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    Privacy/Confidentiality Statement

      We absolutely do NOT share any member information with other companies with the exception of the credit card company used during signup.

      Information this website collects during membership signup process:

        Signup method:

          Credit Card - full name, email address, username/password, last four digits of card number.

          Gift Card - email address, username/password

          Online Banking Check - full name, email address, username/password (option at signup to not have name recorded.)

          Payment by postal mail - email address, username/password

        We are required by MC/Visa to keep above credit card information in order to provide customer service in locating a member record. We are strictly forbidden by MC/Visa to record address and full card numbers.

        Other payment methods: Email address and username/password are recorded in order to provide customer service in locating a member record.

        All member information is kept on a dedicated encrypted seperate server that is not accessible by the internet. The only information that can be retrieved by a current member is their username/password by way of another database server. Unlike other online websites, we do not allow online customers to access their personal information. Other online websites allow customers to login to their account and see all their personal information. This website does not, since that information is kept on an offline encrypted server.

        This website does not sell advertising to third parties in any manner.

      Legal Notice:

        This website publishes only 100% legal text stories. There are no illegal pictures on this site. This site complies with the laws under the jurisdiction of the State of Texas, the United States, and the European Union. It is the responsibility of the member/cardholder to adhere to the laws under the jurisdiction of their locale.

        Of interest to German language readers: Germany has ruled that underage text stories are no longer illegal. Link to news article as published in Zeit Online: local pdf file

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