister are only one year apart, me the older one. When we were little babys our parents put us together in one bed, so no one had to sleep alone. After a few years we got our own beds, but in the same room, because we only lived and live in a small house. Every time my sister couldn't sleep she came over to my bed and snuggled into my arms and fell asleep within minutes.

        When she was seven, and me eight of course, i noticed the first time strange feelings for her. She was snuggling up to me and i felt my prick raising up. With every move in her sleep the strange feelings got stronger and at last i got my night shorts wet. I had my first orgasm while my sister was sleeping. I was afraid she would notice next morning, but it dried till awakening.

        The next weeks every time she got over to my bed, and she usually does twice a month, i came in my shorts. .......(cont)

        Catched While anonWolff (m/f inc pedo preg) (04k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Thursday, March 03, 2005....

      • .....The Truth Behind The Smile, by Courtney E.

        It was about eight o’clock and I had just gotten out of drivers’ ed. I was waiting on the side of the road for my dad to pick me up because he was late as always. Then I saw him. He was tall and mysterious looking. I felt myself becoming immediately drawn to him. He walked over to me and began to chat me up. After a minute of small talk he asked me for my phone number, and excitedly I gave it to him. I figured he would probably never call me, but that night at about eleven o’clock the phone rang. No more than two weeks later we were officially dating. I was on cloud nine. Here I was, sixteen years old, and falling hopelessly in love. Life was perfect, and so was he. Or at least that is what I thought.

        At first it seemed I had found this wonderful guy and I was the luckiest girl in the world. He treated me like a princess and said those oh-so-sweet things I wanted to hear. As the months rolled by, however, things took a turn for the worse. He became extremely controlling. I no longer hung out with any of my friends; he wanted me to hang out only with him. He had to know where I was at all times of the day. I could not talk to any other guys, and if I did, he would become extremely jealous. This was only the beginning, however. In October of my junior year, after we had been dating for about five months, I moved in with him and his family. I suppose I did not have much of a choice, since my father had sold our house without anywhere for us to go. At the time it seemed living with Bobby could not possibly be any worse than living in hotels with my father, who at the time was at the peak of his struggle with drugs. Moving in with Bobby gave him all the control he wanted over me, and that turned out to be a very dangerous thing. .......(cont)

        The Truth Behind The Courtney E. (abuse) (04k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Tuesday, February 22, 2005....

      • .....Little Katie's In The Garage, by Leliny

        "Ahh at last", I thought to myself. My shed was finally divided into two sections, now I might be able to get some privacy. I had a lock installed on the second room in the garage, and inside was a room my wife knew was off limits. It was my area so that if I wanted to get away and do my own thing I would be left in privacy. Three more months passed, only I knew what was in that room, I had been preparing it after work for the last six weeks.

        The first thing you notice when you walk in the room, is the polished wooden flooring and the odd looking furniture. The centre of the room looks like a small wooden table with black leather on the top providing some padding. You can see shackles at the front to bind the ankles and shackles on the other side of it to bind the wrists. It was hardly big enough for an adult; it was designed for a small kid, an little innocent girl, my daughter. To the side of mini table was a high resolution video camera mounted in a raised position for a perfect recording of my daughter's backside and anal opening. On the other side, another high res video camera taking a full view of her face and her shoulders. In the drawer to the sides, many blank tapes for what would be an on-going collection that would make my daughter famous. The drawer next to it containing items such as Vaseline, a towel, spare undies, a roll of toilet paper, a nightie, spare school uniform, gaffer tape and other gagging material. There was also a TV and video player mounted to the back of the table, where my little girl would sit on my knee and watch anal sex videos with me before we start.

        Today was a good day to begin, it was my daughters last day of school before the holidays. She is in grade one, she looks like the kind of girl you see with a slim mum at the local supermarket, she just like her mummy, except she is skinnier, and smaller. She is only six, I always wanted my daughter in this way, but was a firm believer in waiting until they are ready to take a full sized cock up their backside. My daughter has a skinny little arse, I bet her anal hole is tiny, almost invisible. But she is ready, she's got little long legs for her tender age, her backside may be skinny but I know once she is bent over her but cheeks will protrude enough to allow her anal opening some room to accommodate a large cock, it will be a tight fit, but it will go up there. The harder I force it the more her cheeks will spread, stretching her to the limit of her six year old anal capacity. This is almost impossible in a girl any younger than her to get your full shaft up their backside. This is why i've been jacking off waiting for the day my little girl turned six. .......(cont)

        Little Katie's In The Leliny (M/g, Dad/Daut, bond, anal, nc) (06k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Sunday, February 20, 2005....

      • .....My Buddy's Daughter, by meagain

        After being stationed overseas and talking to her so much, I could not wait to see this 14 year old girl in her catholic school uniform, especially knowing that she was a virgin. It was going to be a little difficult, since she was the daughter of a good friend, and the fact that I am 34, won't make it any easier. The way we had been talking over the Internet, sure makes me think that she is looking forward to what I am, but I am not 100% sure. She attends a catholic school, and play sports (gymnastics, Softball, Cheerleading), so as you can imagine she is in very good shape, she is a lovely little 5' 6'' and weighs a petite 100 pounds. When she first showed me her school uniform, I almost came right in my pants. Little did she know I was stroking my rock hard cock when she was showing me on her webcam. I have probably masturbated to her at least 100 times, and could not wait until I would be able to pour a load in her nice tight pussy. When I finally got over there house, I was greeted by the whole family, happy to see me home safe and sound, but much to my disappointment my target was not home from school yet. After about an hour of small talk, the front door opened, and there she her school uniform, and I started to get hard immediatly. She ran over to me and gave me a big hug, and just squeezed me, then she gave me a soft kiss on my cheek....her lips were so soft. After about 20 miutes of catching up, we decided to get some pizza for dinner, and I volunteered to go pick it up, at which time Kelly jumped up and said she will be going with me, at which I did not object, unfortunatly her little brother also asked to go. Much to my pleasure, she kept her school skirt on, with those high knee socks, I was about to explode. .......(cont)

        My Buddy's meagain (M/g 14y) (05k) Listen to Audio Version Help with Audio Files


      from Saturday PM, November 13, 2004....

      • .....Horny 57 Year Old Grandmother, by zbow

        It was the summer of 55 and it was very hot that day danny only a 12 year old boy blonde hsir blue eyes very slim build.his grandmother was 57 years old with enormous tits and large nipples. amy dannys 7 year old sister was very little, no tits, dark brown hair brown eyes. well any way danny only had his underware on because it was very hot and his sister had only a swimsuit bottom half only she had no top. danny wanted to check in on what his grandmother was doing,so he decided to go upstairs to see what she was doing, she was siting down fanning her self compleatly naked with the window wide open. why grandma danny said she turned around and was takin by surprize why danny how can i help you.i am to hot danny said,come over here dear boy let me cool you off. but grandma your naked!, oh its okey sweet boy come on over here. as danny moved closer to his grandmother he saw the biggest tits he had ever seen his eyes popped wide open. like what you see danny stuned on words he said why of corse i do cna i touch them, sure go ahead. .......(cont)

        Horny 57 Year Old zbow (incest) (02k)


      from Tuesday PM, October 19, 2004....

      • .....Mothers' Friends And Perverts, parts 2-3, by EvilMother

        As the genetically altered pain studs go from scene to scene, raping, assfucking, pissing and endlessly shooting cum everywhere, from above the orgiasts' head a big net, resembling the type of net they use to put under trapeze artists, is slowly lowered down to a few feet above the participants. The net is just swimming with naked young boys and girls. Resembling a big nest of mating worms or snakes, the children writhe and wiggle in the throws of sick, lewd ecstacy. The kids had been given a mixture of m.d.a. and methamphetamine. They were totally consumed with evil lust, the kind of depraved and wicked desires that only the aphrodisiac and speed could create. They are fucking, sucking, slapping, moaning with sick desires. Perhaps a dozen beautiful children wallow in the throes of drug driven perversion. When the dope flows they do things they would usually never consider. They turn into ravenous, wicked little demons, with evil and depraved intentions. Growling like animals in obscene heat, a 6 year old boy straps a 12 inch vibrating dildo to his thin, girlish waist. His little 5 year old brother is behind him, biting, chewing, and slobbering on his big brothers little asshole. How delicious. Can you imagine that, dear perverted reader, innocent little 5 and 6 year olds committing the lewdest atrocities! ? The smooth, lovely, soft and unspoiled young flesh burning with sick desires? The brothers and sisters slobbering all over each other? .......(cont)

        Mothers' Friends And Perverts, parts EvilMother (inc. swingers, watersports, sm, bd and more) (05k)


      from Monday PM, October 18, 2004....

      • .....Penny's Anal Abduction, ch 1, by Leliny

        As I looked out the van window, I saw an ally and I knew the moment had arrived. There she was walking down the ally towards me, taking her shortcut home from school. She looked about 5 or 6 years old very small and very skinny, about 2 feet 11, weighing around 32 kg's, with long brown hair and freckles with sparkling blue eyes. Wearing her blue chequered school dress, it's length up to her knees, I could see her lower legs and ankles just above her white socks, her legs were stick like, about the width of the leg of a chair. She looked up and glanced at the van parked at the end of the ally occasionally but couldn't see through the tinted windows. I opened the opposite side door, and walked around the van opening the passenger side door. I had taken out the front passenger side seat, for fast access to the back where I had some handcuffs ready attached to the flooring. As the little girl walked towards me she glanced up and saw me, I was busy looking at a street directory, and she thought nothing of it. Just as she walked past I reached out and grabbed her by the arm, putting my other arm around her mouth before she could scream. Dragging her into the van, and placing tape over her mouth, as I could smell her scent and slight perfume of her hair. Once she was gagged I laid her on her back and shackled her down. I whispered to her "don't worry i'm not going to hurt you, ok"? I got in the front seat and started the 40 kilometre journey to the property. I arrived and parked the Van and went to the back un shackling her. She looked scared and was crying, as soon as I took her inside I sat her on the couch and said "its ok your not going to be hurt". I took the tape off from her mouth and caressed her beautiful cheeks. She was crying and I kissed her on her tiny lips. She moved away and I grabbed her around the neck and told her not to move away like that, and that from now on she will be doing what she is told to do. She sulked and said "I wanna go home" My erection was huge I was bulging so hard I thought it was going to rip out of my jeans. All I could think about was how tiny she was and if I would be able to stick my dick up her arse. I couldn't take it any longer, I didn't want to hurt her but I knew she would need to go through some pain to please me. I said to her "ok well I will take you home soon, but not right now ok? right now you have to be trained to please me. She said to me "please mister can you take me home, I wanna go home" crying and sulking as she looked up at me with her teary beautiful eyes, I looked at her small precious beautiful frame and realised how much I was going to abuse her. .......(cont)

        Penny's Anal Abduction, ch Leliny (M/g 6yo anal NC Abducted scat crying) (05k)


      from Sunday PM, October 17, 2004....

      • .....My Sleeping Sister, by AnonX

        I got my own sister pregnant, and she doesn't even know it was me who did it! It happened when she was sixteen and I was fourteen, and she was recovering from mono. The doctor had given her this medicine that put her to sleep, so when I snuck into her room at night she didn't wake up when I fondled her. I started touching her about a week after she started taking the medicine, and I was scared at first. I'd carefully fondle her tits through her nightgown at first, then as time went by I got bolder and started running my hands all over her body while she slept. She felt so good. I'd move my hands under her nightshirt and rub my hands over her nipples, then after a few days I was bold enough to slide my hands into her panties and caress her bush and even rub my fingers along her slit. I couldn't believe I was doing this to my own sister, but it felt so good that I couldn't stop, and I'd come back each night to move my hands all over her body, kissing and licking her. I got bold enough to pull her pajamas and her panties down, and after I finger fucked her a couple of times I knew it was only a matter of time before I would put my own cock inside my sister. .......(cont)

        My Sleeping AnonX (m/f sleep nc preg) (02k)


      from Thursday PM, October 07, 2004....

      • .....The Bobby Saga, ch 1, by katietrannie

        This is a story about how a 14 year old normal guy became a sexy 16 year old pregnant Shemale. It has many similarities to real events.

        Bobby was a normal guy. he grew up in a good family and was fairly popular. One day when he was in 9th grade his class recieved a new teacher. Her name was Miss Grey. She was 6 foot tall had long legs Long blonde/brown hair and a round face. She was also heavily pregnant. Bobby felt utterly drawn to her He spent hours lying in his room alone thinking about how much he wanted to fuck her and have her do the same She took special notice of him one day when she came across him in the library with his eyes closed. he was obviously jerking off. He muttered her name several times. Shock she didn't say any thing.

        Weeks later Bobby stil was thinking about her. He had dreams where he was dressed as a girl having sex with miss grey. The most vivid one was of bobby in a wedding dress with long hair. In this dream he was tubby and had giant boobs. Miss Grey was also in the dream in a weding dress. She walked with him to get married. Bobby had flooded his pants with semen thinking about this dream.

        Bobby stayed late in the Library one afternoon using a computer to reseach sex changing and shemale sex. Miss grey quietly came up behind him 'What are you doing?" she asked "Miss grey!" Bobby was so shocked he burst his load of semen right then. She was shock at his behavior. "I think you'd better come to my office." Bobby followed her ashamed. .......(cont)

        The Bobby Saga, ch katietrannie (shemales, pooping, sex, drugs m/f) (03k)


      from Monday PM, September 27, 2004....

      • .....Gramps Toy, ch 1, by miss scandal

        When my grandma died it was very sad, we had to spend alot more time at grandpas farm and mum and dad would help alot. I used to keep grandpa company in the house as he was in a wheelchair. The car accident left grandma dead and grandpa with an amputated leg. It was decided to sell the farm and grandpa come live with us in the city. I loved grandpa and being only 5 years old would have done anything for him. He was very good to me as well, always in return for favours he gave me sweets and money. I had to help him with the bath one day and i noticed the long thing on his body, it used to get bigger sometimes. He asked me to soap it as he was limited in movement, thats when it grew in my hand and squirted shampoo at me. It was our little secret, grandada said it was a soap machine, but only when i made it grow bigger with my fingers. Over time I was left for whole weekends alone with gramps. We had the best fun. After a while I got bored with the bath game and stopped playing. Thats when he said to hop in with him and then i could wash his back. I didnt mind as the bath was like a pool. He started to wash me as well, i didnt like it when he washed my bottom as it was uncomfortable, he was rough but didnt mean to be. One night there was a storm and i was frightened. I told him and he said i could snuggle up with him, it was warm and cozy. I had a nighty to wear and it was quite short as it was summer. I noticed some time in the night that i had turned to gramps and was draped around him. Somehow my panties had come down and gramps hand was lying between my legs. It felt wet and slippery on his arm.kind of nice. But I quietly pulled them back up. In the morning i felt that his soap machine had grown again, i felt it to see what it felt like out of water, it was hard but soft and had bumpy lumpy things on it. I got a fright, it squirted soap again into my hand. He was still asleep. It felt like it had on my leg during the night, slippery and wet.


        Gramps Toy, ch miss scandal (M/f grandad, grandaughter, inc) (04k)


      from Tuesday PM, September 20, 2004....

      • .....Der Neue Nachbar Und Seine Familie, by klausi

        Nach der Operation, meiner Frau Uschi, vor knapp einem Jahr, hat sich unser Sexualleben Noch weiter verschlechtert. Seit einigen Monaten hatten wir kaum noch Sex
        Geschweige denn guten Sex! Uschi sah mit ihren 44 Jahren zwar noch gut aus,
        und ich mit meinen 45 Jahren, wollte auch noch öfter ficken
        Doch trotz vieler Bemühungen beiderseits, kam nicht mehr das Feuer unserer Jugend
        zurück. Leider ist das nun zur Normalität geworden
        In dem Nachbarhaus sind vor einer Woche neue Leute eingezogen.
        Als ich im Garten saß, kam meine Frau von einem Besuch von den neuen Nachbarn zurück.
        Als Uschi mich sah, kam sie mit dem mir noch Fremden Paar zu mir.
        Es war Nachbar Peter, er war 40j alt mit seiner Frau Tracy 37 j alt
        Gabi stellte uns vor. Peter und seine Frau Tracy waren sehr nett.
        Erfreut stellte ich fest, dass Tracy Schwarz war
        Sie hauchte ein erotische "Hallo", dass mir ganz heiß wurde. Gabi wusste was ich dachte, und lächelte mich an. Dann kamen ihre beiden Kinder zu uns. Sie nannten sie Cindy und Ronald.
        Ron war 15j alt und Cindy war 14j alt
        Ron war nicht so dunkel wie seine Mutter, aber Cindy sah genau so aus wie Tracy.
        Ich wurde richtig Geil, als ich Tracy anblickte!
        Wir saßen einige Stunden zusammen und unterhielten uns. Dabei tranken wir etwas Alkohol
        Während der Unterhaltung musste ich immer wieder zu Tracy starren, die meine Blicke lächelnd erwiderte. Ich wurde immer Geiler. Die Kinder waren schon lange im Bett.
        Ich hatte schon Angst, dass meine Frau von meinen Gedanken etwas merken würde, doch sie flirtete heftig mit Peter. Mehrmals legte Peter seine Hand auf Uschis Knie, und meiner Frau schien es zu gefallen. Ich hatte den Eindruck, dass auch Tracy nichts dagegen gehabt hätte, wenn ich sie berührt hätte. Doch Tracy verschwand irgendwann angeschwipst. Sie wollte noch nach den Kindern sehen sagte sie Meine Frau Uschi unterhielt sich noch etwas mit uns und verschwand irgendwann; ebenfalls angetrunken.
        Peter sagte plötzlich:" Rolf, ich habe vorhin deine geilen Blicke gesehen, als du meine Frau angestiert hast." Lauter sagte er dann:" Du hast eine geile Frau. Die würde ich gerne mal ficken!" Ich war überrascht, aber ich antwortete:" Deine ist auch nicht schlecht. Wir können ja mal tauschen." Sprach ich lachend. " Ok, zuerst gehen wir zu deiner Uschi!" sagte Peter.
        Wir lachten beide, und gingen dann zu unserem Schlafzimmer
        Meine Frau lag, wie so oft, Nackt auf ihrem Bett. Sie schlief schon
        Geil...lüstern starrten wir beiden auf die leicht geöffneten Schenkel von Uschi.
        Peter leckte sich gierig über seine Lippen, kniete sich neben das Bett, und legte seine Hände auf ihre Knie. Langsam schob er ihre Beine auseinander
        Da Uschi schon einige Zeit geschlafen hatte, war ihr Rausch fast verflogen und sie wurde sofort wach. "Wie, was, .., was wollt ihr hier..?" murmelte sie
        Sie richtete sich auf und zog ihre Knie an den Körper. Peter hatte nun einen noch besseren Blick auf ihre Beine und ihre Fotze.
        "Nun bleib mal ruhig Liebling. Wir wollen uns einen netten Abend mit dir was hältst du davon?" bei diesen Worten legte ich meine Hand auf ihre Brust.
        Uschi schaute mich schlaftrunken und überrascht an
        Peter sprach:" Es wird schon nett werden mit uns drei, und wenn du dich gut anstellst, dann haben wir viel Spaß zusammen!"
        Peter konnte derweil den Blick nicht von Uschis Fotze lassen und wurde immer geiler.
        Er fing an seinen Schwanz durch die Hose zu kneten.
        "Nun guck dir meinen neuen Freund an, er ist schon ganz verrückt nach dir, den kannst du doch jetzt nicht enttäuschen..." rief ich lachend.
        Dann lachten wir beiden Männer, und Uschi schaute mich mit großen Augen an
        Ich musste sie feststellen, dass Peters Blick zwischen ihren Beinen Uschi erregte.
        Ich knetete ihre Brust. Dabei merkte ich, dass sich Uschis Warzen versteiften. "Hallo, mein Mädchen, das scheint dir ja doch zu gefallen, brav so.."
        Peter beschäftigte sich inzwischen mit ihren Beinen. Uschi hatte ihre Schenkel leicht gespreizt und Peter drückte sie noch weiter auseinander.
        Er war vor Geilheit jetzt kaum noch zu stoppen. Mit zitternden Fingern öffnete er seine Hose und holte seinen steifen Schwanz hervor. "Na Uschi, ist das nicht ein Prachtstück….?" fragte Peter grinsend. Uschi beugte ihren Oberkörper etwas vor, um das Riesengerät von Peter zu bestaunen. Nackt saß sie zwischen den beiden Männern
        Ich konnte sehen, dass sie unsere Blicke und auch unsere Hände auf ihrem Körper erregten. Dann nahm ich ihre Hand und zog sie zu Peters Schwanz.
        Mechanisch schlossen sich ihre Finger um den heißen, harten Pimmel. Peter stöhnte auf.
        Mit einem Ruck zog sie gekonnt die Vorhaut über seine Eichel.
        Auf der Spitze zeigten sich die ersten feuchten Tropfen.
        Mit einer Hand spielte Peter inzwischen an ihre Möse.
        Ich beschäftigte sich weiterhin mit ihren Titten. Die Warzen waren jetzt Steinhart
        Meine Uschi war erregt, dass konnte ich merken
        "Ahh...aaaaaaah... jaaaaaaa" Peter konnte Uschis Hand und ihren Wichsbewegungen nun nicht mehr widerstehen und spritzte sein Sperma über ihre Hand und auf den Fußboden. Ich grinste. Sie fasste seinen immer noch harten Schwanz an der Wurzel und öffnete ihren Mund.
        Peter wühlte derweil mit seinen Fingern zwischen ihren Schamlippen herum und versuchte in sie einzudringen. Uschi stülpte ihre vollen Lippen über Peters Eichel und wichste ihn dabei. Auch ich war so aufgegeilt, dass ich kurz vorm abspritzen war. Dann schrie Peter erneut laut auf, und pumpte seinen Saft in den Mund meiner Frau
        Uschi blieb keine Wahl. Sie schluckte das Sperma eines anderen Mannes!

        Der Neue Nachbar Und Seine klausi (...) (12k)


      from Tuesday PM, September 07, 2004....

      • .....The Clone War (of Sex), by Eveneezer Patsy

        My name is eric...and here is my story of sex and horror with an experiment once right..that went wrong...

        A crash of thunder coudl be heard overhead as i toiled in my basement. It was as if God himself were telling me this is not natural and should not be done. By altering one allele and a few telomeres..i was able to create the perfect women...beautiful breasts...lovely hips..the cutest msot slender legs...and a face tht rivals the classic beauty of marylyn monroe. However, This is no ordinary women..this women is technically my child...or my direct clone.....

        One flip of a lever, and i began the process of constructing a human from scratch....first....a computer program read hte newly altered encoded dna...and using synthetic materials began to synthesize a single cell, which eventually blastulated at an accelerated pace... until i saw what was the semblance of an embryo...the embryo then began to form rapidly into what can be described as in infant..then into a toddler..then a preteen then a beautifully robus teen(at that moment i reached in my pants and began to masturbate...) that moment i had to stop the process....i wanted the teen...

        She came out...not knowing how to speak a single word...but because she was a teenager, which in earlier times was considered the prime age for a female to be in heat and actually carry a man's child. her instinct kicked in (especially when she saw my wang hanging out of my pants, fully erect) She gropped my scrotum and began to kiss me passionately on the lips. A hot blond with what looekd ot be naturally tanned skin that you would see on a typical californian beach babe. Here breasts debatebly between C and D cup size. Her abs well chisled without even experiencing a day of physical activity. But I would give her all the physical activity she woudl need. She wrapped her luscious legs around my waste and began to move her pelvis allowing my penis to go in and out of her...i was so aroused that i collapsed from excitement...i had actually passed out!!! .......(cont)

        The Clone War (of Sex) Eveneezer Patsy (M/f) (03k)


      from Friday PM, September 03, 2004....

      • .....My Life, ch 4, by Valliyakambi

        When I returned home it was 7 p.m. The sex session with Gomathi and Auntie was the best I had so far. In spite of the fairly long session, I was still having a semi-hardon.

        I had a quick bath and washed off the traces of the pussy juices of Gomathi and Auntie. My mother and father had returned from work and were in their bedroom. I sat down and finished my schoolwork and Achi came and sat near me. I slowly put my hand and pressed her breast. She said " Wait Pravi, we can have sex at night". I caught her hand and put in on my trouser and she felt my hardon.

        Achi gave a glass of milk and whispered " Drink it is Sumathi's milk". I drank it and my prick was extremely erect.

        I lay down and Achi came after finishing all the work. Mother and Father had already gone into their bedroom and had closed the door. Achi came and sat near me and removed my trouser. My prick was erect and Achi put her hand on my prick, pulled back the foreskin and was looking at the red tip. She then bent low and put the tip of the prick into her mouth and began sucking. I held her head tightly and began pushing it into her warm mouth. I wanted to fuck her, so I put my hand into her blouse and pressed her breasts. She lifted her head and then said, " I will remove my clothes" and began to remove her clothes. I was watching her I liked her nude body and I got up and pressed her breasts. I knelt between her legs and pushed my nose into her pussy and took a deep breath of her sweet aroma. I put my finger and spread her pussy lips and put my tongue into the juicy pussy. I began to lick her fast. She was holding my head and directing me to lick and suck her pussy. She then said softly " Pravi, lets lie down and enjoy".

        I removed my mouth from her pussy and Achi got on the bed and lied down spreading her legs widely. I got up on her and started to suck her breasts. Achi said" Did you like Sumathi's breast and the way she gave you pleasure?"

        " Yes, I liked it, Achi. Can we do it every day? Please I want to drink her milk and also fuck her"

        " You liked the taste of another woman, then slowly you will forget this Achi" She replied.

        " No, I will never forget you throughout my life".

        She then put my prick into her pussy and began humping me. I had an ejaculation almost immediately.

        She said " This is enough for today, you must not indulge in this often or else you will become weak. From tomorrow onwards, you must take two eggs and milk with lots of spinach as these will make you strong".

        I said "Achi, I want to have sex with you and Sumathi akka and then I want Sumathi to put her milk into your pussy so that I can suck your pussy juices flavored with breast milk".

        Achi smiled and said " Pravi, you are getting new ideas, okay, we can do that tomorrow".

        "Thank you Achi for giving me Sumathi's breast milk" .......(cont)

        My Life, ch Valliyakambi (Mf, indian inc, cons, lactation) (07k)


      from Thursday PM, September 02, 2004....

      • .....Pissy Missy, by Katietrannie

        Melissa was 16, had long hazel hair reaching down to her butt. She had light blue eyes, D-cup Breasts

        And most surprisingly of all she had a dick. She was a 16 year old She male. She had once been a guy Called Malcolm but when he was 12 years old he started wearing girl's clothes and buy age 14 had started Taking hormones to become a woman. She had a steady relationship with a girl at her school who loved Dating her. She mostly loves the fact that "I can be a Lesbian and get pregnant too". This had already happened And she was already 4 months pregnant.

        One day Melissa was at school when she was called to the principal's office.

        "Hello Melissa there is a man here to see you" Melissa sat down and listened...

        He explained that he was from corporation wanting to test their product on teenage girls. If Melissa gave up a night of her time to test the product and at the end of the week didn't like it she would be given $1000.

        Liking the sound of the money Melissa immediately signed up.

        Arriving at the building that Melissa was shown into a small room and asked to change into the track pants that lay on the floor. After doing so she was led into another room which had a large table in it. At the same table was another teenage girl. She was tall and well built. Her name was gemmy. .......(cont)

        Pissy Katietrannie (poop, pee, used as a toilet, brainwashed) (05k)


      from Friday PM, August 27, 2004....

      • .....Mom's Perverts and Friends, by Evilmother

        The 40ish woman walked with an air of arrogance. She had on thigh length black boots and a garter belt with fishnet stockings. She also had on elbow length leather gloves, and a mask covering just her eyes. She was looking around, burning the guests with her evil gaze. In her right hand was a leather dog leash. It split into two leashes and were attached to her 10 year old twin boy and girl. The kids had on thick leather dog collars and both were naked and totally devoid of any hair. Their wicked little heads were shaved, also. Their evil mom had instructed them to run their tongues in and out of their mouths and wiggle their little asses for the older crowd of perverted swingers.

        In the center of this rather large room, a raised platform would be slowly turning, awaiting the children. The wicked mother would force the ghildren to kneel, and embrace. She would start wrapping rope around them, and talking dirty to the assembled swingers. Saying "watch, see how the lil perverts love each other." The wicked mother poured warmed, scented oil over both kids. As the kids wickedly french kissed and rubbed against each other as much as the ropes would allow, the mother helped the twins to lie on the stage. She straddled them, and, reaching down to spread her shaved, wet pussy so everyone can see, she slowly drenches them in hot lewd piss. When she's done pissing, she is handed a cat o nine tails, with which she uses to flog the twins heartlessly. She lewdly masturbates her swollen, pissing cunt, and behind the mask the swingers notice an evil look in her corrupt eyes.


        Mom's Perverts and Evilmother (inc, mother-kids, s+m b+d w.s.) (03k)


      from Thursday PM, August 19, 2004....

      • .....My Life, ch 3, by Valliyakambi

        The next day I was eagerly waiting for the school to finish. It was during the Maths class, I was dreaming about Gomathi and Sumathi and I was having a hardon. My friend, Vivek who was sitting beside me had a look at my shorts and saw that my prick was erect. He said "Pravi, your prick is standing, are you thinking about girls?"

        I was shocked; does Vivek know about girls and about hardons? I looked at him and muttered " Ssh, we will talk about this during the break".

        Our Maths teacher Mrs. Vasantha was very strict and did not tolerate anyone to talk in class and defaulters were dealt very harshly and had to stay back in school. Punishments included writing lines, cleaning the ground or class. She used to be dressed in a sari, which was wound very tightly around her body. Her blouse was just above her ribcage and her breasts very quite large. She had joined school after a long leave as she had delivered a baby.

        I had often thought about her, wondering what she does with her breast milk while she was at school. (Auntie had told me that her breasts would become full every three to four hours and she would suckle her baby and of course I used to drink her milk and empty her breasts each day).

        Vivek poked me in my hips and said in a low voice " I know you are thinking about our Miss Vasantha" and I kept quite.

        After the class was over we had a lunch break of half an hour, Vivek used to sit with me and take lunch. While eating he said " Today, Miss Vasantha was effecting your prick, it was standing. Do you get white milk coming out of your prick?"

        I did not want him to know that I knew about sex and had also fucked and sucked women so I said " I donot know why my prick was standing, I was getting a warm feeling between my legs"

        " Does your prick become erect often? Then, what do you do?" he asked.

        " I just wait and it subsides afterwards, a clear gum like liquid comes out of my prick" I replied.

        " So you donot know anything about jerking and what to do to a woman?"

        " Vivek, what are you talking about, I do not know bout these things. But tell me how do you know about these things? What do you do to a woman?" .......(cont)

        My Life, ch Valliyakambi (mF, gay, inc, cons) (09k)


      from Friday PM, August 06, 2004....

      • .....My Life, ch 2, by Valliyakambi

        I had two women who were giving me happiness my Achi and my Auntie.

        Auntie told me to come to her house after school. She told my mother that she would help me with my homework. My mother was very happy and I was happy too, I could now drink her sweet milk and she would suck me off.

        One day, after I had drunk Auntie's milk, I held my erect prick in my hand and placed it near her mouth for her to start sucking. Auntie kissed my prick and said" Praveen, my dear, can you do like when I suck you?"

        I said, " Yes".

        Then, she said " Can you suck me too, Praveen"

        I replied" But I am sucking you daily, Auntie".

        " No, Praveen not sucking my breast, but suck my pussy, so that I can also get a good feeling as you also get when I suck you".

        I wanted to see her pussy, I had not seen any grownup's pussy till now, so I told her" I have not sucked anyone's pussy Auntie. Please show me what is to be sucked".

        She said, " I will show you how to suck a woman's pussy and give extreme pleasure"

        She lifted her petticoat and I could see her pussy, it covered with black hair. I could not wait, I knelt down and placed my head on her pussy and began to suck her pussy. I was sucking her slit very hard. Suddenly Auntie laughed and said " No, no that is not the way it is to be done, I will show you".

        She sat on the couch and opened her legs wide. I could see her full slit, which was shining, a liquid was oozing from the base of the slit. She then placed her forefingers on each side of the slit and opened the lips of her pussy. It was a wonderful sight; I was seeing my first pussy. Then, she said " Praveen put mouth here and then lick around the opening, then take these small lips into your mouth and suck"

        I started to follow her instructions; her pussy was giving out a good smell. I was licking and sucking her. Auntie too was holding my head in my hands and was grinding her pussy against my lips. I was feeling suffocated and was hard of breath and I lifted my head, but, she pushed my head back and said" No, you fool, I am about to come, keep sucking and licking. Put your tongue inside my hole, do it fast"

        I could only obey her. My prick was now fully erect. I too wanted to be sucked off. I kept on licking and sucking her pussy. After five minutes, she suddenly started to moan loudly and said " Suck faster, faster, I am now going to climax and all of a sudden she pushed my head towards her pussy and held it tight and I could feel a flow of liquid come out of her hole. I started to lick it and my face was covered with her goo. She was panting and I looked up and saw her face flushed and it had a satisfied look. She lifted me up and kissed me on my lips taking a bit of her goo into her mouth, " Do you like my taste? Here now suck my breast and drink my milk"

        I suckled on her breast and had a fill of her milk. Then she held my erect prick in her hand and said "Let me now suck you, darling:"

        She started to suck me and then lifted her head and said, " Today, as you gave me pleasure, I will give you more pleasure. Today we will fuck"

        Fuck, I did not know what she meant. My prick was yearning for a release; it was bobbing up and down. She then said" put your prick into my pussy hole". : .......(cont)

        My Life, ch Valliyakambi (Indian incest, bF, cons) (06k)


      from Friday PM, August 06, 2004....

      • .....Oppassen, ch 1, by alligator

        Ik was 18 toen het gebeurde. Ik had twee buurmeisjes, die ik natuurlijk wel kende, maar niet zo bijzonder goed. Ze waren niet van mijn leeftijd, maar ik had ze vaak genoeg gezien als ze in de buurt buiten speelden, met elkaar of met andere kinderen. Ze heette Kirsten (12) en Marijke (10). Toen ik gevraagd werd om op te passen bedacht ik me geen moment. Ik kon het geld wat ik er mee zou verdienen wel goed gebruiken en oppassen op twee meisjes van die leeftijd leek me een eitje en nog gezellig ook.

        Toen ik aanbelde gingen de ouders na wat oppasinstructies vrijwel gelijk weg en verwezen mij naar een van de kamertjes boven, waar de meisjes nog even mochten zijn voor ze naar bed moesten. Ik liep de trap op, nadat de ouders weg waren en vond in het bewuste kamertje de twee meisjes naast elkaar achter een computer. Ze hadden hun nachthemd al aan en deden een ietwat suf spelletje, wat mij niet echt leuk leek. Ze vroegen of ik ook eens wilde en ik moest me tussen hen in persen, aangezien er maar twee stoelen waren. Het paste wel, drie mensen op 2 stoelen, maar het bleek al snel beter te passen, toen de jongste op mijn linkerbeen ging zitten. Door de dunne stof van haar nachthemdje voelde ik duidelijk haar benen en de ruimte ertussen tegen mijn linkerbeen drukken, maar het was een meisje van 10! Dus… ik werd er niet echt opgewonden van. Toen de oudste ook op mijn been wilde zitten (omdat meisjes van 12 ook nog graag willen, wat hun jongere zusjes ook mogen), kwam er van zelf computeren niet meer zo veel. Ik had amper bewegingsvrijheid! De meisjes namen het computeren weer over, terwijl ze elk op een van mijn benen zaten. De oudste begon en boog daardoor iets voorover, waardoor haar kont over mijn bovenbeen naar achteren schoof. Ze zat daardoor vrijwel boven op mijn 'bult in mijn broek', en dat moet ze gevoeld hebben door de dunne stof van haar nachthemd heen! Zeker toen hij door al dat geduw en heen en weer geschuif stijf ging staan. Ik voelde me hoogst ongemakkelijk; dit was vast niet de bedoeling van 'onschuldig' oppassen! Ik wist ook niet dat een meisje van 12 dit gevoel in mij kon veroorzaken, maar controle over mijn piemel had ik toen duidelijk niet meer! Ik gaf toen ook maar snel aan, dat we beneden iets zouden gaan drinken, het was ook al bijna tijd voor de jongste om naar bed te gaan. We dronken beneden wat en de jongste ging naar bed. .......(cont)

        Oppassen, ch alligator (M/f pedo) (06k)


      from Monday PM, August 02, 2004....

      • .....My Life, ch 1, by Valliyakambi

        A beep was slowly penetrating my head. It was the alarm clock's beep. The beeping rhythm slowly woke me. I opened my eyes and the rays of the rising suns were peeking through the curtains of the twin door window of my bedroom. My cock was standing in anticipation of the coming day. I had completed a year's service and today was my first year anniversary of getting a job.

        Well, my name is Praveen; 22 years old working as a medical sales representative now staying in the high ranges a place called Kalpetta in Wynad, in Kerala. I belong to Madras. I had lost my parents in an accident while in college. The only relative left was my maternal grandmother who was staying with us. After completing the bachelor degree in Chemistry last year from Loyola, I was lucky to get an appointment though the campus selection in my College. The salary was really good and I was earning each month nearly Rs.15K plus travelling expenses which were also reimbursed. My grandmother was very unhappy to see me off, but I promised that I would soon come back to take her with me.

        After a brief training period I was told that I would be posted to Kalpetta. No one had heard about this small town in the hills of Northern Kerala. This town was midway between Bangalore and Calicut. I was to take over the duties from Ashok, the company's representative who was there for the last two years.

        It was 7 a.m. when I reached Kalpetta. Getting down from the bus, I went to the lodge where Ashok was staying. The lodge was a two-floor affair with hardly twenty rooms. Ashok was staying in room number 12 in the first floor. I rang the calling bell and Ashok slowly opened the door. Ashok was wearing a lungi and a T-shirt

        " Welcome! Hope that you had a good trip" said Ashok, " come in".

        It was a small room with a bathroom with a bed and a small table and chair.

        I sat down on the chair.

        " You can take a bath and I will show you the area" said Ashok, " moreover, you can stay with me here, they would provide an extra bed and after I leave tomorrow, you can have this room".

        " Ash, is it possible to get a small house on rent?" I replied.

        " Well you can get a small tiled house in the outskirts, I will ask the room boy to look out for a house".

        Thereafter, after a wash and a change of clothes, Ash took me out and introduced me to the area of operations of our company together with a list of doctors to be met. It was a hectic schedule and the work was over only by 9 p.m. We returned back to the lodge and had a couple of pegs of whisky. The room boy brought in food from a nearby hotel.

        Two days later, Ashok left and I started to stay in the lodge.

        During the day I used to be very busy meeting doctors and visiting the shops, but at nightfall after I came back I used feel unhappy and sad, I missed by grandmother, yes, I missed her very much, and used to think a lot about the past. The enjoyable past. .......(cont)

        My Life, ch Valliyakambi (MF Indian incest) (06k)


      from Saturday PM, July 31, 2004....

      • .....Das Fernsehen ist Schuld, by JayJay

        Hallo, ich heisse Marie und bin 19 Jahre alt. Das was ich euch erzählen möchte liegt nun 4 Jahre zurück.

        Also, reisen wir zurück zu diesem merkwürdigen und doch unvergesslichen Tag...

        Ich bin also 15, wobei ich äusserlich schon sehr reif bin. Ich bin mittelgross, habe langes schwarzes Haar und dunkle Augen. Schon jetzt habe ich sehr grosse, feste Brüste und eine sehr weibliche Proportionierung, was mir beim Umkleiden beim Sport immer sehr neidische Blicke einbrachte.

        Um mir mein Taschengeld etwas aufzubessern gehe ich hin und wieder bei Familien "babysitten" und heute, ein Sommerfreitag, ist so ein Abend. Eine Frau Meier hatte mich nachmittags angerufen, sie bräuchte dringend noch für diesen Abend eine Babysitterin. Ihr Sohn, Oliver, wäre zwar schon 12, aber in der Pubertät und sie würde ihn nur ungern alleine zu Hause lassen, aus Angst er könnte etwas anstellen. Da ich noch nichts anderes vor hatte sagte ich ihr zu, und freute mich auf einen ruhigen Abend vor dem Fernseher, wenn ich diesen Oliver ersteinmal im Bett hätte.

        So kam es also, dass ich um 20 Uhr bei Meiers an der Tür klingelte. Herr Meier öffnete mir und bat mich ins Wohnzimmer. Er zeigte mir wie Fernseher etc. funktioniere und seine Frau hatte mir auch etwas zum Essen auf den Tisch gestellt - es war für alles gesorgt. .......(cont)

        Das Fernsehen ist JayJay (m/f babysitt) (04k)


      from Wednesday PM, July 28, 2004....

      • .....Frau Im Keller, by Hubert

        Als Single in mittlerem Alter hatte ich das ständige Suchen nach einem geilen Fick am Abend irgendwie satt. Das kann zwar ganz lustig sein, ist aber in der heutigen Zeit wenig effizient und endet meist in wildem Gesaufe mit den Kumpels. Dank des Internets beschloß ich die Sache mal vernünftig anzugehen. Für perverse Sachen suchte ich also in den einschlägigen Seiten nach einer halbwegs brauchbaren Lustsklavin.

        In meiner Altbau Villa geht es zwei Etagen hinab in den Keller, früher lagerte hier die Kohle und es gab einen Waschraum. Wochenlang baute ich die kühlen und muffigen Räume zum Kerker aus. Das spärliche Glühbirnenlicht ergänzte ich mit zuschaltbaren Neonlampen und gedämpften roten Leuchten. Im untersten schmalen Raum setzte ich eine Gittertür ein, der Boden wurde mit Stroh ausgelegt. An die Wand montierte ich dicke Stahlringe wie in der Pferdebox. Daneben etwas oberhalb im Nachbarraum kam ein richtiges Bett hin mit einem alten Teppich. Im etwas größerem Raum eine Treppe höher stellte ich eine alte Couch auf, ein großes Bett und einen Fernseher und eine ordentliche Musikanlage für die neuesten Technocharts und Heavy Metal. Weiterhin einen Schrank und einen Kühlschrank sowie Heizlüfter und zum Schluß montierte ich auch noch zwei Videokameras. Ich stellte zudem noch einen alten Sprungbock aus irgendeiner Turnhalle auf, an dem ich Haken und Ösen schraubte. In ehemaligen Waschraum brachte ich eine Sitzbank an, an die Wände kamen schwere Schellen und Ketten, an einen Schlauch für Kalt- und Warmwasser dachte ich auch.

        Irgendwann meldete sich tatsächlich auch eine Studentin. Sie war ja ganz nett und stand der der Sache gegen finanzielle Aufbesserung sehr aufgeschlossen gegenüber. Wir trafen uns ein paar Mal und fanden uns sympathisch. Irgendwann machten wir wieder einmal einen richtigen Saufabend quer durch Köln und beschlossen eine perverse Beziehung in die Tat umzusetzen. Ihre Sachen packte sie dann in mein Auto.


        Frau Im Hubert (M/f) (06k)


      from Tuesday PM, July 20, 2004....

      • .....Anne Lernt Ihre Familie Kennen, by klausi

        "Glaubst du, dass es hier sicher ist?", hörte Anne eine leise Mädchenstimme fragen. "Na klar.", kam eine ungeduldige Antwort. "Wir stecken hier mitten im Gebüsch. Sieh doch selbst, das nächste Haus liegt dahinten. Wer sollte denn hier durch die Sträucher schleichen? Außerdem würden wir ihn hören." Anne sah sich um. In dem nächsten Haus wohnte sie mit ihrer Familie. Sie konnte gerade noch den oberen Teil des Giebels erkennen. Wer sich hinter dem dichten Brombeergestrüpp vor ihr verbarg wusste sie nicht, aber die Beiden hatten ganz offensichtlich keine Ahnung, dass das zum Haus gehörende Grundstück bis zu dieser Hecke reichte, die vor vielen Jahren zur Begrenzung des Grundstücks gepflanzt worden war. Und davon, dass Anne es sich ausgerechnet an diesem heißen Tag in den Kopf gesetzt hatte, das dichte Unterholz zu lichten, wussten sie erst recht nichts. Neugierig trat Anne noch einen Schritt näher heran und versuchte durch die Zweige zu spähen. Erst als sie sich auf die Zehenspitzen stellte, wobei sie sich an einem kleinen Bäumchen festhielt, konnte sie durch eine etwas lichtere Stelle auf die kleine Lichtung vor ihr blicken. Das Mädchen und der Junge waren ihr völlig unbekannt. Anne brauchte nicht zu überlegen, warum die Zwei einen abgeschiedenen Platz suchten, die Situation war eindeutig. Der Junge schob eine Hand unter den Saum des kurzen Kleides und rieb mit der anderen über die kleinen, festen Brüste unter dem dünnen Stoff. Bereitwillig hob das Mädchen ihre Arme und ließ sich ihr Kleid über den Kopf ziehen. Dann streifte sie dem Jungen ihrerseits T-Shirt und Jeans ab. Anne sah die Beiden prüfend an. Der Junge mochte wohl so alt wie ihr Großer sein und das Mädchen war nicht älter als ihre Tochter, eher jünger. Anne wollte sich da aber kein Urteil erlauben, denn die enorme Oberweite, die sie ihrer Tochter Nicole vererbt hatte, ließ sie wesentlich älter als sechzehn aussehen. Vielleicht waren die Beiden ja doch gleichaltrig. .......(cont)

        Anne Lernt Ihre Familie klausi (all family members) (36k)


      from Friday PM, July 16, 2004....

      • .....Weihnacheten, by klausi

        Die Familienfeierlichkeiten waren für mich abgeschlossen und für den heutigen Abend hatte ich mich nichts außer Entspannung nach der Hektik und dem Stress der vergangenen Woche vorgenommen. Meine Frau und meine Tochter waren schon zu Bett gegangen. Mittlerweile war sogar etwas Schnee gefallen, auch wenn man noch immer nicht von Winter sprechen konnte, aber zumindest einen leichten Hauch hatte das Städtchen abbekommen. Ich ließ mir ein Bad ein. Langsam glitt ich in die Wanne und genoss das Gefühl als das heiße Wasser meinen Pimmel umspielte. Ich griff nach dem Badeschwamm und strich damit gedankenverloren über meinen Schwanz. Seifte mit sanft kreisenden Bewegungen den Hartgewordenen Stamm ein und wie von selbst fuhr ein Finger über die empfindliche Stelle an der Innenseite meiner Arschbacken. Verträumt lehnte ich mich zurück. Ich dachte an meine 12 Jahre alte Tochter Katharina. Sie hatte schon einen Brustansatz und war sehr Hübsch. Ich beneidete die Jungs die meine Tochter irgendwann ficken würden. In dem Moment hörte ich jemand an der Tür. Mist. Normalerweise ist es mir egal, wenn jemand das Bad betritt während ich Bade, aber jetzt wollte ich wichsen und wollte mit mir alleine sein. Aber da stand sie auch schon vor mir. Katharina schaute verdutzt aus der Wäsche und konnte sich ein Lachen gerade noch verkneifen. "Aha, Papa!!" sagte sie "Da komme ich ja gerade richtig." Sie starrte Lüstern auf meinen Schwanz. "Du bist gerade dabei unartig zu sein", keuchte ich verschämt, " und das, meine Tochter, bedarf einer sofortigen Strafe. Los. Raus aus dem Badezimmer und geh in dein Zimmer." Katharina war es aber gar nicht danach, das Bad zu verlassen und zeigte auf meinen Pimmel." Ich gehe doch nicht weg, wenn ich so einen großen Schwanz sehen kann!" und sie zeigte mir mit einem Tippen an die Stirn, was sie dachte. Klatsch! Mit einem leichten Schlag auf ihre Schulter machte ich ihr allerdings sehr schnell deutlich, dass sie verschwinden sollte. Kichernd stand meine kleine Katharina auf. Ich stand in der Badewanne vor ihr und der Seifenschaum lief an meinem Körper herunter. Ich griff nach dem Badetuch um mich abzutrocknen und meine Tochter kam zu mir gehüpft, sie wollte meinen Pimmel anfassen, aber ich schüttelte den Kopf und schlug ihr leicht auf die Hand. "Ich sagte los, nach nebenan." Also stieß ich Katharina, tropfend aus der Wanne steigend, vor mir her in ihr Zimmer. "Schneller und setz Dich aufs Bett." Klatsch! Wieder traf sie ein leichter Schlag. "Los, herrschte ich sie an, zieh dich aus!" Bald stand sie Nackt vor mir und starrte mich seltsam an. Klatsch! Wieder traf sie ein leichter Schlag. Diesmal auf ihren Po. .......(cont) klausi (d/g) (04k)


      from Friday PM, July 09, 2004....

      • .....Mein Erstes Mal, teil 2, by Klausi

        Eine Viertelstunde mochte vergangen sein, seit Janine und ich uns am Strand hingelegt hatte, keiner von uns hatte seitdem auch nur ein Wort gesprochen. Denn allein hier zu liegen, von der Sonne gestreichelt, das leise Plätschern des Sees im Hintergrund, war so wundervoll, das keiner es wagte diese Stimmung durch ein Gespräch zu zerstören.

        Doch nun drang ein Geräusch an unsere Ohren, jemand näherte sich durch die Büsche, erschrocken drehten Janine und ich uns um, ohne uns allerdings aus unserer Umarmung zu lösen. "Janine, Janine, wo bist du" rief eine junge Stimme, die sich im Moment allerdings wieder etwas von uns entfernte, sie schien in die falsche Richtung zu laufen. "Petra" murmelte Janine, "sie ist also doch zurückgekommen." "Was wollen wir denn jetzt machen ?" fragte ich, der Gedanke das Petra uns so sehen könnte war mir doch ein wenig unangenehm. Janine überlegte einen Moment, dann lächelte sie breit "Hättest du Lust mir bei einem kleinen Spiel zu helfen ? Petra tut immer so prüde, als würde sie sich überhaupt nicht für Jungen und Sex interessieren, ich würde sie gern ein bißchen aufgeilen." "Wie willst du denn das machen ?" fragte ich, denn im Moment konnte ich ihren Gedanken nicht so recht folgen. "Nun, das wirst du schon sehen, du mußt mir nur versprechen, das du bei allem mitmachst, was ich tue." "Na gut" sagte ich, obwohl ich mir unter Janines Plan immer noch nichts vorstellen konnte. .......(cont)

        Mein Erstes Mal, teil Klausi (M (27); 2 girls (12)) (05k)



      from Thursday PM, July 08, 2004....

      • .....Mein Erstels Mal, teil 1, by klausi

        Nachdem wir nun schon mehrere Wochen lang eine Hitzewelle nach der anderen gehabt hatten, schien es heute endlich mal ein wenig kühler zu bleiben. Zeit also, mich wieder an meine Diplomarbeit zu machen, die in der letzten Zeit doch arg zu kurz gekommen war, da ich die Tage fast ausnahmslos am FKK-Strand des Universitätsbadesees verbracht hatte. Doch als ich meine Bücher aufschlug stellte ich mit Schrecken fest, das die Ausleihfrist schon wieder um einige Tage überzogen war, also nichts war mit weiterschreiben, ein Bibliotheksbesuch stand an. Ich packte meine Bücher in meinen Rucksack und steckte nach kurzem Überlegen auch meine Kamera dazu, schließlich hatte ich schon des längeren vorgehabt mal am See ein paar Fotos zu schießen, leider war es bislang immer viel zu voll gewesen, als das man ein paar knackige Mädels unbemerkt hätte vor die Linse bekommen können.

        Also, ab aufs Fahrrad und los gings, eine Fahrt von etwa 30 Minuten, zum Glück war es wirklich etwas kühler als an den letzten Tagen, als man es eigentlich nur noch am Wasser aushalten konnte. Rein in die Unibibliothek, in die Schlange an der Abgabe eingereiht und schon nach 15 Minuten war alles erledigt - man merkte doch das die meisten Studenten noch in den Semesterferien waren, normal mußte man allein fürs Bücherabgeben etwa eine Stunde einplanen.

        Schon beim Herauskommen fühlte ich, daß es mit einem Schlag merklich wärmer geworden war, die Sonne hatte sich doch noch einen Weg durch die Wolkendecke gebahnt und brannte nun erbarmungslos herunter. Im Nu war ich durchgeschwitzt und sehnte mich nach einem kühlen Bad. Also wieder rauf aufs Fahrrad und nichts wie an den See - doch mit den Fotos sollte es wohl wieder nichts werden, es war genauso voll wie an den letzten Tagen. Nun hatte ich allerdings ein Problem: zum einen hatte ich weder Badetuch noch Sonnenöl im Gepäck und zum anderen lag in meinem Rucksack ja immer noch die 1000 Mark Kamera, welche ich im Strandgetümmel auch nicht liegenlassen wollte. Ich fuhr also am Badestrand vorbei und weiter an die bewaldete Uferlinie, deren zahllose kleine Buchten zum Nacktbaden geradezu einladen und zudem überschaubarer, da zumeist menschenleer sind. .......(cont)

        Mein Erstels Mal, teil klausi (M (27); 2 girls (12)) (07k)


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